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Rolling Hills Preparatory & Renaissance Schools

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1 Rolling Hills Preparatory & Renaissance Schools 2008-2009
ANNUAL REPORT Rolling Hills Preparatory & Renaissance Schools

2 Success on the Road to RHP 30
Contents Peter McCormack on RHP 30 Terry Ferguson, Board Chair Teacher Profile – Gayle Taylor & the Writing Program Four Student Pillars Outdoor Education Robotics Science Program Professional Development Drama & Art Athletic Success Special Events RHP & Renaissance Community Financials Donors

3 Peter’s Message Dear Husky Families!
As part of RHP 30, this year's strategic planning process for both schools, we've talked with representatives of all our constituencies about the meaning of SUCCESS. We've met with groups of trustees, faculty, parents, students, alumni and alumni parents.

4 Peter’s Message While acknowledging the traditional meaning of "being successful" (financial stability for self and family) all groups came back to some version of our four pillars. We have re-affirmed disciplined minds, sound character, healthy bodies and creative spirits as collectively essential for living a truly successful life.

5 Peter’s Message The contributions of our supporters, who bring the three W's, wealth, wisdom and work, have once again been essential for maintaining the world-class education provided at RHP and Renaissance. Quite simply, we could not do it without the generous level of support we see every year. On behalf of the board, the faculty and, most importantly, the students, I thank you from the bottom of my Husky heart. - Peter McCormack, Head of School

6 The Challenge Ahead – Message from the Board President
Dear Husky Families! The road ahead is a very challenging and exciting one as Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance School prepare our students for success in the 21st century.

7 The Challenge Ahead Your Board of Trustees, continuously energized by their passion and commitment to the RHP and Renaissance mission, are driving hard to implement our long-term strategy to grow our schools and enhance the educational experiences for your children.

8 The Challenge Ahead We extend our heart-felt gratitude for all that you have contributed in past years, and invite you to join us in the planning and fund raising for new campus buildings and facilities on the road ahead. Terry Ferguson, Board President

9 The Road to Excellent Writing – Profile of Teacher Gayle Taylor
Gayle Taylor began teaching at RHP in Her daughter, Cassie, graduated from RHP in 1992, went on to study psychology at UC San Diego, and is now a bilingual (Spanish/English) educational psychologist for San Francisco Unified School District.

10 Teacher Profile - Gayle Taylor
Students today communicate avidly, but they do so through sending images or text messages. They need to understand how to enter into deeper discourse through writing. The goal is that they should have confidence when they approach any writing task.  “I want my students to learn, but I also want to have fun with my job, and I think I know how to make learning engaging and enjoyable. If it wasn't fun, I don't think I could be here.”

11 Writing Program at RHP We give students many opportunities to write. They receive a lot of feedback as they move from idea to rough draft, and then through the process of revision and publication. The focus on word choice, sentence variety, pacing, tone, and use of detail refines student writing with an understanding of the characteristics of good writing. 

12 Writing Program at RHP Our curriculum includes fiction and nonfiction essays, so students are aware of how great writers use stylistic techniques to move their readers.  “I want my students to enter into their freshman writing classes at college with the firm belief that their writing skills will continue to develop.  I want them to believe in the power of discourse.” - Ms. Taylor

13 The Writing Program – Comments about ’09 Graduates
“My daughter’s English professor is very impressed with her writing skills and has asked her why she isn't an English major!!  The essay writing skills she learned with Gayle are definitely paying off.” It happened so soon!  About the third week of his class of 700 students, my son's professor asked, "Where did you learn to write like that?"  A week or so later, a fellow student asked, "Where did you learn to think like that?"  

14 Senior Pillars Four graduating seniors from the class of 2009 exemplify the very best of the four pillars in RHP’s mission, and we’d like to introduce them to you.

15 Senior Pillar Adam Provinchain – Disciplined Minds
A member of National Honor Society and the National Society of High School Scholars A key member of the Robotics team, doing much of the programming for the green robot Winner of a national scholastic award From Adam’s Senior Speech: “To the people I've grown to know here at RHP, I want to say thank you, because you make each day here something I'm proud I was involved in.”

16 Senior Pillar Adam Provinchain – Disciplined Mind
A Varsity football player, playing an important role on the team Author of a book of advice for students Tutored younger students in the After School Program Attends UCLA

17 Senior Pillar Gina Su– Sound Character
Valedictorian and National Honor Society Member, President of the Senior Class Editor of the award-winning literary magazine, The Muse Winner of a national Award from the Scholastic Art Council for drawings and paintings. Officer and Board member of the Volunteer Center Youth Council

18 Senior Pillar Gina Su– Sound Character
Dancer and choreographer, winner of dance awards Senior internship in clothing design saw her garment selected for manufacture Attends UC Berkeley From Gina’s Senior Speech: “We all are individuals, we have our own ways of doing things, and we all have different personalities. Take advantage, be who you are, take risks, and question everything.”

19 Senior Pillar Andrew Frisina – Healthy Bodies
Football – named Defensive Most Valuable Player – All League and All State Basketball – Coaches’ Award for excellence in sport Baseball – League Most Valuable Player RHP Athlete of the Year

20 Senior Pillar Andrew Frisina – Healthy Bodies
Member of National Honor Society Student Council officer Member of the Robotics team Attends Lewis & Clark College where he plays football From Andrew’s Senior Speech – “What makes you happy? Fortunately for me, I found sports at a very young age and have stuck with it through the years. Sports make me happy.”

21 Senior Pillar Justine Collazo – Creative Spirits
Performed in every school play and musical, with lead roles President of the Film Club and Secretary of the Poetry club Member of National Honor Society Justine says: “I like to try new things and experience new places and people.”

22 Senior Pillar Justine Collazo– Creative Spirits
Three-year member of the Cheer Squad Co Captain of the Cheer Squad Took the team to excellent placement at regional Cheer competitions Participated in Husky Buddies, helping new students Attends Loyola Marymount University

23 Outdoor Education – A Signature Program

24 Outdoor Education " Much of what students learn on these trips prepares them for the non-academic challenges of being away from home. I believe that a huge part of our graduates' success in college is due to their being prepared to work with others in unfamiliar surroundings during the outdoor ed weeks." - Head of School Peter McCormack (who chaperones the 8th Grade trip down the Colorado River)

25 Outdoor Education The 6th Grade: “Swimming with seals was awesome.”

26 Outdoor Education The 7th Grade enjoyed team building at AstroCamp in Idyllwild.

27 The 8th Grade, with 52 kids, was the largest group ever from RHP to canoe the Colorado River.
The 9th Grade pushed their comfort level by climbing big trees and doing ropes courses.

28 The 10th Grade went caving and rock climbing at Joshua Tree, and everyone made it up the cliffs.
At Yosemite, every 11th Grader (and even all the adults) made it to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls.

29 The senior class sailed a tallship around Catalina
The senior class sailed a tallship around Catalina. The students broke the time record for putting up and taking down sails: set- time 24:30 and strike time: 21:30.

30 The Robotics Program = Lunacy!
Nearly half of the senior class participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition (called “Lunacy”). The RHP environmentally friendly robot was built largely of bamboo, a sustainable resource. RHP made the quarter finals, and came in 15th (of 70 teams).

31 Students shared the robotic experience at Taper Elementary School in San Pedro, to great enthusiasm. The young students asked for autographs from our RHP role models. We thank the Boeing Corporation for supporting our Green Team!

32 Science Program RHP hired a new Chair for the Science Department with years of teaching experience and a Doctorate in Educational Technology. During the year we increased the use of digital tools with a SMARTboard, Vernier probeware for data collection, and Web 2.0 tools for collaborative class projects. Dr. Vicky Lovejoy

33 Science Program We initiated a Science Expo showcasing projects by Middle School students, challenging them to experiment, investigate and present the results of their work.

34 Science Program We continued to focus on hands-on science, with students closely engaged in experiments to make science come to life.

35 Professional Development
RHP faculty members continually strive to improve their teaching skills. Thanks in part to a grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation, teachers have attended the following seminars and presentations: A conference on "Memory and Motivation" at Lawrenceville Academy in New Jersey A workshop on Louis Mangione’s Indelible Instruction, linking brain-based research on teaching and learning to powerful, innovative, classroom-tested instructional practices (at right).

36 Professional Development
“I’ve benefited enormously from the professional development opportunities that I’ve enjoyed because of Prep's emphasis on helping its teachers become better at their jobs.” Heard from a teacher at the break during a workshop

37 Drama and Art Programs The Spring Musical, Babes in Arms, was presented at the historic Grand Warner Theatre with an outstanding cast to great applause.

38 Drama and Art Programs The Fall play, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, won a Scene Award from the California Educational Theatre Association High School Play Festival. The school said farewell to a favorite teacher, Ms. Everhart, who moved to Texas, and then welcomed a new drama teacher, Judeth Choi, who studied at Yale.

39 Drama and Art Programs The 8th Grade play was Pride and Prejudice, particularly notable this year for the four sets of twins in the cast.

40 Drama and Art Programs California Pizza Kitchen welcomed an exhibit of pizza boxes transformed by our students into art. Both school literary and art magazines, The Muse and The Crown Jewels, were recognized as excellent by the National Council of Teachers of English.

41 Drama and Art Programs The year’s art show displayed scores of art pieces from tiny ceramics to large three- panel paintings. Rolling Hills Prep & Renaissance students’ work was displayed in a special exhibit at the Palos Verdes Street Fair. Numerous students won Scholastic Arts Awards, notably including valedictorian Gina Su, who won Gold and Silver Key awards.

42 In football the Huskies had a great season, reaching the CIF playoffs.
Athletic Success In football the Huskies had a great season, reaching the CIF playoffs.

43 The Husky teams taught teamwork and athletic skills to many students.
Athletic Success The Husky teams taught teamwork and athletic skills to many students. In baseball the Huskies finished the season with 12 wins and played in the CIF playoffs.

44 Athletic Success The Girls’ Softball team made it to the CIF playoffs for the fourth year in a row, led by pitching star Amber Garland.

45 Our newest sport is a Middle School Lacrosse team.
Athletic Success Everyone enjoys sports at RHP, including Mr. McCormack as the soccer referee. Our newest sport is a Middle School Lacrosse team.

46 Our Middle School Girls’ Soccer team won the League Championship.
Athletic Success Our Middle School Girls’ Soccer team won the League Championship.

47 Athletic Success All the volleyball teams did well, with the Girls’ Varsity going undefeated in League and making it to CIF Playoffs.

48 The RHP & Renaissance Community
The contributions made by our parent community are always appreciated. We thank the Parents Association for always being available to help make things happen. “We appreciate all that the school does and how welcome we feel to participate in activities that benefit our kids.” Dean Tatum Parents Association President

49 The RHP & Renaissance Community
Vic Perez and other parent volunteers worked to renovate the Parents Association house on the lower campus, making it an inviting location for meetings.

50 The RHP & Renaissance Community
The Senior Class and the Gaudenti family donated shade coverings for the lunch area, greatly appreciated by the students.

51 The RHP & Renaissance Community
At the Senior Dinner we thanked all our volunteers, and recognized five very special families who had donated countless hours of volunteer time during their years at the school. They are the: Collazos (l) Connellys (r) Frisinas Gaudentis Hamiltons Martzes

52 Special Events - September
The year was full of special events – for students, parents and alums. Susie’s Parade and Carnival (with school supporter extraordinaire Susie McNary & Queen Carrie Concha), the Parent Welcome Coffee, Senior College Night, and Back to School Night.

53 Special Events - October
International Day with its great food (the Korean barbecue is always a favorite, prepared by the moms above), followed by a show that this year finished with a celebration of Peter McCormack’s American citizenship, and at the end of the month, the Halloween costume parade.

54 Special Events - November
Mock voting, a pep rally, Grandparents’ & Friends’ Day, and the Fall Gala – Hollywood Comes to Life.

55 Special Events - January & February
Fathers’ Breakfast, Classical Night, One Act Plays, College Night, and a Coffee House show.

56 Special Events – March & April
Donor Appreciation Wine Tasting party, Golf Tournament, Prep Alumni Parents Association Party, and the Robotics Competition.

57 Special Events – May & June
Cinco de Mayo festival lunch, Chamber of Commerce Mixer, Coffee House, Author’s Lunch, and the faculty/student softball game.

58 Special Events – June Moving Up & Graduation

59 On the Road to Success 33 Students graduated in They went on to outstanding colleges and universities, including: Cornell University • CSU Long Beach • Humbolt State University Lewis & Clark College • Loyola Marymount College • Marymount College Northeastern University • Occidental College • Pepperdine University Reed College • University of Arizona • UC Berkeley • UC Irvine UCLA • UC Riverside • UC San Diego • UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz • University of San Francisco • Washington University

60 Financials RHP is a well-run nonprofit that nurtures its financial resources carefully to operate both its schools. The majority of all expenditures go to support our teachers & staff – in the form of salaries and benefits – as you will see on the following pages. Tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of educating a student, so our fundraising program is important to the schools’ success.

61 Fundraising at RHP & Renaissance
We ask our community to support us in several ways: The Annual Fund provides unrestricted revenue for operations. The Scholarship Fund allows qualified students with financial need to attend. The Capital Campaign supports improvements to the campus. We appreciate all the contributions made by so many people to the schools’ funds.

62 Financials 2008-2009 Expenses 2008-2009 Revenue
$4,199,703 Salaries & Wages $ 767,779 Employee Benefits $ 131,634 Professional Services $ ,600 Classroom Supplies $ ,722 Insurance $ 109,048 Campus Security $ 110,137 Advertising & Community Relations $ 193,466 Utilities & Equipment Leases $ ,991 Technology, Software & Textbook Purchases $ ,013 Event Transportation $ 119,129 Landscape & Building Maintenance $ 147,015 Bad Debt Expense $ 213,736 Other $ (80,057) Lease Facilities/rentals $ 6,100,914 Total Operating Expenses $ 464,259 Interest Expenses $ 6,565,172 TOTAL EXPENSES $ (81,287) Net for Operations Revenue $4,884,041 Tuition Revenue $ 523,000 Enrollment-related Fees $ 405,557 Annual Fund & Special Events $ 671,287 Auxiliary Programs & Misc. $ 6,483,884 Total Operating Revenue $ 26,373 Capital Campaign, Misc. $ 6,510,258 Total Revenue

63 Operating Revenues $ 4,884,041 Tuition Revenue $ 523,000
$ ,884,041 Tuition Revenue $ ,000 Enrollment-related Fees $ ,557 Annual Fund and Special Events $ ,287 Auxiliary Programs and Misc. $ ,483,884 Total Operating Revenue

64 Operating Expenses $4,199,703 Salaries and Wages $ 767,778
$ 767,778 Employee Benefits $ 369,249 Insurance, Security, Utilities and Event Transportation $ 241,771 Professional Services, Advertising and Community Relations $ 122,591 Classroom Supplies, Technology, Software and Textbooks $ 119,129 Landscape and Building Maintenance $ 360,750 Bad Debt Expense and Other

65 We appreciate all of those who support the schools with their time and with their donations.
The following pages list the names of those who have made a financial contribution to Rolling Hills Prep and the Renaissance School during the ’08-09 school year. We have made every effort to provide an accurate list, and we apologize if there is an error. Please contact us to make corrections to our records. Thank you!

66 Special Fund Donors *also listed under Giving Circles
Scholarship Fund Donors* John Cheng Carrie Concha Pushpa Doshi Mark & Shelley Hardy Mike Kaplan & Rose Contreras Mark & Donna Macdonald David & Maria Matson Jacob Olson Georgia Simmons Health Net of the Northeast, Inc. Key Container Company MA-COM Technology Solutions The Norris Foundation The William and Jane Schloss Family Foundation Capital Campaign Fund Donors* anonymous Jose & Brigitte Collazo Rick Curcio & Harriet Wilburne Mark & Donna Macdonald Robert & Dorothy Van Nice

67 Giving Circle Donors Iditarod Circle $5000 and up
Jose & Brigitte Collazo Carrie Concha Elliott & Barbara DeCrumpe Ron & Martha Doornink Pushpa Doshi Irv Edwards & Debby Seacord Edwards Terry Ferguson & Ernest Scheyhing Robert & Christine Gaudenti Karen Glassmaker Mark & Shelley Hardy Dominic & Sheryl Iannitti Mike Kaplan & Rose Contreras Mark & Donna Macdonald Sue Murat Austin & Czarina Su Bruce & Faith Trotman Griffith & Sandi Williams Lead Dog Circle $ Paul & Arline Appel Sonny Chun & Hee Kim David & Pamela Cohen Rick Curcio & Harriet Wilburne Robert & Melanie Franko Sergio Guarro & Clorinda Donato Kevin & Lisa Hunter Robert & Buckita Leff Michael Mann & Mary Vanderbur-Mann Peter McCormack & Mary Todd David Olson & Ruth Stevens Fred Shooshani & Patricia Glenn

68 Giving Circle Donors Swing Dog Circle $1000-2499 Paul & Petra Appel
Mary Lou Berg Arthur & Cathy Berg Joal Bodermann Andy & Laurie Caine John Cheng ‘98 Michael & Terri Connelly Cari & Fred Corbalis Bo & Robin Djordjevic Scott & Kristine Douglas Carol & Jack Edwards Tom & Val English William & Robyn Epstein Jim & Mary Fredrick Rick & Tracy Fruhling Paul & Susan Galletti Mathew & Rita Garland Philip & Jane Grainger Geoff & Cheryl Graue Deborah Green Powers & John Powers Louis & Diana Halper George & Patricia Harunk William Johnson & Susan McNary Han-Sung Jung & Hyun Jin Park David & Migeun Kim Daniel & Carol Kole Bernita Krumbach Hae Wook Kwon & Doo Bong Jo Hyun Hee Lee & Kang Shin Michael Leung & Rebecca Davis Sae Hwan & Tierney Lim Jorge & Ruth Marquez David & Maria Matson Steven & Susan Matt Paul & JoEllen Nevans Richard & Jean Otto Anthony & Victoria Perez Patti Preston Stuart & Laurie Rice Edward & Joan Ruttenberg Dave & Carol Salzman Jung Hoon & Jae Hee Shin Tai-Wook Shin & Nan-Sook Lee Georgia Simmons Delbert & Carmen Spiva Thomas & Carol Street Glen & Leilani Sugahara Gina Sulmeyer Roland Sumi Richie & Deanna Tatum Robert & Joy Taylor Bud Tufeld Scott & Gigi Wade Adam Walch Stephen & Barbara Wertheimer

69 Giving Circle Donors Wheel Dog Circle $500-999 Marvin & Linda Belzer
Charles & Vanessa Bland Gil & Jeanine Bothwell William & Amy Clark Sandra Clay Robert & Sharon Coors Ofelia David Elizabeth Denhart Jeff & Megan Duncan Barbara & John Dye Kevin & Cheryl Fitzsimmons Ruben & Tammy Garcia Richard & Alison Gerber Margaret Guglielmo & Mike Gaines Stephen & Teri Herbst Lee & Susan Hill Frank & Denise Hironaka Jae & Young Kim David & Kim Kluth Andy & Ronda Kopito Julie & Paul Mason James & Leslie McShane Kim Myers Minh & Thu Le Nguyen Mitchell & Ann Ozawa Heung-Soo Park & Kyung-Ae Kim Jihyun Park Steven & Joan Pilkington Neal & Patricia Pollack G. Frank & Jennifer Pourzia Thomas & Pat Ressler Digna Sales & Scott Beasely Hyun Kuk Shin & Do Young Ok Rachel Smith Davis & Anne Smith Michael St. Denis & Michelle Dennee Gary Stollar Robert & Dorothy Van Nice Alexander & Rose Vargas Bob & Hillary Watts Steve & Candice Yokomizo Nobuya & Naoko Yoshida Hye Youn

70 Giving Circle Donors Point Dog Circle $250-499 Bruce & Marilyn Burrell
Fred & Sandra Campbell John & Esther Ek Greg & Randi Gunther Cami Hamilton Gail Kaufman Brian & Doreen Knigin Andy & Tracy Livian Christopher & Lisa Martz Judith & Fred Mishkin Chris & Heidi Morris James & Lesley Munger Marcel Nagy & Saul Fernandez Ronald & Sheila Palmer Robert & Michele Shibuya Rajiv Trivedi Mickey & Monica Turner Douglas & JoAnn Waybright Keith & Pamela Williams Joy Zimnavoda Rodney & Kyle Boone Steve & Malia Carlsen Steven & Valerie Contreras Wayne & Dianna Crawford Salvatore & Beverly Frisina Paula Fuentes Pete & Kimberlee Galante Judith Gassner Debbi & Morris Gelbart Scott & Becky Grossman Rick & Kathy Kaplan Dale & Laura Kitchen Walter & Kathleen Krumbach Max & Janette Nardoni Jacob Olson ‘03 Trina Pangelina Ben & Dora Pasco Gary Putteet Michel & Marta Sumi Gayle & Craig Taylor John & Jill Weisinger Ralph & Linda Whitmore Lee & Meredith Zellweger

71 Giving Circle Donors Team Dog Circle $100-250 Tim & Joan Bauler
Floristine Bozarth Patrick & Cynthia Bradley Timothy & Lauren Braman Lennie Brown Brian & Jenifer Conroy Russell & Julie Coser Tony Di Santo Kendra & Arthur Diamond JoSemie Dill-Jackson Sal & Georgia Ferrigno Michael & Rose-Marie Fletcher Frank & JoAnn Frisina Melvyn Frumes Anita Gerlach John Gilligan & Carol Baker David & Donna Gilroy Joseph & Stacey Green John & Marion Hamilton Fred Henry Michael & Margaret Hirsch Eachan Holloway & Deborah Davis Nancy Howe Brenda Jackson Ehren Gaye Jacobs Charles & Bobbi Johnson Deok Joong Kim & Bo Yun Park Carlos & Gabriela Knaudt Ron & Patti Knoll Jae Young Ko & Eul Sook Ahn Gene & Gaile Koecheler George & Terri Kursar Eric & Kris Lastition Joan Lee Valerie Lesser-Keenan Ruben & Andrea Little Frank & Marilyn Malkoc Javier & Jeanna Martinez Glenn & Connie Matsushima Duncan & Michelle McBride Chuck & Maleah McKay Daniel & Ginger McNary Steven & Lee Anne Mitchel Jeff & Jennifer Modisett Uvaldo & Elaine Montano Robin & Colleen Moore Susan & Chad Moreau

72 Giving Circle Donors Point Dog Circle $100-250 Violet Moretti
Zev Nathan Minh Nguyen-Vo & Anh Long Steven & Deborah Peden Jean Prewitt & Michael Fitch Edward & Gloria Rezek Rick & Mary Roberti Russell & Renee Rodgers Gary & Shari Runnells Ambrose & Frances Russo Ted & Irma Sanford Robert & Marcia Smith Debra Smotherman & Mark Hollander Alan & Charlene Solomon Constance & Vernis Stanley Bonnie Tann-Demmin Dan & Martha Traylor Robert & Kim Vallee Norma Waters Mark & Therese Wilbur

73 Giving Circle Donors Team Dog Circle Rouena Benson-Massengale
Michael Booth & Joanne Cherry-Booth John & Sheila Bray Pat & Zo Byrnes Luis & Emily Castro Jon & Lisa Ceazan Mike & Kris Collins Georgia Cox Nancy Cutshall Iopu & D'Ann DeFries Anna Doroshina Robert & Anna Marie Enciso Gerry Ericsson Myrna & Mark Everhart Bridgette Garcia Ruth Gilford John & Pat Green Albert & Raeanne Hernandez Bill & Virginia Hilker William & Janet Hodgman Terry & Cindy Horist Eric & Karen Horowitz G. Lee Hudspeth & Elizabeth Harsch Clifford & Marinetta Hughes Julie Jacks Betty Ann Karambelas Vincent & Patricia Kennedy Marilyn Kuptz Robert & Sheila Lefton Frances Limbird Gary & Sandy Lloyd Victoria Lovejoy & Steve Howerton Richard & Maureen Lull Allison Maguire Kelly Martinez Kristina Martz ‘02 John & Deborah McDonald Claire McNary Bob Memefee & Evelyn Corn Barbara Mignosi Mike & Dana Mitchell Chad & Susan Moreau Eric & Anne Morgan Kevin & Cynthia O'Reilly Gail Owensmith Richard & Beverly Palmer Bobby & Rowena Phillips Brooks & Cheryl Provinchain Frances Ricks & David Gragg Deanna Russo-Babajko Daynabelle Santos Steve & Holly Scott Michael & Deborah Sedlachek Victor & Lauralyn Sereno William Stenton & Eleanor Just Judith Sussman Kimberly Thomas Fernand & Geraldine Valliere Stephen & Allyson Varga Elvira Virtue Candy Wakinekona Lisa Waldman Milton & Traci Watson Ruberta Weaver Brian & Laura Wesley Foster & Karen Winter Marc & Donna Wright

74 Donors Corporate & Foundation Donors Bank of America Barclays Capital
Boeing Gift Matching Program BP Foundation Inc. Capital Group Companies Coastline Equity, Inc Health Net of Northeast, Inc. Key Container Company MA-COM Technology Solutions Northrup Grumman Litton Foundation Nuveen Investments, LLC Oracle Corporation Raytheon Company San Pedro Democratic Club Sun Microsystems Foundation The Norris Foundation The William and Jane Schloss Family Foundation Time Warner Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Wells Fargo Western Asset Management

75 Faculty & Staff Donors Robert Adam Richard & Melinda Alcott
Marvin & Linda Belzer Bruce & Marilyn Burrell Fred & Sandra Campbell Olivia & Douglas Carnahan Robert & Donna Cloer Sandra del Castillo Barbara & John Dye Elissa & Gary Eastvedt Jonathan Erickson Bryonna & Joe Fisco Debbi & Morris Gelbart Michelle Gessler Cheryl & Geoff Graue Cami Hamilton Zachary Herndon Eachan Holloway & Deborah Davis Amanda Hughes Emily Isler Matthew Johnson Jennifer & Matt Kirmer Brian & Doreen Knigin Rachel Leatherbury Victoria Lovejoy Patricia Magony Dixie Maletta Karen Martins Peter McCormack & Mary Todd Wendy Moffat Heidi & Chris Morris Kim Myers Marcel Nagy Salvador Nava Charlotte Oduro George Pal Erica Ramos Jenny Rasak Thomas & Pat Ressler Christine & John Roberts Megan Roberts Rachel Rubin Yvonne Ruiz Sarah Schoettle Maria Sher Amy Stewart-Johnston Gary Stollar Gayle & Craig Taylor John Trausch Natalia Trites Matthew Van Etten Adam Walch Matt Wilkens Joy Zimnavoda

76 Thank you for your interest and support during the 2008-2009 school year!
Peter McCormack & the Board of Trustees, Students, Faculty & Staff of Rolling Hills Prep School & Renaissance School

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