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initial /th/ words and sentences

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1 initial /th/ words and sentences

2 initial /th/ words the their thank theft thigh thing thick third thorn
thumb thin thimble thunder thermostat thundershower thermometer Thanksgiving thermos thirty three

3 initial /th/ sentences
The thermostat is set on thirty. Thank them for their work. The theft happened on Thursday. She was cut on her thigh. Pack you things in the case. Do you want a thick or thin cookie? She was third in line. Don’t stick your thumb with the thorn.

4 initial /th/ sentences
The thin cookie is crispy. Use a thimble when sewing. Did it thunder during the thunderstorm? Set the thermostat on thirty. There was a thundershower on Thursday. Do you have a thermometer? It will be Thanksgiving in three days. Fill the thermos with tea.

5 the

6 their

7 thank

8 theft

9 thigh

10 thing

11 thick

12 third

13 thorn

14 thumb

15 thin

16 thimble

17 thermostat

18 thermometer

19 thundershower

20 Thanksgiving

21 thermos

22 thirty

23 three

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