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New Employee Orientation January 12, 2015. Welcome to Cedar Valley College.

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1 New Employee Orientation January 12, 2015

2 Welcome to Cedar Valley College

3 Overview Welcome About Cedar Valley College Message from Our President Who’s Who Compliance Training Wrap-up & Q&A

4 Tell us about you Name Department How long you have been with CVC Where did you work before CVC?

5 Our History Valley/Lists/WebPages/DispForm2.aspx?List=1 46bf432-3856-40cf-8d78-43ae5b09f9d6&ID=4 Valley/Lists/WebPages/DispForm2.aspx?List=1 46bf432-3856-40cf-8d78-43ae5b09f9d6&ID=4


7 Our Service Area Our service area includes: Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville, Hutchins, Lancaster, Seagoville, Wilmer, Highland Hills, Oak Cliff, Pleasant Grove, Red Bird and Woodland Springs areas of Dallas

8 Student Statistics for Fall 2014 Headcount6,654 Female4,114 Male2,540 Anglo1,542 African- American 3,630 Hispanic1,485 Other359 Part Time77.9% Full Time22.1%

9 Our President Dr. Jennifer Wimbish became President of Cedar Valley College in February 2003, coming from Lansing (Michigan) Community College, where she served as chief academic officer and interim provost.

10 Professional Development Items.aspx Items.aspx 0and%20Governmental%20Affairs/PGA%20Depts /OD/Pages/default.aspx 0and%20Governmental%20Affairs/PGA%20Depts /OD/Pages/default.aspx

11 Our Leadership Team ey/CVCOrganizationalCharts/Pictures/orgchart.pd f

12 Who We Are 239 Full Time employees (73 faculty, 35 administrators, 131 professional support staff) 404 Part-time employees (178 adjunct faculty, 226 part-time professional support staff)

13 Employee Group Associations Administrative Council – Chris Mitchell Faculty Association – Dr. Tommy Thompson Professional Support Staff Association – Lieutenant Kathy Mack

14 Questions

15 Thank You

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