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oneM2M and AllJoyn Interworking

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1 oneM2M and AllJoyn Interworking
Group Name: Technical Plenary Source: Hongbeom Ahn (LG Electronics), Josef Blanz (Qualcomm) , Michael H.S. Yang (LG U+), Yali Guo(Haier) Meeting Date: TP#13 Agenda Item: TBD

2 IoT Platform Technologies
Service Platform Connectivity Platform More than.. Application Presentation Session Transport Network Link Physical

3 IoT Platform Technologies
If we look all around carefully, there are powerful and growing other IoT platform technologies on the market However, different technologies focus on different features and architecture For example, AllJoyn, OIC (no specification provided yet) and Homekit focus on proximal connectivity QIVICON focuses on device management capability within wide-area and proximal network connectivity

4 oneM2M Throughout IoT ecosystem and platform technologies, oneM2M system itself has its own advantages, Distributed Platform Environment Plug in and out the specified resources from service platforms (IN/MN/ASN-CSE) based on usage (Flexible) Device Management Integration 3GPP/3GPP2 Interworking Inter-SP Communications Web-based Architecture (RESTful) Easily discover and access resources (data or devices) And so on 

5 What Should We Do? Keep doing what we have done so far
Enhance oneM2M architecture, MQTT-Support, Security, Semantic and etc Support some particular IoT domain (home, car) Make our specification more flexible Find other technologies that specify different scope and features from oneM2M Create a synergy effect by interworking with the technologies

6 oneM2M & AllJoyn System (1/2)
Thermostat Smartphone Hospital Application Vital Checker TV Home G/W Server TV Vital Checker Fridge Vacuum Fridge Application in the Smartphone AllJoyn oneM2M Network Architecture Peer-to-Peer in LAN Server-to-Client in WAN API Style RPC(RMI) API (Publish-Subscribe under development) Resource-based API Discovery Style Proactive Discovery Passive Discovery

7 oneM2M & AllJoyn System (2/2)
AllJoyn: Enable Ad Hoc, Proximity-Based, Peer-to-Peer Networking. oneM2M: Provide the system-level/platform-level solution for IOT, covers device , gateway, infrastructure domain by defining ADN/ASN, MN, IN. Support Alljoyn and OneM2M interworking (Haier’s View) OneM2M’s advantage is in system/platform level planning. Alljoyn focus on the inside cycle scenario(Home area network) which is very important in smart home. AllJoyn has requirement to connect to the cloud, a Gateway agent WI is processing in AllJoyn for this work Alljoyn is open source codes based, many devices has announced Alljoyn enabled in market.

8 A Possible Architecture
Server (Cloud) Server (Cloud) Mcc’ IN-CSE IN-CSE Mcc Mcc Gateway Gateway Mcn AllJoyn Platform MN-CSE MN-CSE Mcc/Mca AllJoyn Device AllJoyn Device oneM2M Device

9 Interworking Scenarios (Haier’s)
Home Area Network Home Area Network Haier Smart Home Cloud Platform (M2M Platform) Home Area Network Inside Cycle All control/data inside home area network P2P or Centralized management (gateway) Alljoyn Outside Cycle All control/data go through cloud platform M2M standard or Private protocol oneM2M

10 Interworking Scenarios (LGE)

11 Interworking Scenarios (LGE)

12 oneM2M & AllJoyn Interworking Work Item
Way Forward oneM2M Release 1.0 oneM2M Release 1.1 oneM2M Release 2.0 (`14. 08) (`15. 01) oneM2M & AllJoyn Interworking Work Item For Initial Research on the Interworking Study on different approaches for the interworking and impact on oneM2M architecture : (Output) Technical Report Choose a decent approach based on the study Specify the architecture and protocol : (Output) Technical Specification

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