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Planning for Updates and Linkages to EM&V CALMAC February 17, 2004.

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1 Planning for Updates and Linkages to EM&V CALMAC February 17, 2004

2 Planning for Updates and Linkages to EM&V To establish clear ties between the underlying engineering estimates, models, etc. and EM&V studies and market assessment studies. ’04-’05 DEER Scope includes: –Task 3: Establish DEER Periodic Update Plan –Task 9: ID and Develop DEER Linkages to EM&V Objectives –ID and prioritize DEER-related EM&V needs Measure-specific parameters –Improve coordination between DEER & EM&V Short-term: ’04 -’05 studies Mid-term: ’06 -’08 EM&V and R&A plans –Develop plan for periodic DEER updates

3 DEER Task 3/Task 9 Approach Contractors - Itron & Quantum Consulting Utilize a Technical Advisory Group –DEER PAC with expansions –Add 1 to 2 technical staff per org, plus other experts –Technical input and review of deliverables Interviews with TAG Review recent EM&V and ’04 -’05 plans ID key measure inputs, assumptions, methods ID DEER-related EM&V needs Prioritize DEER-related EM&V needs

4 DEER Task 3/Task 9 Deliverables and Schedule Task 3 –Draft and Final DEER Update Plans Task 9 –Draft and Final Working Paper Input assumptions and methodologies Ratings of relative importance Links to current/recent EM&V Priorities for future EM&V

5 Recent DEER-Related EM&V Issues Raised Input requested for this CALMAC meeting from DEER PAC –Focused on DEER-related EM&V needs that could possibly be considered in ’04-’05 studies –Caveat: Not yet an edited, systematic, or prioritized list

6 Input to Date General HVAC Programmable Thermostats CFLs Pool Pumps Other

7 General Needs Measured data that is disaggregated below a program or even measure realization rate –DEER needs measured data at the measure parameter level –For example, hours of use, base case and measure efficiency levels, delta efficiency levels, in service factors, behavior effects, etc. Segment-based data –To reduce reliance on averages that imbed population assumptions, or –To improve the accuracy of averages Load shape data (8760?, calibration, by end use, by measure)

8 HVAC Issues Confirm the operating hours for rooftop units. Recent work shows high annual operating hours whereas the DEER numbers are lower Field data on performance of 13 SEER base case and 14+ SEER units –Determine what real-world factors influence actual SEER vs. the EER performance of HVAC units –Determine if the DEER modeled HVAC units are representative of units seen in the field Determine room A/C units hours of operation

9 Programmable Thermostat Issues Determine if changes in customer’s use of thermostats over the last two years impacted energy consumption Determine the incremental effect on savings from moving from programmable to Energy Star Programmable Determine what level of field monitored data and analysis can be used to arrive at reliable ex post savings and how that data collection and analysis should be implemented (heating versus cooling) Assess whether revised DEER method of modeling across a wide range of RASS-based thermostat behaviors is accurate

10 CFL Issues Estimate in-service rates Estimate retention and post-CFL replacement decisions –When CFLs replaced by incandescents, ascertain why Determine if occupants consider the light level to be adequate compared to what was replaced Ascertain base case wattages by CFL Assess customer knowledge. Do they use package labeling to make their decisions, and do they consider lumens when determining the replacement bulb? Determine energy savings from dimmable CFLs Determine how many customers replaced CFLs with incandescent bulbs Determine indoor hours of operation by control type Determine outdoor hours of operation by control type

11 Pool Pump Issues Determine hours of operation for one speed versus two speed pool pumps Estimate base and replacement wattages (one speed versus two speed) Determine if customers who installed one speed pool pumps reduced their average hours of operation as a result of participating in the program

12 Other Issues Industrial motors – cumulative impact of multiple rewinds C&I lighting – hours of operation by measure, biz type, and customer size CFL retention/re-installation Clothes washers & Dish washers – water heating fuel, usage levels, motor versus water heating savings, dryer savings (CW only), overall ex post savings. Base efficiency levels for early replacement measures Measured data for Large C&I SPC calculator assumptions

13 Next Steps & Schedule Form TAG Conduct TAG Interviews Develop Prioritization Framework Review SW ’02-’03 EM&V Review ’04 -’05 EM&V Plans Develop draft issues & priorities Review with TAG Review with CALMAC

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