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Welcome 2012 Building Contacts Training Session. Topics Buildings and Trades Standards of Comfort TMA Winter Weather Sustainability.

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1 Welcome 2012 Building Contacts Training Session

2 Topics Buildings and Trades Standards of Comfort TMA Winter Weather Sustainability


4 Carpentry, Painting, and Roofing Staffing Paul Dow – Supervisor 4 Carpenters 1 Roofer 5 Painters

5 Carpentry, Painting, and Roofing Services Install Doors Repair walls Build furniture Restore furniture Repair windows Paint Maintain Roofs

6 Carpentry, Painting, and Roofing Currently developing paint schedule for Classrooms and Corridors Repaint offices during change of occupancy Also, paint handrails, light posts, emergency call stations

7 LOCKSHOP Staffing Travis Holcomb – Supervisor 2 Locksmiths 1 Access Control Technician

8 LOCKSHOP Systems Standard Locksets Intellikey System Millenium Access Control Blackboard Access Control (Future)

9 LOCKSHOP Services Keys, Keys, and more Keys Rekey Offices, Labs, Classrooms, and Dorms Install and repair Door Closers, Exit Devices, Alarms, etc. Install, Repair, and Manage Access Control Systems Specify hardware for new construction

10 SIGN SHOP Staffing 1 Sign Maker Services Maintain all Building internal and external signs Make Banners Make Yard Signs

11 SIGN SHOP Campus Sign Standard Specifies Color Size Font Location

12 UNCG Standards of Comfort Douglas Cato

13 Heating Season Thermostat Setpoints = 69 to 71 Degrees F

14 Cooling Season Thermostat Setpoints = 74 to 78 Degrees F

15 TMA Gail Peeples Work Information Center Entering Work Orders Online

16 Winter Weather Jason Marshburn Emergency Management

17 Trey McDonald, LEED AP UNCG Sustainability Coordinator



20 “Academics, operations, and outreach… conducted with careful attention to the enduring interconnectedness of social equality, the environment, the economy, and aesthetics.” – UNCG Tomorrow

21 PLANS / MANDATES: “Sustainability” is one of 5 values in UNCG Tomorrow. UNCG must reduce energy consumption 30% by 2015. UNCG must be carbon neutral by 2050 – State, ACUPCC. All UNC campuses 25% energy reduction by 2032. Chancellor has established a goal of 3% energy reduction for FY 2012- 13. INTEREST: 100% believe that UNCG should decrease energy use. 100% also believe they should help. 87% are concerned about climate change. COSTS: Electricity: >$4.9 million 6.65% rate increase in Feb. 2012 Natural Gas: >$1.7 million Water: >$750,000

22 Grassroots recycling; led to Recycling Manager Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling; Education Specialist. Reports to Fac. Ops. Sustainability Committee formed. Office of Sustainability created w/in Facilities Management Sustainability Council created in response to Strategic Plan. Academic Sust. Coordinator to be appointed.

23 Energy Green building Water Transportation Materials Green cleaning Recycling Reduction






29 UNCG Results Resource savings Financial savings People Better business


31 Represents avoided costs of > $3.6 million since FY 03-04.

32 Test scores 15-26% higher scores in rooms w/ daylighting, views, operable windows (Heschong Mahone Group for PG&E) Productivity studies Views: Process calls 6% to 12% faster Office workers: 10% to 25% better on tests of mental function and memory recall w/views, daylighting. (Heschong Mahone Group for State of CA). Retail sales studies More hours of natural light = higher sales. Stores with skylights experienced 40% higher sales (>5% better during power crisis). Savings of.24 per gsf in energy costs. (Heschong Mahone Group for State of CA). Health 56% decrease in absenteeism due to allergies/asthma 50% decrease due to stress & depression (Michigan State U.) Highest expense is worker pay and benefits – try to maximize Over a 30 year period: Initial building costs ~ 2% of total Costs operations and maintenance costs ~ 6% Personnel costs ~92%

33 Consider what you (or your company) buys E.g., bottled water: o Costs $3-10 / gallon o Unregulated o Tap water:same or better quality for (almost) free o Environmental and social costs: Waste Transport emissions OIL

34 WorkGreen Green Office Events Earth Day Student Sustainability Summit CSI Vampire Energy Slayers PROGRAMS

35 Trey McDonald, Sustainability Coordinator: 256-0433 Jessica Trotman, Sustainability Education and Outreach Specialist: 334-3664 Websites: Follow us on Twitter: @sustainableuncg Join our Facebook Page (UNCG Sustainability)

36 Q & A Thank you for joining us today!

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