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Word File Expansion Writing Practice Sentences Patterns.

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2 Word File Expansion Writing Practice Sentences Patterns

3 Prefix un- The prefix un- means “not” tidy untidy comfortable uncomfortable happy unhappy friendly unfriendly able unable common uncommon done undone healthy unhealthy Back


5 A Dear John Letter Dear John, oh, how I hate to 1 _____! Dear John, I must let you know tonight that my love for you has 2 _____ away like grass upon the lawn. And tonight I wed another, dear John. A. Listen to the song “A Dear John Letter” and fill in each of the following blanks with the missing word.

6 I was overseas in battle when the postman came to me. He handed me a 3 _____ and I was just as happy as I could be, ‘cause the fighting was all 4 _____ and the battles had all been won. But then I opened up that letter and it started: Dear John.

7 Won’t you please send back my 5 _____? My husband wants it now. When I tell you who I’m wedding, you won’t 6 _____, do you anyhow? And it hurts me so to tell you that my love for you is 7 _____. But tonight I wed your 8 _____, dear John.

8 B. Suppose you were a columnist, Miss Lulu, and John wrote a letter to ask for your advice. The letter is as follows: Dear Miss Lulu, I feel very sad to hear that my girlfriend has decided to marry my brother. I love her so much. I can’t accept this. Now I feel it is hopeless to go on living. What should I do? Sad John

9 Work in pairs and give your advice to John. Dear John, __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Hope this helps. Lulu It’s really sad that your girlfriend dumped you and married your brother. It must hurt you terribly. I don’t know the proper way to console you. However, you can get over that if you believe life is full of ups and downs. I am sure that you will meet your true love in the future.

10 II. Choosing the Best Advice 1. (A) Maybe you should eat less. (B) Maybe you should study harder. (C) Maybe you should take up exercise to build up your muscles.

11 2. (A) Why don’t you go to a movie? (B) Have you thought about watching more TV? (C) Maybe you can ask John to help you. He always gets good grades in math.

12 3. (A) Why don’t we go on Sunday instead? (B) No, I can’t. I’m going to Taichung this Saturday. (C) But the only way to find out is to ask her. Otherwise you’ll never know.

13 4. (A) Why don’t you buy her a new radio? (B) Maybe you should get a set of headphones. (C) Turn on the music so your mother can enjoy it, too.

14 5. (A) Maybe you should quit school. (B) Why don’t you get a part-time job? (C) Tell her you will study even harder if she’ll let you join the team. Back


16 Today we are going to learn what a topic is. topic

17 When we make a list of similar things, we give it a name. The name is the main idea. We call the main idea the topic.

18 The topic is the particular subject that you write about. So it is!

19 Attention, please. Each of the following lists has one word that is more general than the others. This word can be the topic of the list. Circle that word. brother family sister parents grandmother Now here is an example for you. It’s time to do some exercises.

20 Well, the following are for you. Are you ready? Let’s go!

21 cupboard bed chair furniture desk

22 baseball sports soccer basketball volleyball

23 subject English math Chinese history

24 muscle bone leg body hand

25 French German Chinese language English Back

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