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46 th Annual Celebration ® June 28, 20085:30 – 9:00 pm 46 th Annual Celebration®

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1 46 th Annual Celebration ® June 28, 20085:30 – 9:00 pm 46 th Annual Celebration®

2 Arr B Garrrr Welcome to David’s 46 th Annual Celebration ® AGENDA * 5:00 Snacks 5:30 Official Opening Ceremony 5:30 Gym is Open for Basketball and Volleyball 5:32 Snacks 5:36 Festivities Begin – What’s available - Rules Announced Treasure Hunt #1 / Pirate Trivia #1 / All Time Favorite Logo Contest Pirate Craft / Karaoke Sign up & Confirmation / Lucid Dreamer Trivia Photo Opportunities / Pin the Chest on the Map (or is it Pin the Map on the Chest?) / Photo Frame Images / Pirate Picture Contest 6:00 Pirate Pizza is served 6:29 Snacks 6:30 Vinny and The Jets 7:00 Snacks 7:10 Karaoke 7:15 Games Continue Deal or No Deal / Pirate Trivia #2 / Treasure Hunt #2 7:20 Lucid Dreamer – 20th Anniversary Special 7:45 Vinny and The Jets 8:15 Snacks 8:16 Special Presentations Treasure Hunt Winners / Trivia Winners / Find the Stuff Game from Webpage Winner Best Costume Winners 8:20 Karaoke 8:40 Lucid Dreamer JAM! 8:45 Snacks 9:00 Closing Ceremony 9:05 Snacks 10:00 Left over Pirate Pizza *subject to change without notice

3 Treasure Hunt #1 Game 2 Gold Coins are hidden in the Gym and/or the Party Room Each Coin is worth a Prize – find the coin – win a prize The coins will NOT be hidden by Karaoke stuff The Coins will NOY be hidden by the Band stuff The Coins will be hidden in the Gym and/or Party Room Only The Rec Staff will not know where the coins are so don’t bother them When You find a Gold Coin, check with the Captain to see if you are a winner!

4 ALL TIME BEST LOGO CONTEST Check out the Logos Vote for your favorite If you pick David’s Favorite you are eligible for the Logo Drawing If your name is selected – you will win a prize If your name is not selected, you won’t win a prize

5 Deal or No Deal A Lucky Contestant will be chosen for a chance to win a prize playing Deal or No Deal If you are the lucky contestant, you will be escorted to the playing area where you will play the game If you are not the lucky contestant, you will not be escorted to the playing area. Instead you will do something else – sit and watch, play basketball, get made and go home, eat snacks, etc. Rules will be explained ahead of time The amount you end up with will determine the level of your prize






11 Few Women Admit their Age Few Men A ct Theirs





16 Celebration ® Trivia Contest Take the celebration Trivia Challenge Do you know about the history of the Celebration? Do you know who designed the logos? Do you know what was served at the 2 nd Annual Celebration? That’s OK, neither does David – so try your luck at this special Trivia Challenge!

17 FIND THE STUFF GAME ® Hi everyone. It’s me Farrah. Well, I did get to make it out to David’s 46 th Annual Celebration® after all so I get to present the winner for the Find The Stuff Game. I hope you found it challenging and rewarding. I know I did. And entertaining too. I had a little trouble with Hawkgirl but I found her. Well, anyway, it is my pleasure to present the winner of the 46 th Annual Celebration ® Find the Stuff Game ® And the Winner Is…

18 What? Just because he makes logos for his parties? Oh, come on! It’s not just the logos. It’s everything. The logos, the celebration, the website. It’s everything. EVEN US! No! That’s not true. He’s just… Oh, uh,,, hi. We were just talking… Not about David… uh it was er… someone else…definitely NOT David Nope…NOT DAVID I’m just saying that there is something wrong with him. What is this About? I ain’t sayin’ nothing

19 Pirate Artist Contest 4 Lucky Contestants will be selected to use their artistic ability to color a dramatic Pirate Poster The contestant will color the poster and then the people will judge which one is the best The Best one will receive a prize The others will receive something Those that didn’t color will not receive anything

20 Pirate Trivia Contest Do you know anything about Pirates? Do you know anything about Treasure Island? Do you know who Blackbeard Was? Then you may be ready for some Pirate Trivia If you don’t, then you may want to try anyway The person with the most correct answers wins There are two rounds

21 Lucid Dreamer Trivia Challenge What do you know about the band? Well, that’s OK, you can still try and answer the questions Just think if everybody knows nothing then you have a pretty good chance of winning. Why not go ahead and try – there’s no fee for trying and you could win!

22 Closing Ceremony Thank you for coming to the 46 th Annual Celebration® Your presents (sic) has been appreciated Remember that it is probably less then 365 Days until the 47 th Annual Celebration® Visit the Website to Keep up to date with what’s going on in David’s Life If you would like to participate in the Logo Design To see what nonsense David’s up to

23 Treasure Hunt #2 A special treasure chest has been hidden somewhere in the gym/party room This treasure chest has a special prize inside Find the chest and the treasure is yours Simply bring the captain the chest and the special prize inside and you can claim your prize!

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