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Ethan Price, Shicheng Guo, Kyle Haver, Wesley Tso.

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1 Ethan Price, Shicheng Guo, Kyle Haver, Wesley Tso

2 An ability to achieve different levels of roasting based on user input. An ability to detect the temperature of the beans. An ability to monitor the color of the beans An ability to interact with the user via GUI An ability to shut off the device if unusual conditions (high temperatures, unusual color in roasting area) are detected.

3 I2CI2C ATMega 168 Rotary Encoder LED Power Supply Rectifier Relay 1 Heat Coil 1Heat Coil 2 Relay 1 Fan Hacrocam IR Thermometer Display LM386 Pre-Amp Microphone

4 Heat Coil 1 Heat Coil 2 Relay 1 Thermostat Xform 120 VAC 12.6 VAC 25.2 VAC 20 VAC Relay 2 Fan 7805 Voltage Reg. 740 µF.1 µF

5 Wall voltage will run the heating coils directly Will be controlled by a relay and regulated by a thermostat Transformed power will run the DC Fan and 5V supply Camera, IR Thermometer, and LCD Display will be accessed via I 2 C Camera – Hacrocam microcontroller will average the raw RGB values from frame buffer. IR Thermometer – Will use the main microcontroller to average the last 2-3 values.

6 LCD Display – 2x16 accessed through I 2 C Microphone – First 10 seconds will establish “noise floor” will monitor for peaks for a half second each second LED – Will flood roasting area with light for Hacrocam Will be significantly brighter than ambient light (16k-20k mcd) Rotary Encoder – Will rotate through choices through rotation, and choices through push.


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