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Fever and Vomit Anti-Homeostasis.

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1 Fever and Vomit Anti-Homeostasis

2 Our Environment Bacteria and pathogens are everywhere, in the food we eat, the air we breath, the ground we walk on. What protects humans from these bacteria's and pathogens from entering our systems and what is our bodies response if they do enter?

3 Immune system The immune system consist of: Lymph Glands and Vessels
Appendix Tonsils Bone marrow Spline Thymus Skin

4 Homeostasis The Hypothalamus is our “thermostat” that regulates our internal temperature, a balance between the internal temperature (metabolism) and heat that is lost to the environment (the human body is warmer than the AC setting) 98.6 degrees

5 Fever A fever occurs in response to infection, allergies or trauma. Fever inducing agents (Pyrogens) are released by body immune system (white blood cells) or infectious bacteria. A “fever” is the resetting of the thermostat and therefore a higher body temperature. Sometimes localized (cut). The chills are the body preserving warmth for the core and the extremities get cold. Sweats occur after the fever and infection is gone and the body is releasing excess heat. High temps inhibit growth of bacteria but speed up reactions that help the body repair itself. Increased heart rate, delivery of white blood cells to infection. Pyrogens are stable at boiling water temperatures.

6 Vomit Vomit (spew, barf, ralph soup, puke) is a result of spasms of the stomach muscles. Causes include but not limited to pathogens in the stomach, motion sickness, nausea, or infection. Vomit is typically bile and partially digested food. Are there other names for vomit? Sometimes the CNS tells the stomach to spasm, other times from the inner ear (balance) to brain to CNS. Afterwards tired, and after a few moments, feel better, drink water.

7 Critical thinking Lab Answer the questions posed by the lab handout.
Ensure your answers are complete. You may use your notes and the textbook as reference.

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