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Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program Overview 2012 – 2014

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1 Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program Overview 2012 – 2014
Green Business Forum Presented by: Manuel Vera June 25, 2013

2 $20.3 MILLION in 183.1 MILLION kWh Let us help you.
We’ve already helped our customers earn more than $20.3 MILLION in incentives, and save more than 183.1 MILLION kWh of electricity per year. Let us help you.

3 C&I Program Overview Existing Buildings Program
Pre-defined incentive amounts per installed measure Includes Lighting, Lighting Controls, Refrigeration and Kitchen Equipment Custom Incentive Program Incentives for measures, systems and technologies not covered by the Existing Buildings Program. Based on projected annual kWh savings. $0.16 per kWh saved. Includes energy assessment

4 C&I Program Overview Small Business Customer Program
Customers with maximum monthly demand up to 100 kW Walk-thru energy assessment at no charge Up to $250 of low cost measures installed at no charge Incentives will cover up to 80-90% of the project’s installed cost Standard measure projects completed within two months, and custom projects completed within four months, are eligible for an additional 10% in incentives

5 For building managers and staff Pre-approved course list
C&I Program Overview Retro-Commissioning Program Incentives for identifying and implementing operations and maintenance (O&M) improvements HVAC Tune-up O&M Training For building managers and staff Pre-approved course list 80% of the cost of tuition up to $1,000 Occupant Training New Construction Program Incentives for the design and installation of energy efficient technologies and systems that exceed code requirements Work with the customer and design team before and during the construction phase

6 C&I Program Overview Master-Metered Multi-Family Buildings Program
For bulk purchases of Energy Star® appliances Refrigerators, clothes washers, water heaters, room A/C Efficiency measures in common areas Quick Home Energy Check-up

7 So, How Much Do We Pay? Lighting / Sensors VFD Chiller Project Cost
$290,000 $164,500 $483,000 Annual Energy Savings (kWh) 690,000 163,125 450,001 Annual Energy Cost Savings2 $103,500 $24,469 $67,500 Incentive $156,640 $28,000 $36,000 Payback 1.1 5.5 6.6 2Average price of electricity = $0.15/kWh Sample Project ID No. P-MONTGOMERY P-BP COMMERC P-GREENHILL C-CHESAPEAKE (Incentive modified to reflect rate for : $0.16/kWh) R-NATIONAL I *Incentive based on $0.15 per kWh saved

8 Optimizing the Opportunity
Lighting Project Existing lighting: (513) T12 fixtures, existing usage of 286,983 kWh Lighting retrofit: T5 fixtures, $12,475 incentives, 162,014 kWh savings annual energy savings $23,302 Controls Package 87 Wall sensors: $2,175 incentives, 36,702 kWh savings annual savings $5,503 Increase of 17% in incentives offered Increase of 24% in annual energy savings

9 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information
C&I Program Overview Combined Heat & Power Program (CHP) Maryland PSC approved the new CHP Program for implementation up through 2014. CHP System – produces electricity and useful thermal energy from a single energy source using a combustion engine to generate electricity. Captured heat from the combustion process (waste heat) is transferred via heat exchangers to use for thermal loads like hot water and laundries. Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information

10 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information
C&I Program Overview Combined Heat & Power Program CHP can be installed in hospitals, college campuses, apartment buildings, schools, factories, hotels and convention centers. CHP-equipped facilities in NJ operated in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. First Application period has ended and 6 pre-approved Pepco applicants are moving into phase 2 with engineering studies and interconnection review. The Program is currently accepting new CHP applications. Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information

11 We Are Available To Assist You!
Pepco Delmarva Power

12 Gaithersburg Campus Energy Management System
Wilbur G. Williams June 25, 2013

13 Who we are and Why do we pursue Energy Conservation?
MedImmune at a Glance Founded in 1988 in Gaithersburg, MD Global presence with 2,500 people in the US and UK Robust pipeline of 120 biologics currently in research and development World-class protein engineering and process development capabilities The global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca The Gaithersburg Campus is among AstraZeneca’s top 10% energy Consumers, with utility bills surpassing $10MM/yr. In 2010 we recognized a necessity to implement a systematic approach to energy conservation, so: In 2010 we partnered with the Maryland Energy Administration to perform our first Energy Assessment. In 2010 we partnered with Dept. of Energy via its Save Energy Now “LEADER” Program, now know as the Better Buildings Challenge and pledge to reduce 25% by 2020. In 2012 we joined the Superior Energy Performance NE demo, which is helping us pursue ISO and SEP (MSE 50021) certification. Today we have been able to reduce our energy consumption by 10% (about $1.2MM/yr in energy costs) and have a running project list of more than 35 Improvement opportunities.

14 How has our different partnerships helped?
Maryland State Energy Administration ( Provided tools and resources to perform several energy assessments. Provided Consulting resources for the Implementation of ISO and SEP standards. Estimated services savings in the past 3yrs in excess of $100K U.S. Department of Energy ( Via the Leader program, tools are provided to help identify and implement improvement opportunities. Via the SEP demo, training and tools have been provided to aid in the implementation of ISO and SEP standards. Via the Charge Point America program, in 2011 we received 5 of our 8 electric vehicle charging stations free of charge. PEPCO C&I Energy Saving Programs Help accelerate the implementation of improvement opportunities by improving the return on Investment. Since 2010, we have implemented several lighting retrofits (both interior and exterior) yielding rebates of over $50K. With the new “Custom” project rebates, in 2013 we have been pre-approved for over $150K and are still waiting on the response of an additional $500K, making this our biggest rebate year to date. Lockheed Martin has been able to partner with several of our Engineering Design firms, to help us maximize our rebate potential by fully analyzing every aspect of the improvement project.

15 DavCo Par30 Halogen to LED
By switching from 75 watt Halogen track lights to 10 watt LEDs, DavCo has reduced energy consumption of these fixtures at their Wendy’s Restaurants by 750%.

16 Energy Wise Rewards for Businesses
Presented by: Susan Marinelli June 25, 2013

17 What is Energy Wise Rewards?
A voluntary peak-energy management program Devices cycle off and on central A/C units and heat pumps during times of peak electricity use, June through September Customers choose a web-programmable thermostat or an outdoor switch, which is installed at no charge Receive credits off electricity bills Program the thermostat manually or remotely through the Internet via My Account

18 Benefits to Your Business or Organization
Pepco MD Residential Master Metered Business Pepco DC T-stat Models IT900 1F88 DCU Direct Control Units (DCUs), or outdoors switches, are available in all service territories. Cycling Options 50% 75% 100% Installation Credit $40 $60 $80 $15 $22 $30 $45 Annual Reward Credits Same as Install

19 Benefits to the Community
Reduces overall peak demand Balances electricity demand with supply Less electricity needs to be generated Reduces peak energy purchase cost, grid-wide

20 When are conservation periods?
On Peak Savings Days: generally summer weekday afternoons between noon and 8PM There are typically 5 conservation periods per season, with as many as 12 events per year Conservation periods typically last 3 to 4 hours PJM can mandate a conservation period at any time


22 For questions, or to enroll:
Susan Marinelli

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