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Jump to first page Stewardship of Energy Scripture n If you want to know me, look to my creation n How do we treat creation?

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2 Jump to first page Stewardship of Energy

3 Scripture n If you want to know me, look to my creation n How do we treat creation?

4 Jump to firs page Caring for Creation n Vision n Knowledge n Understanding n Persistence

5 “And God Said” You shall have dominion over the Earth n What does dominion mean to you?

6 Jump to firs page Agenda FWFWho we are FWFWhat we can do for you

7 Jump to firs page Who we are. n Center for Energy and Environmental Education at University of Northern Iowa n Evangelical Lutheran Church In America n Iowa Department of Natural Resources n Iowa Energy Center

8 Jump to firs page What we can do for you n Awareness n Energy Audits (Economic Development) n Implementation u 10 to 20% energy cost reduction (Every dollar saved is equal to a dollar in the collection plate) n Pollution Reduction (Stewardship)

9 Jump to firs page How your building loses heat Infiltration Convection Radiation

10 Infiltration Cracks and Leaks Around u Doors u Windows u Outlets u Pipes u Foundation u Fireplace u Vents F 1 hr = a houseful of air

11 Jump to firs page Infrared photo of house

12 Solution n Insulation n Caulk all air leaks n Interior/exterior storm windows n Replace weather-stripping n Draft Enders behind switch plates n Repair exhaust vent covers n Weather-strip attic access doors

13 Jump to firs page Types of Insulation

14 Fire Place n Keep Damper Closed n Install glass doors on fireplace u 8% of heat can go up chimney

15 Caulk n Inside & outside of all window and doors n Behind exterior wall baseboards n Inside & outside wall penetrations

16 Jump to firs page Have a caulking party !!

17 Jump to firs page Convection Windows Gain heat during day and Loose 2/3 at night n Install Low E argon filled windows n Install Pop-In Window insulation n Install Window Quilt n Close curtains at night

18 Space Heating Options n General n Forced Air-Gas n Forced Air - Oil n Hot Water n Electric

19 General n Setback Programmable Thermostat u Occupied - 68 Unoccupied - 45 n Thermostat away from heat source n Open drapes during day n Min. use of exhaust fans

20 Jump to firs page Set Back Thermostat

21 Forced Air -- Gas n Keep filter clean u Change once a month n Registers free from obstructions n Oil motor and fan twice a year n Adjust fan belt once a year n Service furnace yearly n Insulate air ducts in unheated space

22 Jump to firs page Replace Furnace Filter once a month

23 Forced Air Oil n Check flame for black tip -- service n Check for soot build-up - summer n Clean and oil hinges on damper n Change oil filter yearly n Service once a year n Check firing rate yearly

24 Jump to firs page Ducts n Leaks account for 13% of energy use. n Costs $110 per year n Cost $200 to fix n Tape seams u Mastic -- putty u Adhesive foil

25 Hot-Water Space Heating n Check fluid levels regularly n Check expansion tank for air space n Bleed air from all radiators periodically n Insulate pipes n Keep radiators clean n Reflectors on back of radiators

26 Jump to firs page Insulated Pipes

27 Electric Space Heating n Clean heating elements regularly n Check deflectors and aim n Do not block radiators n Check zone thermostat yearly

28 Hot Water Heating n 20% of energy used in the home n Install 3” insulating blanket n Set Thermostat between 110 and 120 n Insulate Pipes u All of the hot lines and first 6’ of the cold n Take showers instead of baths n Low Flow Shower Heads/Aerators n Repair Leaky Faucets Promptly n Turn Off when on vacation n Drain 1 Gallon every 3 Months u Removes Sediment n Gas or Oil - Service once a year

29 Jump to firs page Insulate your Hot Water Heater

30 Jump to firs page Water temp. 110 to 120

31 Jump to firs page Appliances n Clothes Dryers n Clothes Washers n Dishwashers n Microwaves n Refrigerators n Ranges n Block Heaters

32 Jump to firs page Clothes Dryers n Keep lint filter clean n Operate with full load n Check dryer vent twice a year n Match temp. settings to fabric and load size

33 Jump to firs page Clothes Washer n Wash full loads or use lower water level settings for smaller loads n Use hot water only when necessary n Use cold water rinse cycle n Do not over wash

34 Jump to firs page Dishwasher n Wash full loads n Use shortest wash cycle possible n Use energy saver’ cycle if available n If not available, open door at end of rinse cycle and let dishes air dry

35 Jump to firs page Microwaves n Use for cooking vegetables or warming foods. u Do not use to defrost foods

36 Jump to firs page Refrigerators n Keep door closed (AMAP) n Keep Full and Defrost regularly n Turn off automatic ice maker n Turn off butter conditioner n Thaw food in p. n Cool foods before storing in Frig. n Locate away from heat sources n Clean Coils twice a year -- unplug n 3” air space in back n Keep door gasket in good repair

37 Ranges n Use Solar Oven n Match Pots and Pans to element n Use min. water and cover pan n Use foil under elect elements n Use lids whenever possible n Turn off 15 to 20 Min. before cooking time is complete n Preheat only when required n Defrost food -- 50% less energy n Check door gasket n Don’t peek

38 Jump to firs page Block Heaters n Put a timer on the circuit, only needs to be on a hour or two before starting car n Plug car heater into same timer

39 Understanding Kilowatt Hours n Wattage x hrs./1000 x cost = bill n Example u 10,000 x 40 hrs./1000 x.05 = $20 F This is a typical hot water heater

40 Jump to firs page Lighting = 16% Elect. n Open drapes n Light colored walls n Task lighting n Solid state dimmers n Turn off lights n Occupancy sensors n Timer for when you are out n Motion sensors outside n High pressure sodium

41 Jump to firs page Incandescent bulb 20% Light 80% Heat

42 Jump to firs page Lighting n Incandescent u 60 watt gives off 14.7 lumens per watt u Hot n Fluorescent u 40 watt gives off 80 lumens per watt u warm

43 Jump to firs page Exit Signs

44 Indoor Water Conservation n When Shaving fill sink n When brushing teeth shut off water n Use Low flow Showerheads n Check for leaks n Toilet water level one inch below top of overflow drain

45 Indoor Water Conservation F Wash dishes in basin F Operate dishwashers and clothes F Washers only when full F Use High efficiency washers F Don’t run water to Wash vegetables Thaw frozen food Get glass of water

46 Jump to firs page Low Flow Showers saves the University of Northern Iowa $75,000 per year

47 Outdoor Water Conservation n Water lawn between 4pm & 10 am n Water lawn only when it needs it n Place mulch around trees and plants n Plant native vegetation n Use automatic shutoff on garden hoses

48 Jump to first page Landscaping n Can reduce air conditioning cost n Vines u Keep 18” from house n Hedges n Trees

49 Jump to first page The End

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