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Sports in the U.S. April 11, 2012 Christina Lorimer, Fulbright Fellow.

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1 Sports in the U.S. April 11, 2012 Christina Lorimer, Fulbright Fellow

2 American Sports 1.Team Sports 2.Individual and Pair Sports 3.Outdoor Sports 4.Shooting Sports 5.Organization of Sports 6.College Sports 7.Women in Sports 8.Professional Sports 9.National Anthem 10.Top 10 Sporting Events

3 Team Sports volleyball basketball swimming

4 BaseballBaseball Goofy “How to Play Baseball” kQ83_4RdkA

5 BaseballBaseball Baseball Tips and Tricks Wxd_UT84qb0

6 BaseballBaseball Take Me Out to the Ball Game Take me out to the ball game Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack I don't care if I ever get back, 'Cause it's root, root, root For the home team. If they don't win it's a shame. For it's one, two, three strikes You're out At the old ball game. 7 th inning stretch

7 BaseballBaseball Cubs 7 th Inning Stretch IA5M3RNx7c

8 American football

9 American football versus rugby? American football Physical aggression with helmets and protective clothing Score points by carrying ball across opponent’s line (touchdown) 11 players Rugby Physical aggression with no protective gear Carry all and place ball down on opponent’s line or kick it between goal posts 15 players

10 American football vs rugby American football versus rugby C_sCkDOE4Q

11 Robin William on Football bhtK80LBc

12 Quad rugby Wheelchair rugby or “murderball”, mixed teams, men & women Includes elements of basketball, ice hockey & handball Can be played by athletes with disabilities to both legs and arms Quad Rugby - Murderball in Louisville XK3n1DvATs&feature=fvsr

13 Water polo Stanford Women's Water Polo: Train to the Game 2AFD2yn-VA

14 Referee? Official? Umpire? Referee Boxing Volleyball Official Basketball American football Hockey Tennis Umpire Baseball Softball

15 Individual or team sports

16 Dance (1) Jazz Tap Ballet Modern/Contemporary

17 ContemporaryContemporary Sasha and Kent - Contemporary - So You Think You Can Dance DRvOIAnqi4

18 Dance (2) Salsa Swing dance Hip Hop Break dance

19 BoxingBoxing – In 2004, ESPN ranked boxing the most difficult sport in the world. “throws in a towel”

20 Individual or pair Sports

21 Mixed Martial Arts (UFC)

22 Shooting sports

23 Amateur sports: Little league, high school, & club teams

24 Significant part of university experience Div. I, II, III College sports

25 Student Athletes Recruitment “Students before athletes” College often seen as tryouts for professional leagues Huge revenue generators for big universities


27 Sports Controversies Sports expenses – Coaches salaries Nick Saban- $5,166,666 Mike Krzyzewski- $4,095,909 – Stadiums Different expectations of student athletes – Recruiting violations

28 Women in sports Women Thrive in Formerly All-Male Sport WHXqBhxkRM

29 Major leagues (US & Canada) National Football League National Basketball Association Major League Baseball National Hockey League

30 Major leagues Revenue– income a company receives from business activities. NFL at $7.58 billion MLB at $5.82 billion NBA at $3.79 billion NHL at $2.82 billion Baseball season: beginning of April – end of September. Teams play 162 regular season games. PER SEASON

31 Professional athletes Highest Paid Athlete in the US: Tiger Woods (Golf) Last Year's Rank: 1 $2,294,116 (salary/winnings) $60,000,000 (endorsements) $62,294,116 (total)

32 Major leagues

33 $$ Media coverage  Profit = Sports Business $$

34 Extreme sporting events: X Games Skiing Snowboarding Snowmobile Moto Rally Skateboarding BMX

35 Top 10 US Sporting Events

36 National Anthem “___________________ __” is the national anthem of the United States of America The Star-Spangled Banner Sang or played at the beginning of public sports events

37 National Anthem American Idol winners sing the National Anthem l_yzhQpeA

38 US Open (tennis) Since 1891 Labor Day In Arthur Ashe stadium in the National Tennis Center in Queens, NY, Arthur Ashe is largest tennis stadium in the world.

39 MLB All-Star Game (baseball) Players selected by a combination of fans, players, coaches, and managers July 6, 1933 2 nd Tues. in July Chicago & New York.

40 Masters (golf) 1934 Augusta, Georgia Tickets hard to get

41 Kentucky Derby (horse racing) 2 minutes 1.25 miles (≈ 2 km) 1875 Tickets $25 – $5,000 Louisville, Kentucky May 4 & 5 Social event

42 Kentucky Derby (horse racing) 2008 Kentucky Derby Tg5h_zMYaw

43 NBA All-Star Game (basketball) – The first NBA All-Star game was played in Boston in 1951 – Slam dunk competition started in 1984.

44 Daytona 500 (auto racing) 500 miles (804.7 km)- long Daytona Beach, Florida Most watched auto race in the US Last Sunday in February

45 NFL Draft (American football) 1936 as a way to disperse college players to NFL teams equitably New York Tickets are free, must arrive early and wait on long line

46 NFL Opening Night (American football) Start of the NFL season. Created by NFL marketing executive John Collins, it provides the NFL with more than an additional $1.9 billion in revenue.

47 Final Four (college basketball) Men’s college basketball Playoffs of the last 4 teams

48 Super Bowl (American football) Over 200 countries televise The commercials, half-time show, and events surrounding the week leading up to the game have become just as big as the game itself. Super Bowl XLIV set the record for the most viewers with 106.5 million


50 Thank you! With any questions or comments please write: Christina Lorimer –

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