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Smart Meters 1932 Technocracy. History of Smart Meters Analog MeterSmart Meter.

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1 Smart Meters 1932 Technocracy

2 History of Smart Meters Analog MeterSmart Meter

3 History Started in 1930 under FDR Technocracy - a theory and movement, prominent about 1932, advocating control of industrial resources, reform of financial institutions, and reorganization of the social system, based on the findings of technologists and engineers. Heading the effort is the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability President George W. Bush in 2003 created the O. of E. D.

4 History Continued October 27, 2009 President Obama unveiled the Smart Grid plan: $3.4 billion to 100 Smart Grid projects. Carol Browner the United States Climate Czar assistant to the President for Energy & Climate Change John Doerr is one of the main venture capitalists backing Silver Spring Networks- the company responsible for the health damaging wireless technology in “smart” meters. He sits on the Presidents Economic Recovery Advisory Board and his wife Ann Doerr is on the board of directors of Environmental Defense Fund John Doerr Presidents Economic Recovery Advisory Board Environmental Defense Fund

5 Who and What are behind Smart Meter, Smart Grid Programs? What objectives are they trying to achieve?

6 Who and What?  Ecological- The thought process of environmentalists who think that smart meters and smart grids will somehow help save the planet by controlling the use of energy.  Political- Sneaky politicians who think Smart Meters and the and the Smart Grids are a way to get “Cap and Trade” implemented through the back door.  Financial- Those that are in it for the money to be made, banks, financiers, investors, manufacturers, owners of IT companies and the appliance stores since they believe there is money to be made.  Control and Surveillance- 24-hour non stop surveillance systems and control over people and their energy use.  Global-Those who are implementing the stealth objectives of the UN Agenda 21.

7 What is a “Smart” Meter?  It is a meter that contains RF (Radio Frequency), that has radioactive materialRadio Frequency  EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)Electromagnetic Radiation  A UC Nuclear Expert says that “Smart “Meters gives off 100 times more RF than cellular phones.  RF has a steady frequency  PG & E and I & M admitted it can interfere with electronics, appliances and other medical devices.

8 What is a “Smart” Meters?  EHS (Elctrohypersensititivity)- is receiving international recognition as an emerging public health problem recognized in Sweden and Norway as a functional impairment. 1.Nurological- headaches and migraines, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, dizziness, nausea, irritability, numbness, tingling, fatigue, hyperactivity, anxiety, stress reactions, depression, insomnia, tremors, muscle spasms, joint pain… 2.Respiratory- allergies, sinus infections, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia… 3.Cardiac- pain or pressure in the chest, palpitations, shortness of breath, low or high blood pressure, arrhythmia… 4.Other- sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances, altered immune response, tumors, infertility, digestive problems, blood sugar fluctuations, irritable bowel symptoms, skin rashes, flushing, night sweats, vertigo, nosebleeds, impaired sense of smell and/or taste, loss of appetite, tinnitus, hearing loss, deteriorating vision, mood change, thyroid imbalances…

9 What is a “Smart” Meter  Little research has been done in America about Smart meters  Smart meters will not only keep track of how much electricity you are using, but it will be able to control, regulate, and ration your use of that electricity.  If “big brother” decides that you are using too much heat in the winter time, or to much air conditioning in the summer time, or even using to much hot water in your showers or washing machines, that power will be turned down without your knowledge or permission.  By 2012- all appliances will be retrofitted with antennas or consumers will need to purchase new “smart” appliances, plus an interior meter to monitor usage.

10 Types of “Smart” Meters  AMI Smart Meter (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Blue nameplates: SMART meters have blue nameplates. SMART meters, are just one small part of SMART Grid technology. Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) has approximately 9,700 smart meters installed in homes and businesses in South Bend, Indiana.

11 Types of “Smart” Meters Red nameplates: Radio frequency (RF) meters have red nameplates and built in low power radios operating in the 900 Mhz range. The radio broadcasts the meter's reading and identification number in short, millisecond- long pulses. I&M collects the reading with a portable receiver once a month. Readings are downloaded into an internal network and customer bills are generated. AMR Meters (Automated Meter Reading)

12 AMR Continued Green nameplates: Power line carrier (PLC) meters have green nameplates. The meter sends the reading and meter identification number back through our power lines to a receiver in the substation. I&M collects the readings from the substation receiver and generates a customer bill.

13 AMR Continued Grey nameplates: Cellular meters have grey nameplates. They deliver readings using a cellular transmitter that works like a cell phone. The meter stores the readings and the meter identification number. I&M calls the meter to collect the readings and generates a customer bill.

14 What are the differences between AMI and AMR Meters  AMI is two-way communicating. Data flows from the meter to I&M and from I&M to the meter.  AMI meters store customer interval usage data each 15 minutes and sends the data to I&M.  AMI meters can connect with a Home Area Network (HAN) to give customers more control over energy used by “smart” appliances or central air conditioning systems.  AMI meters can detect and automatically report power outages, power restoration, and power quality issues.  AMI meters can be used to connect or disconnect service remotely.  AMR is one-way communicating. Data is broadcast a short range. I&M drives to a location near the meter once a month to collect the data.  AMR meters do not store customer usage data.  AMR meters cannot connect with a Home Area Network.  AMR meters cannot detect or report power outages, power restoration or power quality issues.  AMR meters cannot be used to turn power on and off.

15 Appliances and “Smart” Meters  I & M says when customers agree to a program the meters can be put in and when a homeowners agree to use smart appliances.  Department of Energy decided they have authority over the appliances in your home.  Appliances manufactured before the smart grid will be completely phased out in the near future approximately in 2014-2015.  RF smart-enabled devices  Sears recycling program $30 for old working refrigerators and freezers  Whirlpool got $19.3 million in US department of energy funding as part of the smart grid investment grant program.

16 3925

17 Auburn Smart Meters 

18 Health Risks with “Smart” Meters  Every power company publication regarding Smart Meters says basically the same thing.  “They are safe”  There is nothing harmful in any of the Smart Meters that are being installed  If you look at any report from someone other than the power companies it shows the health issues that “Smart” Meters create.  The oddity is that everything that is not an electric company it says the RF is higher but the electric companies say there is no danger and RF is extremely low.

19  The meters are not UL listedUL  There has been very little research done here in America on the “Smart” Meters  On April 5, 2009 a email was submitted to Indiana Michigan Power, asking if they were able to turn up or down the temperature remotely? Their response was,  “If the thermostat setting was changed remotely, you may manually set the thermostat to its original setting.

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