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“Just In Time” Delivery Energy Behavior Change + Low Energy Homes Kent Larson

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1 “Just In Time” Delivery Energy Behavior Change + Low Energy Homes Kent Larson

2 Appalling Statistic: The US, with 5% of the world’s population, consumes 25% of the world’s energy

3 Energy consumption (kg of oil equivalents per capita) US: 7798 Denmark: 3045

4 US Consumption of Energy: 39% Buildings 33% Industrial 28% Transportation

5 US Consumption of Energy in Buildings: 54% Residential 46% Commercial & Institutional

6 Energy consumed over the life of a building: 84% Use 13% Manufacturing 2% Construction 1% Demolition

7 Cost-effectiveness of energy-related investment in cents/kwh: 30-80 ¢ Photovoltaics 5-10¢ Small Hydro 4-7¢ Nuclear 4-6¢ Gas 4¢ Coal 3¢ Wind 0.8¢ Low Energy Homes (+)Energy Behavior Change Energy Sources

8 Energy Behavior Change

9 Information at the point of decision – changing driving behavior


11 PlaceLab Energy Wastage Study Married couple 10 week pilot study 37 electrical circuits monitored Activity detection location every 8 seconds


13 MITes (MIT Environmental Sensors) Variations: 1) Object motion 2) Body movement 3) Temperature 4) Light level 5) RFID reader 6) Haptic output 7) Location beacons 8) IR distance ranger 9) Electrical current (Electrical device use) 10) Ultra violet light 11) Heart rate monitor Funded by National Science Foundation (NSF)

14 hinged panels to micro-controllers speakers air quality sensors IR illuminators hinged panels to sensor bus cabinet door switches countertop activity cameras refrigerator use sensors microwave use sensors oven & range use sensors cabinet drawer sensors hot water use sensor cold water use sensor hinged panels to sensor bus cabinet door switches sensor network connections internet connections temperature sensors Power integrated into cabinetry hinged panels to subwoofers

15 Data: Where people are Human activity Human Interaction with systems and objects State of environment Focus on: Energy behaviors PlaceLab

16 Study 1 Potential for reducing consumption

17 Analysis Tool Handlense sensor visualization tool Developed at House_n Unused lights & Devices Vampire power sources Example: device consuming power in red, lights on in yellow

18 Projected Usage Devices in use Space in use Devices and lights on only in spaces with occupancy

19 42% savings in electrical consumption predicted

20 Distribution of wasted energy

21 Study 2 GPS Enabled Thermostat Can we more effectively encourage energy conservation by combining? Information + Automation + Persuasion + Control + Positive Reinforcement

22 Automation GPS Enabled Thermostat Comfortable Temperature Leave home Begin to Travel home Return home Thermostat Set back When unoccupied Comfortable Temperature upon arrival Phone with GPS communicates travel time to home

23 Automation GPS Enabled Thermostat

24 Persuasion GPS Enabled Thermostat

25 Control GPS Enabled Thermostat

26 Information GPS Enabled Thermostat Cooling as fast as Possible to 72 deg Time to Cool 27 min.

27 Positive ReinforcementGPS Enabled Thermostat

28 How information is presented is critical! Which is more effective in encouraging behavior change: Save 25c today Save $91 this year Have $758 more five years from now Have $22,055 more for retirement at age 65

29 Study 3 Tunable LED lighting responsive to activity and path prediction w/ Siemens (Sylvania): (so that office occupants are never aware of lighting adjustment)

30 MIT House_n Research Consortium Open Prototype Initiative Low Energy Homes

31 b Open Prototype Initiative Open_2 President’s zero-energy house, Unity College, Maine

32 Disentangled layers with six primary systems: Utility chassis Loft chassis Roof components Integrated interior infill Responsive façade components Agile technologies

33 Utility chassis: all plumbing, electrical distribution, HVAC, bathrooms, kitchen, solar equipment (highly constrained) Unity College, MainePresident’s Zero Energy, LEED Platinum House

34 Prefabricated mechanical room


36 Loft chassis (unconstrained dimensions and form)


38 Roof components (PV and solar hot water)

39 Responsive, high performance façade components

40 Integrated interior infill

41 Chassis interior w/o infill Infill design A Infill design B

42 Disentangled technologies

43 mechanical module sliding panels integrated infill wall timber frame “chassis” insulating doors (w/ aerogel) solar shades Goal: scalable systems, optimized w/o engineers and architects

44 Open_3: mass customized apartments Open_3 Cambridge, MA Mass-customized, zero energy, multifamily “living lab”

45 “Just In Time” Delivery Energy Behavior Change + Low Energy Homes Kent Larson

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