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Traditional Unit Ventilators– UVF &UHF

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1 Traditional Unit Ventilators– UVF &UHF
Product Overview

2 Traditional Unit Ventilators– UVF &UHF
CFM Two Motor Options PSC w/Autotransformer Low Cost Motor Only for Low Static Conditions (<.09”) One motor for All sizes! ECM High Efficiency Motor Taps allow low to high static (.10” to .45”) Variable Speed Option (0-10 V) Six Control Options Field Supplied Controls Pneumatic Interface DDC Ready (Easy Interface for field installed controls) Factory Controls (BACnet) Factory Controls (LonTalk) Custom Controls

3 Magic Aire UVF & UHF Models– Competitive Analysis
McQuay Trane Sound Good Modular Design Yes No Draw Thru (DT) vs. Blow Thru (BT) DT BT One Piece OA/RA Damper (no linkage required) 500 CFM Unit Motor Option Comparison Standard ECM Motor Variable Speed ECM Motor Control Package Comparison DDC Ready (Sheet metal Panel, Damper Actuators, transformer) Standalone Capability Networked Capability (BACnet) Variable ECM Speed integrated with factory controls

4 Magic Aire UVF & UHF Models– Features and Spec Items
Modular Draw-Thru Design Up to 7-Rows of Coil Combinations (CW, HW, DX, Steam, and Electric Heat options) Removable Top Double Sloped Drain Pan for Improved IAQ Low Limit Stat Standard on leaving side of all Coils 2” Deep Filter Option Coils are now rated for a maximum EWT of 200°F Superior One-piece Extruded Aluminum Outdoor/Return Air Damper Wiring Harness for mistake proofing wiring Superior sealing Extruded Aluminum Face & Bypass Damper AHRI 840 Certified Broad size Range – 500 to 2000 CFM Insulated OA/RA Damper Section –Standard 1/8” & Variable Fan Speed Control Cold Weather option 3/8”

5 Outdoor/Return Air Damper
The MAUV is certified under the AHRI 840 program for Unit Ventilators and ETL listed. A key feature of the Magic Aire UV is that our one-piece heavy gauge extruded aluminum damper that allows for full sealing and is not prone to breaking, warping, or binding. The MAUV is certified under the AHRI 840 program for Unit Ventilators to provide ventilation air greater than 80% of rated standard air flow and is ETL listed to US and Canadian Safety Standards, such as ANSI/UL The MASCB will also be certified to the same standards. Currently our competitor is not certified. A key feature of the Magic Aire UV is that our design is a one-piece heavy gauge extruded aluminum damper that has integral curved web to afford maximum rigidity. Our competitors have dual dampers connected by mechanical linkage making them more prone to air leakage. This is a unique feature and a big hit with engineers.

6 Optimized Blower Section with Polymer Fans
Polymer blower wheel optimized to deliver the appropriate amount of airflow at reduced speeds which translates to Reduced sound levels Rigorous Design/Testing process Polymer Blower Wheel Galvanized Steel Blower Housing Lower RPM Key! Lower Noise Levels and Vibration Balanced Fan Assembly No Center Bearing Two Point Shaft Alignment

7 Motor Options and Design
Motor and Bearing Located Out Of Air Stream Long Life Quick, Easy Replacement - Separate from Fan Assembly ECM Motor Option Operation at any speed, adjusting to static resistance More efficient than PSC Motors

8 CFM Low Med High Three Speed Fan Control Options 3 Speed Switch
ECM 5.0 Motor

9 Variable Fan Speed – New Option!
Fan Control Options Variable Fan Speed – New Option! ECM 5.0 Motor Controller by Others

10 Filter Selection and Features
Utilizes 1” or 2” Thick Filters in Throwaway, Permanent, or Renewable styles Field Changeable from 1” to 2” 2” Thick Filters Improve IAQ 2” - MERV 8 Easily removed by quarter turn latches FILTER DOOR WITH QUARTER TURN LATCHES

11 Electric Heat Coil Section
EH elements are open wire type. Mounted in individual heavy gauge galvanized steel frames and suspended in ceramic insulators. Dual capillary type thermal sensing elements, one automatic reset and one manual reset Each circuit above 48 amps is protected by its own fuses

12 Unit Vent Valve Packages
VP1: TAC Control Valve and actuator, unions, and ball valves VP2: TAC Control Valve and actuator, unions, 1-ball valve, and 1-circuit setter VP3: TAC Control Valve and actuator, unions, 2-ball valves and wye strainer VP4: TAC Control Valve and actuator, unions, 1-ball valve, 1-circuit setter, and wye strainer Custom VPs possible: 18” (H) x 9” (D) x 9” (W) max dims

13 UV Direct Expansion Coils
R-22 and R-410A DX coils available R-22 coils field convertible for R-410A cooling service (Technical Bulletin available for instructions)

14 Draw Thru Vs. Blow Thru Design
Supply Air Outside Air Allows return air to bypass coil and unconditioned outdoor air to pass through coil for better dehumidification Even distribution of air across the coil face Face and Bypass damper (FBP) is in the low velocity air stream Leaving air stream is at a uniform temperature Concentrated areas of air across the coil Fan sound can vary depending on Face and Bypass position Unconditioned outside air can be bypassed around coil not allowing dehumidification

15 Freeze Protection A low limit thermostat is factory installed on all units with Hydronic and DX coils. For extra freeze protection, a FBP damper is recommended to protect from coil freeze-up. That’s because there is a constant flow of hot water through the coil, and water that is flowing typically does not freeze. Units feature a one piece Outside Air / Return Air damper made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum material with airtight seals to prevent unwanted air from entering the unit. The damper is insulated with closed cell foam insulation. We also offer an optional cold weather damper section that has thicker insulation for maximum cold weather protection.

16 UV Support Webinars NM4 software Product Presentation – See Website for newest Marketing Brochure - NEW Submittals – in NM4 Diagnostic Sheets and Videos – Website Available Literature – See website for most updated Guide Spec Catalog IOM Control Guides

17 UV Support – Specifications
Guide Spec – This is the primary document to reference when asked to reviewing a specification UV Catalog – Secondary Source with many details on unit set up and configurations Control Guides – all details on controls including components and sequence of operation in these LON or BACNet guides FAQs – list of top questions. Competitive flag checklist also available

18 Magic Aire UV– Sample Units
UV “Light Weight” Samples Perfect for Shows or Presentations! Light Weight Cut Outs with Lexan Windows Handles added to Dampers DDC Ready Hinged Panel All of UV key features Low Cost of $575 OR – we can sell just the OA damper section

19 Please visit our website!
Thank you! Please visit our website!

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