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Green technology. Creative people. Diverse products. Presentation.

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1 Green technology. Creative people. Diverse products. Presentation

2 2 AHT - Advanced Heating Technologies Ltd.  AHT was established in 1998 in order to specialize in new technologies and applications in heating and fusion, based on two revolutionary and proprietary technological advances: amorphous metal ribbons and amorphous powder.  AHT developed heating elements designed for use internally – under floor heating, specialized radiators – and externally – de-icing systems for gutters, driveways, external patios and public places.

3 3 Amorphous and crystalline structure Amorphous and crystalline structure AmorphousCrystalline

4 4 Fabrication of amorphous ribbon Fabrication of amorphous ribbon

5 5 Ribbons versus Wires Timber \ Carpet Tile  Faster warming  Energy saving  Cheap isolation layer  Uniform heat

6 6 Under Floor Heating Technologies  Comfort and Efficiency  Quiet, Clean and Healthy Operation  Warm Surface and Objects  Interior Design Freedom Electric versus hydronic: Electric versus hydronic:  Cost of Installation Maintenance and Repairs Repairs  Performance and Energy Efficiency  Floor Elevation  Operating Costs Major advantages :

7 7 AHT's Products  AHT manufactures ultra-thin heating mats of flat amorphous metal ribbons, covered by LLDPE electric insulation.  AHT heating mats are available in several convenient sizes. Effective room heating requires approximately 80% of the floor area to be covered.

8 8 AHT's Products  AHT manufactures ultra-thin heating mats of flat amorphous metal, The technology is extremely efficient and poses no risk of any damage to the floor surface  AHT heating mats are the only mats that can be installed directly under any kind of laminated floor because of the large heat transfer area causing low temperature on the ribbon surface  AHT mats will save up to 20-40% energy using the thermostat, because the cooling cycle is essentially longer than heating one. The heating cycle takes only 25% of normal time

9 9 AHT's Technology  Amorphous material - a solid with the internal structure of a liquid.  Amorphous metal alloys - are newly developed in the form of thin ribbons and powder. Created by accelerated cooling process (1,000,0000°C/sec) of the melted metal alloy.  Superiority in the following areas - physical and mechanical properties, anti-corrosion, wear resistance and electrical and magnetic properties.

10 10 AHT's Technology.  Aht's manufacturing expertise - The ability to produce a variety of amorphous metal products of high quality and consistency.  World-wide patent protection - for the use of amorphous metal ribbons as heating elements in variety of applications.

11 11 Radiant Heating Advantages  Healthy – Heats similar to sunrays. Absence of air and dust circulation preventing allergies.  Environment – Absence of noise.  Economic – uses 20-40% less energy than conventional heating system.  Decoration freedom – under floor installation  Simplicity – it is simple to install

12 12 Commercial Applications Indoor - Under Floor heating systems can be installed directly under all types of floor covering. Outdoor - Snow melting and ice prevention heating systems for roads, sidewalks, bridges, roofing and gutters. Agriculture - Heating elements for optimal temperature control and freeze protection in greenhouse environments.. Industrial - Freeze protection by heat tracing cables for oil and water pipes..

13 13  Versatility: AHT mats can be installed directly under most types of surfaces.  Faster Heat : AHT mats reach working temperature faster than any other electrical system.  Even Heat: cover approximately 30% of the floor area (compared to only 1% to 2% in cables) thereby eliminating “hot and cold spots”  Surface: No surface damage risk. AHT Indoor Under-Floor Heating Mats

14 14  Ultra-thin: Have a low profile and superior flexibility – The total mat thickness, is not larger than 2.2 mm  Economic: Less costly to install and more economic to operate. Operation cost  Safety: Meets UL,Nemko, VDE, NF,CSTB,ISO standards AHT Indoor Under-Floor Heating Mats

15 15 Comparison of Radiant Heat Technologies Features Water Based Heating Wire Cables Ellara's Heating Ribbons Covered Area5%-10%1%-3%20%-30% Heating UniformityPoor Excellent Working Temperature50-60°C 28-30° Installation CostHighMediumLow MaintenanceNeededNot Needed Cost of MaintenanceHigh CostLow InstallationDifficultEasy Energy ConsumptionHighMediumLow-Medium

16 16 AHT Indoor Under-Floor Heating Mats Tiles Carpets Wood Floors

17 17 AHT Indoor Under-Floor Heating Mats Installation under wooden floors:

18 18 AHT Indoor Under-Floor Heating Mats Installation under tiles:

19 19 AHT Indoor Under-Floor Heating Mats Installation under wall-to-wall carpeting: (*) Only glued type carpet needs this layer

20 20  Heating Mats  100, 120, 150 Watts/m² families  For 150 Watts/m² :  Thermostats – Manual, Programmable  Grounding net – 0.5 X 1, 2, 3 Meter Heating Mats Systems Length (Meters)Width

21 21 AHT Outdoor

22 22 Delivering the Outdoor Cable 22 The cable has meter markings on the LDPE insulation. The remaining length of the cable is marked at each meter, indicating how much cable remains on the roll. You can use these markings to measure the cable length.

23 23 AHT- Outdoor Heating Cable Component

24 24 AHT’s Outdoor application  Concrete  Asphalt  Paving stones  Gravel  Agricultural

25 25 Roofs & Gutters AHT’s Outdoor application

26 26 AHT’S Outdoor application Agricultural

27 27 AHT's Outdoor advantage  Power – Up to 62 watt/meter.  Wide shape.  Better heat transfer – reach the working temperature very fast.  Strong and massive design that fits to aggressive conditions  Durable.  Environment friendly.  Safety: Meets ETL, Nemko standards and requirements

28 28  Output power: 62 watt/meter watt/m²  Voltage source : volts 220 – 240 volts volts  Max working element temperature: 70 0 C.  Area covering density: 15% - 30% AHT’s Outdoor performance

29 29 AHT’s Benefits  Larger contact area with the cold ground or ice.  Reaches the working temperature faster than other systems.  Generates more even heat.  Perfectly safe from electrical shock hazards.

30 30  Total heating solution in a high growth category for all purpose.  First to market – leader in technology & innovation. Why Ellara/AHT- Opus?

31 31 Support We will:  Provide in cost price display units to place in stores.  Provide in cost price POS brochures for all stores  Provide Installation Manuals for all packs.  Provide training for sales teams and installers.  Provide after sale technical support.  Provide branded packaging for all stores.

32 32 Brochures  Fully branded.  Easy to follow instructions.  Planning grid.  Explanatory & Promotional.

33 33 Installation Manuals  Fully branded.  With every product.  Full instructions.  Easy to understand.

34 34 Training We provide:  In store training for groups & one-on-one.  Regional training events & seminars.  Dealer trade shows.  Dealer customer training.  Vendor shows, regional and national events.  Installer training.  On-site installation training-projects, etc.  Customer/end user support...Q&A.

35 Green technology. Creative people. Diverse products. Thank You!

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