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Unit 6 HBL Fever Extension Activity.

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1 Unit 6 HBL Fever Extension Activity

2 How many sports can you name in English?
Activity One How many sports can you name in English? Look at the following pictures, and try to match the sports with their English names.

3 Soccer Football Volleyball Tennis

4 Jogging Swimming Golf Table Tennis

5 Badminton Rollerblading Skateboarding Billiards

6 Review  Read through these words again, and make sure you know what they mean. soccer football volleyball tennis jogging swimming golf table tennis badminton rollerblading skateboarding billiards

7 Let's play a game! Click the number and you’ll see a picture. Try to name the sport in English as fast as you can! 1 2 3 4 5 6 Go to Activity Two!

8 volleyball

9 swimming

10 table tennis

11 football

12 skateboarding

13 golf

14 Activity Two sports survey Work in pairs. Ask each other the following questions. Then be prepared for the report on the results. (The teacher may refer to the printed file for this unit.)

15 Questions Did you do any sports last week? If yes, what did you do?
 How much time did you spend on it?  What’s your favorite sport?  How often do you play it?  Where do you usually play it?  Who do you usually play the sport with?  Why do you like it?

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