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1 Presenting: 2015-2016 Course Options

2 Typical 7th Grade Schedule
English Math Science History Elective (PE) Elective

3 Typical 8th Grade Schedule
English Math Science History Elective

4 Group One Electives Year-long Courses

5 Physical Education $20 Fee Two years are required

6 Athletics

7 Go Team! Athletic Seasons Volleyball Football Basketball Basketball
Girls Volleyball Basketball Boys Football Basketball Go Team!


9 POWER Reading Students who did not meet minimum standards on the STAAR will be scheduled into this course.

10 Power Math Students who did not meet minimum
standards on the STAAR will be scheduled into this course.

11 Introductory Intermediate Advanced $37 Fee

12 Intro Intermediate Advanced

13 Must rent or buy instrument

14 Boys Intermediate Girls Advanced Girls Fees


16 Reading: Adolescent Lit (semester or year)
For students who enjoy reading & are avg. to above avg. readers.

17 Office Aide Requirements: Application Satisfactory conduct
Minimum ‘C’ average in each class Satisfactory attendance Year long or semester

18 Number Sense Semester or Year
Develops number sense and problem solving skills through the study of: Mental Math Use of calculators Number theory Probability and Statistics History of Math Useful for students interested in math competition

19 PATH – Next Step (7th) PATH I – HS (8th)
College Readiness System Academic behaviors Work habits Independent research Effective communication High school credit in 8th grade

20 Group Two Electives Semester Courses Must choose two to equal 1 unit

21 Intro Tech Theater For students interested in Stage Management
Set, costume, make –up, lighting, design, publicity, theater management Basic construction tools and techniques Safety Semester class

22 Crafts $27 Fee

23 Presenting: High School Credit Classes

24 Texas Graduation Requirements

25 Recommended Plan 4 Eng/ 4 Math/ 4 Science 3.5 Social Studies/ .5 Eco
2 For. Lang/ 1 P.E. 1 Fine Arts/ .5 Speech 5.5 Electives Total: 26 credits

26 Foreign Language Spanish 1 or French 1 Daily review and practice
Highly recommended 80 avg. in L.A. 6/7 Daily review and practice Spanish or French the next year Spanish 2 Prerequisite: Spanish

27 Foreign Language Spanish 1 or French 1 Daily review and practice
Prerequisite: Highly recommended 80 in L.A. Daily review and practice Spanish II or French II the next year at the High School

28 Digital Design Media Productions
Year long: 1 credit Proficient in word processing, presentation software, internet use Creative use of technology in other courses Project based High School technology elective credit $15 fee

29 Principles of Human Services
$15 Fee (Skills for Living)

30 Professional Communication Career Focus
Explore the career clusters Resume writing Job interviewing Learn public relations skills and leadership characteristics Gain knowledge of the global economy

31 Communication Applications
1 semester H.S. credit class Learn public speaking skills

32 Touch System Data Entry
1 sem. H.S. credit class prerequisite for some H.S. tech. classes. $3 fee (Keyboarding) Grade 7 and 8 (

33 Health is a 1 semester H.S. elective credit class

34 at intermediate level:
H.S. courses taken at intermediate level: Curriculum same as high school course Final grade recorded on H.S. transcript; grade earned not averaged in with G.P.A. Final exam is given. Attendance is critical.

35 P A N !! L

36 Course Sheets and Class Catalogs

37 Preference Sheets Due:
January 15

38 Parent Meeting: February 13 7:45 pm cafeteria

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