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X-Change Fast Flush From Lujan USA Cooling System Service Made Easy... Press “enter” to start presentation Ver. 020613.

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1 X-Change Fast Flush From Lujan USA Cooling System Service Made Easy... Press “enter” to start presentation Ver. 020613

2 Table of Contents Instructions for this presentation Use the arrow keys to view the previous or next page. Pressing enter will take you to the next page. Press “esc” at any time to close the presentation. Mouse buttons are active. Click on blue links to jump to new section. The Need for Coolant X-Change The X-Change Fast Flush X-Change Advantages Operating Instructions Contact Lujan USA Press “esc” at any time to close presentation

3 Why flush cooling systems? Water pump Radiator Heater core Thermostat Intake manifolds Cylinder heads Engine block Soft plugs Engine sensors Heater control valves Transmission coolers Over time, antifreeze deteriorates and turns acidic. The acidic coolant attacks an engine from the inside out. Particulate, rust, and minerals also become suspended in the coolant. These solids act like sandpaper to attack an engine. Components damaged include: Click here to return to table of contents

4 Coolant also looses it’s ability to protect the engine Potential problems include: Lost freeze protection Lost overheat protection Lost cooling system lubrication Lost corrosion protection Click here to return to table of contents

5 Engine freeze-up or overheating can cause serious and expensive damage Cracked or warped head Cracked or warped block Motorists can avoid these costly repairs by having their engine coolant flushed and replaced periodically. Water pump damage Radiator damage Corrosion Seal Failure Restricted or Plugged Passages Electrolysis Click here to return to table of contents

6 Most people don’t even know their cooling system needs service Today's coolants do not change color when they deteriorate. Most drivers don't realize that their coolant needs to be changed until their car breaks down! In today's vehicles, coolant does not change appearance when it needs changing. In the past, coolant changed color when it needed replacement. Coolant X-Change is an important service to provide your customers Click here to return to table of contents

7 Industry experts recommend coolant X-Change every 2 years or 24,000 miles! Click here to return to table of contents

8 Studies show that as many as 50% of the vehicles on the road today have cooling systems that are overdue for cooling system service! This is an enormous profit opportunity for you. $$$ Opportunity Click here to return to table of contents

9 Cooling system service generates fast, easy profits for your auto repair business. With the X-Change Fast Flush you can generate large profits with virtually no comebacks! X-Change Fast Flush from Lujan USA Click here to return to table of contents

10 Introducing The X-Change Fast Flush Cooling System Service Made Easy... Click here to return to table of contents

11 The X-Change Fast Flush is a powerful new profit center for your business. The X-change is a fast, easy, and affordable way to increase your profits while providing an important service that your customers need! Click here to return to table of contents

12 How does the X-Change work? The X-Change connects to the upper radiator hose and uses a direct displacement method of coolant X-Change. The vehicles water pump is used to dispense new coolant from the top tank while used coolant is collected in an internal tank. By using the vehicles water pump, the X-Change does not introduce air into the system. The X-Change includes a built-in transfer pump to empty the overfill reservoir or transfer coolant. Click here to return to table of contents

13 X-Change Advantages ?X-Change increases your shops productivity, complete cooling system flush and fill in about 15 minutes ?X-Change uses direct displacement coolant X-Change, this method replaces all of the old coolant including block, heater core, radiator, and hoses ?X-Change eliminates coolant spills during cooling system service ?Air is not used in displacement process, air does not enter the cooling system using the X-Change ?Liquid transfer pump provides clean, simple, and fast method of transferring coolant ?Simple operation, simple hook-up, no hose cutting or flush tees ?Separate multiple coolants with optional extra tank ?Fifteen gallon used coolant storage ?X-Change is easy to move around and its compact design saves valuable shop space Click here to return to table of contents

14 The X-Change is designed with both the shop owner and the user in mind! Oversize, Heavy Duty Wheels Easily roll over extension cords. Locking Wheel Keeps the X-Change from Moving While In Use Storage Trays Provide Convenient Storage For Small Parts & Tools Brass Ball Valves Provide Durable Positive Shut-off 20” Suction Wand Reaches Deep Into Overfill Reservoirs Click here to return to table of contents

15 Rapid Payback = Rapid Profit Billing per Job$49.95 Labor Cost $7.50 Technicians pay $15.00/hr., average technician time 0.5 hr. Coolant cost per job (1.5x$4.99) $7.48 Total Cost per Job$14.98 Profit Billing per Job $49.95 Less Total Cost per Job $14.98 Profit per Job $34.97 Weekly Return (5 Jobs per Week) $174.85 Annual Net Profit $9,092.20 Even if you only do one job per week, your net profit from the X-Change will be $1,818.44 per year!!! Click here to return to table of contents

16 You already have built-in sales What other equipment provides this opportunity? To protect the engine in your customers vehicle, you should flush and refill the coolant every time you replace one of these critical components. You already replace water pumps, radiators, heater cores, thermostats and other cooling system parts. These components often fail because the coolant has lost is ability to lubricate and protect them. Frequently the coolant has turned acidic and actually is the cause of the parts failure. Click here to return to table of contents

17 X-Change Specifications Dimensions: Overall 69”Hx22”Wx22”D Metal Housing: Color Safety Yellow - Dimensions: 17.5”x17.5”x49”, With Two Built-in Storage Trays Wheels: Two Swivel Wheels (one locking), Two Heavy Duty 8” Axle Mounted Pump Motor: Maintenance Free, Low Noise 1/12 H.P., 110 Volt Hoses: Oil and Chemical Resistant, Reinforced High Tensile Reinforced Braided Clear Plastic Hose, 3/4” I.D. by 7’ Hose Adapters: Four Step: 1”, 1 1/4”, 1 1/2”, 1 3/4” with Heavy Duty Brass Ball Valves. Suction Wand 20” Pump: Impeller Design 1.9 G.P.M. Fluid Viscosity 35 To 100 SSU, No Lubrication Required. Top Tank (new coolant): 6 Gallons Polypropylene Construction Bottom Tank (used coolant): 15 Gallons Polypropylene Construction Warranty: 2 Year Limited Click here to return to table of contents

18 Simple operation means fast training and no comebacks ?The X-Change is extremely easy to use, it requires very little training. ?Most technicians can flush and fill a cooling system with the X-Change in about 15 minutes. ?Even lube shop personnel can use the X-Change with no comebacks. Click here to return to table of contents

19 If you don’t provide cooling system service, your competition will! Click here to return to table of contents

20 What our customers say… Pete, Shop Owner “Since my guys like using the X-Change, they look for chances to sell coolant flush and fill... Ray, Parts Manager “I have good inventory control with the X-Change… Also, I have good control over the waste antifreeze…” Darrell, Technician “I beat the flat rate every time I use the X-Change, it’s a great unit…” Marty, ASE Certified Technician “I love the X-Change, it’s fast and easy to use. It doesn’t over complicate radiator service…” Joe, Service Manager “The X-Change makes it easy for me to sell cooling system service. The machine is really fast and it generates great profits…” Click here to return to table of contents

21 Contact Information Lujan USA PO Box 411 Camillus, NY 13031-0411 Visit our website at to see the Sniper Optical Headlight Aimer and our other automotive service products... (888) 576-4737 Click here for step by step instructions on operating the X-Change Fast Flush Click here to return to table of contents

22 A car's engine generates enough heat to destroy itself. The cooling system protects against damage by keeping the engine within the correct operating temperature range. Coolant is the lifeblood of this critical system. Preventative cooling system maintenance is essential in helping to ensure your engine's long life.

23 X-Change Operation 1)- Pour enough coolant into the new (upper) coolant tank to complete the fluid exchange. You should provide slightly more coolant than the total capacity of the cooling system. IMPORTANT NOTE: coolant should be pre-mix, generally 50% antifreeze & 50% water. Warning !!! Cooling system may be hot and under pressure Optional fill method for bulk coolant: Insert suction wand into bulk coolant source, remove pump outlet hose from used coolant tank and insert it into the new coolant tank. Turn on pump switch. The X-Change will pump coolant from bulk container into the new coolant tank. Closely monitor this process to avoid overfilling the new coolant tank. Turn off pump switch when new coolant tank is filled to desired level and replace pump outlet hose in used coolant tank. Make sure there's enough room in the used coolant (lower) tank for the amount of coolant being replaced from the vehicle. Click here to return to table of contents

24 X-Change Operation 2)- Remove radiator cap. CAUTION: never open radiator cap with pressure in the cooling system!! Radiator and coolant may be HOT!!! Insert suction wand into top of radiator and turn on pump switch. Reduce level of coolant below upper radiator hose. Turn off pump. Repeat process to empty overfill reservoir. 3)- Disconnect upper radiator hose. 4)- Using hose clamp, connect fill hose to radiator with valve in the off position (use appropriate flex hose adapter and hose clamp). Click here to return to table of contents

25 5)- Connect drain hose to upper radiator hose with hose clamp and valve in the off position. 6)- Replace radiator cap, start engine, turn vehicle heater on in high position. CAUTION: Be sure all hoses are clear of fan and fan belts. 7)- Open the drain and fill hose valves to the on position. When the thermostat opens, you will be flushing out old coolant and X-Changing the fluid from the entire cooling system (radiator, heater core, hoses, & block). X-Change Operation Note: On vehicles where the overfill reservoir tees into the lower radiator hose, it may be necessary to pinch off the reservoir hose for faster operation. Click here to return to table of contents

26 X-Change Operation 9)- Close the fill hose valve and immediately shut engine off. Close the drain valve. Optional: You can use the suction wand to lower the coolant level below the upper radiator hose by removing radiator cap, inserting wand into radiator, and turning on pump switch. This will prevent antifreeze from spilling when removing the hose. CAUTION: The cooling system may be hot!!! 12)- Top-off radiator and overflow reservoir by dispensing coolant from the fill hose. Open valve in the fill hose and fill radiator and overfill reservoir using coolant from the hose (be sure there is adequate coolant in the new tank). 11)- Reconnect top radiator hose. 10)- Disconnect unit from vehicle. Service is complete 8)- The cycle is complete when you have dispensed slightly more coolant than the capacity of the system. This can be observed in the top (new) coolant tank. CAUTION: Do not drain the top tank completely, this will allow air to enter the cooling system. Click here to return to table of contents

27 Transferring Bulk Coolant Transferring used coolant into bulk storage container Insert suction wand into used coolant container. Remove pump outlet hose from used coolant container and insert into bulk used storage container. Turn on pump switch. Turn off switch when there is approximately 2" of the suction wand still submerged in the used coolant. Replace the pump outlet hose in the used coolant tank. CAUTION: Do not run the pump dry by removing too much coolant from used coolant container. This may damage the pump impeller. Used coolant should be recycled or disposed of according to government regulations. End of operating instructions Priming the suction pump If pump needs priming, hold water above the unit, turn on pump, and pour water down suction wand while holding the end of the hose above the pump/unit. Momentarily turn on pump if needed. Click here to return to table of contents

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