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~therm= heat,temperature

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1 ~therm= heat,temperature

2 Endothermic (adj.) Exothermic (adj.) Therm (n.) Thermal (adj.) Thermodynamic (adj.) Thermograph (n.) Thermometer (n.) Thermophile (n.) Thermos (n.) Thermostat (n.)

3 Endothermic (adj.) Heated from within the body
A tiger is an endothermic animal because it is heated from within its body.

4 Exothermic (adj.) An exothermic animal requires heat to be absorbed outside the body. An exothermic animal needs to be kept on heat rocks to stay warm.

5 Therm (n.) A unit of heat equal to 1,000 great calories
Scientists measure heat in therm units.

6 Thermal (adj.) Related to heat or temperature
Thermal blankets are a great way to stay warm in the winter.

7 Thermodynamic (adj.) Caused or operated by heat that has changed into different forms of energy Machines that work because of energy created by heat are described as being thermodynamic.

8 Thermograph (n.) A device that records changes in temperature.
Scientists record temperatures on a device known as a thermograph.

9 Thermometer (n.) An instrument that measures temperature or heat
The nurse checked Brittany’s temperature using a digital thermometer.

10 Thermophile (n.) An organism that has adapted to living in very high temperatures or heat, such as bacteria or algae Thermophile bacteria like to live in areas that are extremely hot and humid.

11 Thermos (n.) Is a container that is used to keep things warm; it is a double-walled container A thermos is useful on a long road trip if you want to drink hot chocolate.

12 Thermostat (n.) A device on the wall that is used to control the temperature of a room A thermostat is important to keep a room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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