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Science Assignment Ashlee Marshall and Ashley Lenger.

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1 Science Assignment Ashlee Marshall and Ashley Lenger

2 Radio Computer/laptop T.V Phone Charges Lava Lamps Lamps Lights Electric Blanket Air Conditioner Fan Heater Bedroom

3 Lava lamps are an AC electricity items. It is AC because the Lava Lamps needs than 240v to power it, and DC can’t supply that amount of voltage. AC vs. DS

4 Electrical Specifications The Voltage for a Lava Lamp is 240 volts because it is AC electricity. The currents is 3 Amp. To work out the Power ratings to have to divide the Voltage by the Currents. That is 240v divided by 3 Amp. The power rating is 80 Watts of Power.

5 The lava lamp circuit Light Bulb Switches Thermostat 240v A.C Heating Component

6 The circuit works by the electrons travelling around the circuit. First the electrons get to the switch, if the switch is open the electrons will not be able to pass. It is the same if the Thermostat, it is there to stop the Lava Lamp over heating. Next the electrons come to the Heating Component and globe the electrons will separate evenly because the paths are the same size. The electrons will then met up again and the circuit will start again. How the Circuit Works

7 Electrical Theory

8 An electric current of Electrons, flowing through wires and electronic components. As the electrons are pushed through pipes by a pump, electric current is pushed through wires by a battery. An Electrical Current can only flow through a closed circuit What is an electrical Current??

9 Good metals Conductors and why ? Good metal conductors are metals like Copper, aluminium and silver. In a conductor, electric current can flow freely. Unlike insulators.

10 Insulators are materials that don’t allow the electrons to pass though the material. Also insulators have no changes. Insulators to keep heat or electricity either in or out of a container. Good Insulators are materials like glass, wool and rubber. Most non-metallic solids are good insulators. Insulators

11 Where and how is electricity generated? A power station contains large machines called turbines, which are turn very quickly. Power stations need large amounts of energy to turn the turbines. The spinning turbine causes large magnets to turn within wire coils( these are the generators). The moving magnets within the coil of wire causes the electrons to move within the coil of wire. Electricity can be generated most anywhere on the land, underwater, in the sky and in outer space.

12 3 other ways Three other ways to generate electricity can be. 1.Solar energy. 2.Wind energy 3.Magnetic energy. Uses magnetic force to induce perpetual motion by propelling itself generating electricity.

13 Bibliography Q Q project_.html project_.html px px ELECTRICITY ELECTRICITY

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