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Early Childhood Center The Memorial Junior High School Renovation Project.

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1 Early Childhood Center The Memorial Junior High School Renovation Project

2 Early Childhood Center  Al Baroncelli  Liz Baroncelli  Marsha Brunelle  Roger Brunelle  James Farley (Deceased)  Jack Healey  Virginia Landis, Chairman  Virginia Levesque  Jane Lopes  Jeannie Martin  Harry Pickering  Robert Reimels  Anita Rodriguez  Neil Rosenthal  Jeff Stevens  Robert Sullivan zArturo Vasquez, SAS/Design, Architect zCecil Group. Landscape Architect zRobert W. Sullivan, Inc., MEP & Fire Protection Engineers zOutback Engineering, Site Engineers zLY Consulting Engineers, Inc., Structural Engineer zRon Poliseno, Project Manager zKatherine Craven, Executive Director Massachusetts School Building Authority Special Thanks zThe School Department Maintenance Staff zThe School Committee zThe Board of Selectmen zThe Finance Committee zThe Capital Planning Committee zThe Park Department zDan Murray, Town Counsel MJHS Re-Use Building Committee Members & Key Participants in the Project

3 Early Childhood Center zTime line of events leading up to today y1998 & 1999 Feasibility Studies Completed y2000 Building Committee Formed y2001 79% Reimbursement from State Secured y2004 Town’s Collaborative Committee & MJHS Building Committee re-awaken project in anticipation of State funding y2004 State Reimbursement timing accelerated y2005 Project ready for bidding & building

4 Early Childhood Center zTime line of events to come y2005 Endorsement by Town Meeting to cover additional costs y2005 Building Contract awarded y2005 Renovation begins y2006 Renovation completed y2007 Students occupy Early Childhood Center

5 Early Childhood Center zAmounts paid to date yFeasibility Study$ 30,000.00 (under separate Town Meeting authorization) yArchitectural Fees$365,520.52 yEngineering Fees$ 13,240.00 yProject Manager Fees$ 27,000.00 yProject Expenses$ 6,176.05 xTotal Expenses to date$441,936.57

6 Early Childhood Center zBudget to completion yArchitectural Fees $ 88,042.48 yEngineering Fees$ 3,900.00 yProject Manager Fees$180,000.00 yProject Expenses$ 6,000.00 yRenovation costs estimate $12,811,000.00 yTOTAL ESTIMATED COST $13,500,000.00

7 Early Childhood Center zState reimbursement$ 9,914,026 zMiddleboro borrowing$ 3,585,974 zTotal cost of project$13,500,000 zIncrease in taxes $0

8 Early Childhood Center 91,000 sq ft of renovated educational space for $13.5 million works out to $148/sq ft – that’s a bargain since it costs at least $225/sq ft to build new, once you own the land. Since the town is paying $3.6 million the effective cost per sq ft is only $40 – you can’t do better than that!

9 Early Childhood Center Purpose of the project zEducational component yAge appropriate space for learning xLearning Centers in each classroom Hands-on learning, not just lectures & worksheets xComputers in each classroom xApprox. 1000 sq.ft. per classroom vs <500 sq.ft. now yDedicated spaces for support services xFull dedicated cafeteria xIn door play space (the little gym) xFull gym facilities for physical education xSeparate & dedicated OT & PT areas

10 Early Childhood Center


12 Lower Floor Plan

13 Early Childhood Center


15 First Floor Plan

16 Early Childhood Center


18 Second Floor Plan

19 Early Childhood Center

20 Attic Floor Plan

21 Early Childhood Center Purpose of the project zHistoric component yRenovation of an anchor building within the Historic Downtown District yConnecting the past, present & future of education in Middleboro yRe-purposing a significant downtown building rather than allowing it to become a blight yPreserve and enhance the natural, cultural and historical environment of Middleboro

22 Early Childhood Center


24 Purpose of the project zDowntown development component yRenovation encourages families to go into the Downtown district of Middleboro yTown maintains control of significant town-owned building adjacent to and near other town properties yRenovation of town property encourages other downtown businesses to improve & develop their own properties yQuality of Downtown encourages commerce throughout the Town.

25 Early Childhood Center Purpose of the project zCommunity component yFully air conditioned building allows for year round use yCafeteria & “Washburn” unit still available to Park Department for continuing programs yYMCA Teen Center options still open ySampson Auditorium available for community use; elevator access on stage level and audience level yLindsay Gym has continued to serve hundreds of families with the Basketball league and Volleyball programs, new locker rooms will enhance these programs ySchool department programs can continue in the Lindsay Gym for all age levels

26 Early Childhood Center zFinal Results will be: y14 Renovated full-day kindergarten classrooms with age-appropriate support spaces yRestored historic school building located in downtown yEnhanced community programs yRe-purposed building that is currently lying dormant and in disrepair

27 Early Childhood Center zTime line to completion: yJuly & August 2005 – bids requested from Sub-Contractors ySeptember 2005 – bids requested from General Contractors ySeptember 2005 – Town Meeting approval for additional costs of project yOctober 2005 – renovation begins yJanuary 2007 – project completed ySeptember 2007 – Kindergarten classes begin

28 Early Childhood Center zConclusion: Now is the time to bring this project to fruition. The full-day kindergarten program has been proven successful and requires more space. The state money is available now, and may not be in the future. The building is still salvageable; and valuable to the town. Costs keep going up; construction costs and borrowing costs. It will never be cheaper. Bonding this necessary school rehab will not affect property taxes.

29 Early Childhood Center zVision of future once project is done Our earliest learners receiving the best we can give them. Our community benefiting from a wonderfully restored historic downtown school campus.

30 30 Early Childhood Center Any Questions?

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