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1 A Presentation Created by TEACHERS UNLEASHED
Prefixes, Suffixes, Affixes and Root Words A Presentation Created by TEACHERS UNLEASHED

2 Root words and Base words
Root Words and Base Words are the same. Root words and base words are the most basic part of a word. If you add an affix to a root or base word you change the meaning of the word. “Cook” is a base word.

3 Affixes un+cook+ed=uncooked
Affixes are word parts that change the meaning of a root or base word. Prefixes and Suffixes are both Affixes. un+cook+ed=uncooked Affix Affix

4 Prefixes un+cook+ed=uncooked
Prefixes are word parts (affixes) that comes at the beginning of the root word or base word. un+cook+ed=uncooked Prefix Affix

5 Suffix un+cook+ed=uncooked
Suffixes are word parts (affixes) that come at the end of the root word or base word. un+cook+ed=uncooked Prefix Suffix

6 Prefix: im- Meaning: not Examples: impossible impolite

7 Prefix: in Meaning: not Examples: invisible infamous

8 Prefix: non Meaning: not Examples: non-stick non-stop

9 Prefix: dis Meaning: not Examples: disorganized disobey

10 Prefix: mis Meaning: wrong Examples: I kan spell gud. misread misspell

11 Prefix: un Meaning: not Examples: unlucky unbelievable

12 Prefix: over Meaning: Too much Examples: overcooked overdramatic

13 Prefix: under Meaning: beneath, under Examples: underwater underwear

14 Prefix: re Meaning: to do again Examples: recount recycle

15 Prefix: pre Meaning: before Examples: preschool preview

16 Prefix: sub Meaning: under Examples: subordinate submarine

17 Prefix: super Meaning: above, over Examples: superhuman supermarket

18 Prefix: inter Meaning: between Examples: intervene interstate

19 Prefix: fore Meaning: before Examples: foresee forecast

20 Prefix: de Meaning: down, away Examples: descend degrade

21 Prefix: trans Meaning: To move Examples: transportation transfer

22 Prefix: Meaning: Examples: semi incomplete, half semicircle

23 Prefix: mid Meaning: In the middle Example: midpoint

24 Prefix: hemi Meaning: half Example: hemisphere

25 Prefix: pro Meaning: for, forward Examples: promotion protest

26 Prefix: con Meaning: with, together Examples: connect confide

27 Prefix: com Meaning: together Examples: communicate community

28 Prefix: ex Meaning: Out of, from Examples: exit exhale

29 Prefix: co Meaning: together Examples: co-pilot cooperate

30 Prefix: multi Meaning: many Examples: multicolored multivitamin

31 Prefix: poly Meaning: many Example: polygon

32 Prefix: uni Meaning: one Examples: unicycle universal

33 Prefix: quad Meaning: four Example: quadrilateral

34 Prefix: tri Meaning: three Examples: trimester tricycle

35 Prefix: milli Meaning: thousand Examples: million millipede

36 Prefix: centi Meaning: hundred Examples: 100 years century centimeter

37 Suffix: er Meaning: one who takes part in Examples: teacher driver

38 Suffix: est Meaning: the most Examples: strongest smallest

39 Suffix: ed Meaning: to have done Examples: raced played

40 Suffix: ing Meaning: to be doing Examples: singing dancing

41 Suffix: ly Meaning: like Examples: happily cowardly

42 Suffix: ion, tion Meaning: action Example: construction

43 Suffix: able, ible Meaning: to be able to Examples: readable cleanable

44 Suffix: ness Meaning: the state of Examples: happiness craziness

45 Suffix: ment Meaning: the feeling of Examples: refreshment contentment

46 Suffix: Meaning: Examples: ous, ious, eous having the quality of
adventurous curious

47 Suffix: Meaning: Examples: Ive, ative, tive condition creative

48 Suffix: ful Meaning: to be full of Examples: peaceful thankful

49 Suffix: less Meaning: without Examples: thoughtless helpless

50 Root: chron Meaning: time Examples: chronologic synchronize chronic

51 Root: gen Meaning: birth/race Example: generation

52 Root: rupt Meaning: break Examples: erupt rupture

53 Root: tele Meaning: distance Examples: television telephone telegraph

54 Root: migr Meaning: change/move Examples: migrate migrating

55 Root: spect Meaning: see Examples: inspect suspect spectator

56 Root: sign Meaning: mark Examples: signature signal

57 Root: therm Meaning: heat Examples: thermal thermometer thermostat

58 Root: graph Meaning: write Examples: photograph autograph biography

59 Root: scop Meaning: see Examples: microscope telescope

60 Root: loc Meaning: place Examples: location local

61 Root: form Meaning: shape Examples: uniform transform

62 Suffix: ast Meaning: star Examples: astronaut astronomy asteroid

63 Suffix: opt Meaning: sight Examples: optical optometrist

64 Root: liber Meaning: free Example: liberty

65 Root: bio Meaning: life Examples: biography biology

66 Root: flect/flex Meaning: bend Examples: reflection flexible

67 Root: hydr Meaning: water Examples: hydrant dehydrate

68 Root: geo Meaning: earth Examples: geography geology

69 Root: aud Meaning: to hear Examples: audience audible

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