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1 2 A Systems Approach PowerPoint® Presentation Prepared by René Green.

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3 2 A Systems Approach PowerPoint® Presentation Prepared by René Green

4 3 Chapter 11

5 4 yChapter Overview yThis chapter describes the components of typical lubricating and cooling systems and how each functions. Also included are oil types, oil pump inspection, service, and installation as well as the liquid cooling system and its service.

6 5 yChapter Objectives yName and describe the components of a typical lubricating system. yInspect, service, and install an oil pump. yDescribe the purpose of a crankcase ventilation system. yExplain oil service and viscosity ratings. yList and describe the major components of the cooling system.

7 6 yDescribe the operation of the cooling system. yDescribe the function of the water pump, radiator, radiator cap, and thermostat in the cooling system. yTest and service the cooling system.

8 7 zLubrication yOil Consump- tion y Oil Types

9 8 zLubricating Systems yOil Pumps yOil Pump Pickup yOil Pan or Sump yPressure Relief Valve yOil Filter yEngine Oil Passages or Galleries yEngine Bearings yOil Pressure Indicator

10 9 yOil Seals and Gaskets yDipstick yOil Cooler. zOil Pump yTypes of Pumps

11 10 xRotor-type x Gear-type

12 11 yPressure Regulation

13 12 yMeasuring Oil Pressure yOil Pressure Indicators yOil Filters zOil Pump Inspection and Service

14 13 zInstalling the Oil Pump

15 14 zCooling Systems yLiquid Cooled System

16 15 xCoolant

17 16 xExpansion or recovery tank xWater pump xRadiator xRadiator pressure caps xWater outlet xHoses xThermostat xBelt drives xFans and fan clutches

18 17 xWater jackets x Temperature indicator x Heater system x Oil cooler

19 18 yAir-Cooled System zCooling System Servicing yTesting the Cooling System for Leaks yRepairing Radiators

20 19 yTesting the Radiator Pressure Cap

21 20 yTesting the Thermostat

22 21 yChecking and Replacing Hoses

23 22 yWater Pump Service yChecking Fans and Fan Clutches yChecking Belts

24 23 yFlushing Cooling Systems yRefilling and Bleeding

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