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Mediterranean Woodland & Shrubland

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1 Mediterranean Woodland & Shrubland
By: Paul Dunay

2 Introduction Different names for where it is located Temperate biome
Occupy less than 5% of the world Diverse plant & animal life Shorelines are a big attraction! Frequent and intense fires

3 Mediterranean Basin

4 Where Else?

5 Fauna Most animals are small & nocturnal
Animals do not require much water Mainly grassland and desert types Meerkat Mediterranean Gecko Spanish Ibex

6 Flora Tend to be less than a meter tall Many are annuals
Some fire resistant or aromatic Oak and mixed Sclerophyll forests Cork Oak, Quercus suber Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Sage, Salvia officinalis

7 Threats Infrastructure development Deforestation
Intensive grazing and fires The stripping away of cork oak Development for tourism


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