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My GreenHome Cole Donelson, CEO. Keep in mind  Do you pay any utilities for your tenants?  Do you provide and maintain appliances?  Do you pay utilities.

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1 My GreenHome Cole Donelson, CEO

2 Keep in mind  Do you pay any utilities for your tenants?  Do you provide and maintain appliances?  Do you pay utilities on your home? THERE’S SOMETHING FOR YOU!

3 What’s the problem?

4 Average Household Budget

5 Drop 5%, save $175

6 Home Energy Breakdown


8 Utilit ies By State  MO average = $179  10% increase from 2010 to 2011  16% proposed increase in 2015  KS average = $126  Average yearly bills increased $300 in 2011, marking the 5th consecutive year that electricity rates have outpaced inflation.

9 Collectiv e Usage  U.S. basically tied for 1 st in electricity usage  Biggest consumers can be biggest savers  One of cheapest and easiest ways every person can help the environment

10 Collec tive Usage  Fuel Oil used in One Minute = 15x30 ft swimming pool (11,800 gallons)  Electricity is the most used fuel

11 What do you think?

12 My GreenHome Survey  What are your barriers to living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle?  59% of people surveyed said inconvenience, 59% said money, 52% said time, 49% said lack of know-how.  Rank these environmental sustainability efforts in order of importance to you: Reducing Waste and Recycling, Natural Land Conservation, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Limiting Greenhouse Gases, and Using Renewable Energy.  Energy Conservation had the highest average ranking.  More people ranked Energy Conservation 1st than any other spot (2nd through 6th).

13 My GreenHome Survey  How important is it to make your home more environmentally sustainable by conserving energy/water (1= not at all important and 5 = extremely important)?  Average response was 3.6.  How important is saving money on utilities by conserving energy/water to you? (1= not at all important and 5 = extremely important)?  Average response was 4.2.  71% of people said they would like to conserve more in the area of Electricity (Lighting/Appliance), 53% said Heating, and 53% said Cooling.


15 What can you do? “Action expresses priorities.” --- Mahatma Ghandi

16 Top 10 Tips – Heating & Cooling 1. Use a programmable thermostat to save up to $180 a year. You can set it according to your schedule so it can heat or cool the home only when you are home and awake. 2. Get a draft stopper for exterior doors, especially those where the candle shows there is a draft. 3. Upgrade to ENERGY STAR double-pane windows with high- performance low-e coating to reflect heat back in during winter and sun back out during summer. Heat lost through windows can account for 10-25% of your heating bill. Installing exterior or interior storm windows also reduces heat loss by 25-50%. 4. Test for air leaks around doors, windows and air ducts. Fill gaps 1/4” inch or less with a caulk gun. Fill gaps over 1/4” with expanding foam. Or use aluminum foil tape or foam weatherstripping.

17 Top 10 Tips – Water & Water Heating 5. A water-saving shower head can decrease the hot water you use in the shower from 7 gallons per minute to 2.5 gallons per minute. Save 2,792 gallons of water and 16,642 gallons of natural gas a year. Reduce your CO2 production by 262 lbs a year. 6. Reduce the temperature on your water heater to 120. Every 10 degree decrease your annual electricity bill is reduced by $60. For most homes, you won’t notice a reduction of up to 20 degrees in temperature. 7. Turn off the water heater during vacations, holidays or even weekend trips. You can even turn off the water heater each night and turn it on in the morning before showers (water usually heats up in around 22 minutes).

18 Top 10 Tips– Lighting & Appliances 8. Use CFL light bulbs in lights you use the most often. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, CFLs use 75% less energy, last 10x longer, and don’t cost much more. A 13 Watt CFL bulb emits as much light as a 60 Watt incandescent bulb. LEDs cost more than CFLs, but last 2x as long. You could save $75 a year. 9. Clean your dryer’s lint filter before every load so it runs more efficiently and clothes dry faster. 10. Avoid energy vampires. Plug electronics into power strips that you can easily turn on or off. 75% of appliance energy usage takes place when it’s off. Mitigating vampire energy could save you $230 a year.

19 Surprising 10 Tips 1. Lay out rugs to prevent heat from escaping through bare floors and keep your feet warmer. 2. In the winter, maximize humidity by using those appliances during the day and leaving the bathroom door open when you shower. 3. Keep thermostat clear of heat-producing devices, especially in the summer when it would cause unnecessary air conditioning. 4. Wrap your water heater tank in an old, heavy blanket to insulate it from heat loss, but avoid covering the thermostat. 5. Drain a about a quart of water from your water tank every 3 months. This removes sediment that can impede heat transfer and decrease efficiency.

20 6. Set ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise (push cooler air up, which pushes the rising warm air down) in winter. 7. Use a microwave or toaster oven instead of a conventional oven. They use less energy and let off less heat into the home. 8. Keep your stove reflector pans (under the coils) clean to reflect more heat. 9. Place lamps in corners so more light can reflect off the walls and make the room brighter. 10. Clean the fridge/freezer coils and defrost regularly (1/4 inch frost or less) for best efficiency. Also, full fridges/freezers use less energy to cool. Surprising 10 Tips

21 Are you staying warm?

22 Heat loss in your home

23 Heating Efficiency  Insulation  Outlet insulation pads and outlet plugs  Weatherstripping or rope caulking to seal leaks  Check for leaks with the incense test  Maintenance of unit  Furnace filter whistle to signal failing filter, change filter every 2 months  Keep unit clean and service every 2-3 years  Efficiency  Closing or blocking vents in unused rooms  Set right temperature at right time  Keep warm air in with self-stick door sweep

24 Home efficiency at your properties 1.Consider utility usage when evaluating properties 2.Self-diagnose your property’s efficiency gaps with the GreenHome Kit 3.Have a professional energy audit of your properties 4.Make energy efficiency investments 5.Track your utility bills 6.Make low-energy consumption and efficient appliances a selling point 7.Give your tenants a menu of upgrades you could make with costs 8.Offer your tenants a GreenHome Kit or Efficiency Guide as a gift

25 Check Out these Great Sites      Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing  Bridging the Gap – Green Business Network KC   Has Kits available for $25 and Guides for $7  There’s plenty of winter left to weatherize  They make great gifts!

26 My journey with My GreenHome

27 5 Tenets 1. Explain the why  Save Money  Save Resources  Avoid Waste 2. Focus on the little things 3. Great intro for beginners, fresh perspective for veterans 4. Works for all homes and lifestyles 5. Attack utility efficiency on all fronts  Heating/cooling  Water Heating  Lighting & Appliance Electricity  Water

28 GreenHome Kit  Establish deals with multiple wholesale suppliers and purchase products in bulk.  If you bought the products in this kit from  Amazon, you could expect to pay $55.15 + $15.74 S&H = $70.89  Home Depot these products would cost $57 + $11.98 S&H = $68.98,  Mixes one-time installs with habit formers  Also includes the Efficiency Guide

29 GreenHome Kit  Basic and Deluxe versions include these 18 products ->  Deluxe also includes  CFL bulb  Leak/draft plugging clay  toilet fill cycle diverter  1 gpm faucet aerator  Instructions for best uses of each product are in the Efficiency Guide

30 Efficiency Guide  Hard copy and e-books available (ebook preferred)  Hard copy comes with the GreenHome Kit  Contains  Education  Instructions for all 18 products  50 tips and Tricks for each area of home efficiency/conservation

31 My Results In first 2 months, I dropped $54 (41%)

32 Pilot User Testimonials  “This winter was so ridiculous, even by Detroit's standards, but [the GreenHome kit] seemed to knock some of the edge off, especially relative to pre-implementation numbers. The measures we implemented were super easy to use.” --- Ryan from Detroit, MI  “Wow! So IMPRESSED with the results of My GreenHome Kit. This is the coldest winter in 20 years in Louisville. Our neighbor's complained that their utility bills doubled. We applied many of the tips in the My GreenHome Guide and used all of the tools and our bills stayed the same at $305 vs. $309! Best of all, the house just felt WARMER thanks to the fewer drafts.” --- Tammy from Louisville, KY  “The kit without a doubt made our house more comfortable and it has had a positive effect on our utility bills. And for us there was minimal effort to install and begin using the kit. My wife can vouch for the fact that after we installed the door sweep, closed cell foam, and window insulation and we felt how much of a difference it made. The water bill… has dropped noticeably. The guide was definitely useful for us in that it gave us specific tips on how to reduce our energy and water consumption. In my opinion, what was just as useful as the specific information was just gaining the knowledge and becoming aware of general habits that we can use to save money. -- - Dan from Kansas City, MO

33 Delivering the efficiency

34 Available Today!  My GreenHome Kits and Guides are available for $25 and $7  Available at  If you want to share that e-book PDF that is GREAT!  Plenty of winter left, make sure to weatherize!  Practical and priceless gifts.


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