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How much more energy did WI residents use in 2005 compared to what we used in 1970? Jail Kitchen Hood System Fond du Lac.

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1 How much more energy did WI residents use in 2005 compared to what we used in 1970? Jail Kitchen Hood System Fond du Lac

2 55% more Center for Land Use Education, 2008

3 How much money did WI spend on energy in 2009? $18.6 billion WI Office of Energy Independence, 2010

4 Wisconsin Energy Sources, 2009 LOCAL WI Office of Energy Independence, 2010

5 County of Fond du Lac Potential Energy Efficiency Upgrades with Cost Analyses Alysa Bradley


7 County Buildings/Properties – Annual Usage and Cost Property Electricity (kWh) Natural Gas (Therm) Water (gal) Total Annual Cost for Property Government Building3,952,333191,757 12,392,864 $591,094.00 Harbor Haven Healthcare Center1,941,00097,942 5,289,108 $290,057.93 County Highway Properties362,19659,533 6,025,753 $104,815.16 Fairgrounds531,90018,184 637,111 $86,305.12 Rolling Meadows Golf Course247,6058,378 349,214 $41,928.20 Portland Street Annex188,3203,662 190,989 $27,394.74 County Annex (Morgue)135,81311,626 159,823 $27,386.24 Galow Home15,7961,488 125,415 $4,863.04 Shelter Care15,8441,492 89,012 $4,699.51 Vehicle Storage Building5,9922,527 2,493 $4,282.59 Elm Street House9,991983 16,705 $2,843.96 Parking Lot Lighting21,578 $1,383.82 Manis Building432 $150.24 7

8 Breakdown of Highway Properties – Annual Usage and Cost PropertyElectricity (kWh)Natural Gas (Therm)Water (gal)Total Annual Cost Fond du Lac Garage 277,52542,629477,972 $71,965.45 Brandon Garage 41,9517,05234,833 $14,683.72 Mt Calvary Garage 28,3847,28140,333 $12,813.94 Campbellsport Garage 9,6252,57014,800 $4,839.05 Traffic Lights (at Hickory and Pioneer) 4,712 $513.00 8

9 County Buildings – Normalized by Square Footage Property Property Total Square Footage Electric Usage (kWh/ft²) Gas Usage (Therm/ft²) Water Usage (Gallon/ft²) Total Cost ($/ft²) County Annex (Morgue) 11,35411.961.0240.019 $2.41 Rolling Meadows Golf Course 22,23811.130.3770.021 $1.89 Harbor Haven Healthcare Center 160,00012.130.6120.044 $1.81 City-County Admin Building 333,17511.840.5750.050 $1.77 Shelter Care 3,0485.200.4900.039 $1.54 Galow Home 3,5304.470.4210.047 $1.38 Portland Street Annex 20,1159.360.1820.013 $1.36 Vehicle Storage Building 3,7801.590.6680.001 $1.13 Elm Street House 2.9703.360.3310.008 $0.96 Fairgrounds 105,3665.050.1730.008 $0.82 County Highway Properties 138,4402.620.4300.058 $0.76 Manis Building 1,0000.43 $0.15 9

10 Highway Buildings – Normalized by Square Footage Property Property Total Square Footage Electric Usage (kWh/ft²) Gas Usage (Therm/ft²) Water Usage (Gallon/ft²) Total Cost ($/ft²) Campbellsport Garage 5,0001.930.5140.0040 $0.97 Brandon Garage 16,0002.620.4410.0029 $0.92 Mt Calvary Garage 14,4001.970.5060.0037 $0.89 Fond du Lac Garage 103,0402.690.4140.0062 $0.70 10

11 From this, we can determine some of the County’s biggest energy users by various factors and look for ways to scale back usage, improve efficiency, and implement renewable technologies. 11


13 Employee Awareness and Behavior Modifications Lighting Computers Office Equipment Personal Devices and Other Appliances The Thermostat 13 Image courtesy of Wisconsin Environmental Education Board

14 Employee Awareness: Lighting The average price per kWh in County facilities is roughly $0.115 A single lighting fixture uses 32 – 96 watts every hour it is switched on. From my observations in County buildings: 14 Type of RoomAverage wattageRough Cost per Year Office255$66 Bathroom125$20-$115 Hallway422$122

15 Employee Awareness: Computers Laptops use around 50 watts per hour, PCs use between 80 and 140 watts per hour. Group Policies – computers go into “sleep” mode after 1 hour, monitors after 15 minutes Sleep still uses about 5 watts per hour Unplug for best results. 15 Current Average Usage Current Average Cost Potential Savings Single PC306 kWh$2484 kWh - $6.5 Laptop157 kWh$1254 kWh - $4 County-wide153,800 kWh$11,80044,400 kWh - $3,400 Yearly Usage and Cost Estimates

16 Employee Awareness: Office Equipment Employees don’t usually think to unplug or power down these devices. Power strips can be a good option and are already widely used in County facilities. 16 Yearly Usage and Cost Estimates 24/7 ‘Standby’ Work Day ‘Standby’ Shut Off Savings (per Device) Fax machine 220 kWh50kWh$19.50 Printer 350 kWh80 kWh$31 Copier/Scanner 45 kWh10 kWh$4

17 Employee Awareness: Personal Devices and Other Appliances Break room equipment: Fridge - 1500 kWh/year, Coffee pot - 150 kWh/year, Microwave - 120 kWh/year Personal devices – my laptop uses 30 watts per hour and my phone charger uses 5 watts per hour. Annual KWhAnnual Cost Fridge1500$173 Coffee Pot150$17 Microwave120$14 17

18 Employee Awareness: The Thermostat Focus on Energy Estimates that setting the thermostat 1°F lower in winter can save up to 1% of a building’s heating bill. 18 In summer every degree above 75°F can save 1-3% of a building’s cooling costs.

19 What Can I Do as an Employee? Shut off unused lights Use less artificial light - dual switching if it is an option or natural light if there is a window. Request an occupancy sensor or more energy efficient light bulbs for desk lamps. Use energy - saving computer settings. Shut down your computer when you leave (over lunch, during meetings, in the evening). Shut off your own office equipment (printers, fax machines, etc.) and shared equipment when not in use. Consolidate other equipment – share coffee pots, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. between departments. Dress for the weather and set the thermostat a little lower in winter and a little higher in summer. Give feedback, help and encourage your peers to reduce their energy consumption. All actions can be copied at home for personal energy savings as well! 19

20 Example: Jail Kitchen Hood Quantity of outside air, CFM Operational Hours per Week Average Outdoor Air Conditions Average Indoor Air Conditions Annual Hours of Operation Energy to Condition Outside Air, BTUs/yr Energy in unitsCost per Unit Annual Cost to Condition Outside Air Continuously, $ Average Temperature, o F Outdoor Average Enthalpy, BTU/# m Indoor Design Temperature, o F Indoor Design Humidity, % RH Indoor Enthalpy, BTU/# m ThermskWhThermskWh Winter: 18007731.9 72 2002195,080,8861,951 $0.79 $1,532 Summer: 18007773.534.98755028.12002111,567,456 32,699 $0.08$2,505 Total annual cost: $4,037 20 Current Usage and Cost for the Jail Kitchen Hood (11 hours ‘on’ per day) Possible Savings for the Jail Kitchen Hood (reduction of 6 hours ‘on’ per day) Winter:18004231.9 72 1092106,407,7561,064 $0.79 $836 Summer:18004273.534.98755028.1109260,854,976 17,836 $0.08$1,366 Potential Savings: $2,202

21 De-lamping Sandy at Portland Street Annex has already requested this action. Savings per year: This can be done with nearly any 2, 3 or 4 lamp fixture for an average savings of about $7.75 per fixture per year. Good option for over-lit offices, hallways, etc. without a double switch option. 21 Lamps Removed kWh reduced Savings 121152$110.50


23 Switch to Lower Wattage Lamps Replace any existing Incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs – longer life and lower energy costs. Replace any existing T12 lamps with T8 lamps (Electric payback of 900 – 1000 hours). Use low wattage T8 lamps and appropriate ballasts – 28 or 25 watt lamps with programmed start ballasts will save the most energy in the long-term. IncandescentCostLifetimeCFL equivalentCostLifetimePayback 60 watt $0.42 1,000 hours15 watt $2.39 8,000 hours400 hours 75 watt $0.42 750 hours20 watt $2.70 8,000 hours380 hours 100 watt $0.42 750 hours26 watt $2.93 8,000 hours310 hours 150 watt $0.87 1,000 hours42 watt $11.10 12,000 hours860 hours 23 LampCost Lifetime w/Instant Start Ballast Lifetime w/Programmed Start Ballast Annual Cost for 2-Lamp Fixture with Instant Ballast Annual Cost for 2- Lamp Fixture with Programmed Ballast 32 watt T8$1.9430,000 hours36,000 hours$17.84$16.69 28 watt T8$2.9936,000 hours42,000 hours$15.91$15.01 25 watt T8$2.7240,000 hours46,000 hours$14.32$13.62

24 Installation of the Vending Miser Mitch Showers at UW Fond du Lac has already successfully implemented several of these. Initial CostCurrent UsageUsage w/Vending Miser Yearly SavingsPayback $160 - $1902900 kWh1750 kWh$132.251.2 – 1.4 years 1900 kWh1140 kWh$87.401.8 – 2.2 years 24 Appropriate locations throughout the County include but are not limited to: – Government Building – Safety Building – Healthcare Center – Fairgrounds

25 Installation of Occupancy Sensors Cost for a wall mounted occupancy sensor is about $65 Cost for a ceiling mounted occupancy sensor is about $123 Example for a given bathroom: Focus on Energy gives a conservative estimate of 15%. Depending on application, the EPA suggests 30 – 90 % for bathrooms. Focus on Energy also offers prescriptive incentives of $7.50 per wall mounted sensor and $15 per ceiling mount occupancy sensor installed. Hours on/week kWh/year Electricity Cost Yearly Electric Savings Payback (Wall Mount with Incentive) Payback (Ceiling Mount with Incentive) Current60375$43.13 With sensor (15% estimate) 51319$36.66$6.478.8 years16.5 years With sensor (30% estimate) 42263$30.25$12.884.5 years8 years 25

26 LED Retrofits for Wall Mounts, Outdoor Canned Light Fixtures and Parking Lot Lighting 26


28 HVAC Suggestions from Focus on Energy 28 Switch from Pneumatic to Direct Digital Controls where applicable Use Variable Frequency Drives for motors on pumps Install ECM motors (Electronically Commutating Motors) on evaporator fans Install a Heat Recovery System for Water Heaters in the Government Building


30 Solar Electric Minimum Estimated (Focus) From SolRE (Madison) From Venture (Waukesha) Maximum Estimated (Focus) $4750/kW$5750/kW$6000/kW$9500/kW Estimated production 1200 kWh/kW Price/kWh $.115 Payback period 34 years42 years43.5 years69 years With max aid from Focus (30%) 24 years29 years30.5 years48 years 30

31 Solar Water Heating $300,000-350,000 estimated total install cost. Estimated annual production is 458,933,049 Btu, which is 4,590 Therms. Annual savings - $3,605 Payback without aid is 83 to 97 years, with max aid is 58 to 68 years. 31 Photo courtesy of Next Generation Energy’s Photo Gallery


33 Efficiency Keep buildings well insulated Make energy efficient replacements at failure of equipment Appliances Energy Star rating for new equipment purchases such as office equipment, ice machine and laundry in Healthcare Center, etc. Renewable Technologies Wind spire turbines (Rough estimate - $15,000 for one spire, produces about 2000 kWh per year, 68 year simple payback) Other Double sided printers (automatic eco settings) Can, bottle and paper recycling in buildings and at events. Encourage carpooling, taking public transportation, walking or biking to work. 33

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