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LBP Gift Catalogue. Lester B Pearson School Gift Catalogue Enriching Our Children’s Education through “Gifts of Learning”

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1 LBP Gift Catalogue

2 Lester B Pearson School Gift Catalogue Enriching Our Children’s Education through “Gifts of Learning”

3 “Gifts of Learning” This is an initiative by parents who together make up your School Advisory Committee (SAC)… And SAC is excited to share this voluntary opportunity with you this evening… As a practical way to enrich our children’s education… So that together we can make a difference!

4 Our Students… full of Potential!

5 Parents and School Share Goals We want to… Provide a safe and stimulating learning environment Aim for academic excellence Develop character… to be good citizens… to learn to give back to their community

6 Developing Character Food Bank Volunteers from LBP

7 So what’s a Gift Catalogue (GC)?! It’s a list of Educational Enrichment Resources and Activities that you can “purchase” through donations to LBP. You can make direct donations… Or give a “Gift of Learning” at a special occasion (Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Mothers & Fathers Days, etc.

8 Arts Drama

9 Why do we need a GC? The Ontario Government through the TDSB funds our children’s education, but Finances continue to be stretched every year The “Essentials” are being provided, but there is very little left over to support “Enrichment” Enrichment enhances our children’s learning experience And we want to simplify and coordinate our fundraising efforts at school

10 Arts Classroom Art Supplies

11 Why would I want to give Gifts to LBP? Most of us (23 Million Canadians) make charitable donations every year Our children’s success at school is very important to all of us 100% of what we give to LBP is spent on the items and activities designated We can see the results for ourselves Income tax credit is a bonus

12 Learning Through Play Classroom Educational Toys & Games

13 How are the needs identified? Students, Parents and Staff identify priorities… formally and informally Staff develop a School Improvement Plan Costs are actual and may be represented as a total or as a “share” of the item cost or school’s annual budget for that category

14 Areas of Need Arts Books Learning Through Play Science Athletics Field Trips Staff Professional Development & Appreciation Educational Materials and Equipment

15 Arts Music Instruments

16 Arts Music

17 Arts Classroom Art Supplies

18 Arts Origami Club

19 Reading Library Books

20 Reading Classroom Books

21 Learning Through Play Classroom Educational Toys & Games

22 Learning Through Play Dancing

23 Learning Through Play Daily Physical Activity

24 Educational Materials and Equipment “Building” Tomorrow's Engineers!

25 Educational Materials and Equipment for Overcoming Learning Challenges Many students find different aspects of learning a challenge Specialized resources and equipment can enhance our school’s special education programming

26 Educational Materials and Equipment “Tools” for Learning

27 Educational Materials and Equipment Classroom Computers

28 Science Scientist in the School This program has been growing with parent funding already… Lets keep it up!

29 Science Parent Scientists in the School!

30 Athletics - Uniforms, Travel Cross-country running


32 Athletics Volleyball… Champions!

33 Athletics Equipment Gym and playground equipment… Basketball hoops, basket balls, soccer balls….

34 Field Trips Transportation

35 Field Trips Environment – Forest Valley

36 Field Trips Mono Cliffs

37 Extra-Curricular Activities Lunch-time programs like Yoga

38 Educational Materials & Equipment SMART BOARDS Exciting new technology that engages our children in their classroom learning Subject matter “comes alive”! Helps teachers make learning active and participatory

39 Educational Materials & Equipment SMART BOARDS

40 Document Camera

41 Educational Materials & Equipment LCD Projectors

42 Hope in Action Emergency Fund Founded in 1998, The Toronto Foundation for Student Success is the registered charitable foundation of the TDSB, created to ensure that all students are ready and able to learn in schoolToronto Foundation for Student Success The TFSS acts as an advocate for students, identifying and initiating programs to deal with the hunger, poverty and violence experienced by students Today, in 2011, TFSS is supporting 107,000 children.

43 Our Goal… Aiming Higher! To provide our school and teachers with the resources they need… To raise $5,000 this spring (approximately $10 per student)… One family has already donated $1,000 to get us started! and $25,000 + per year in future ($50 per student per year)

44 Some of Our Great Staff!

45 How can you give? The process is simple… Complete the Gift Contribution Form and drop it off at the school office with your cheque You will receive an acknowledgement letter from the school Throughout the school year reports of how the funds are being used will be included in Newsletter and on the school website You will receive an Income Tax receipt for your total donations from the TDSB by the end of February of the next year

46 Our community, Our school

47 Our Commitment to You Acknowledgement Rapid Action Timely Reporting Accountability and Transparency Welcoming Your Ideas and Constructive Feedback

48 Additional Information TDSB Budget and Funding website link: 7&menuid=34408&pageid=29242 TDSB Fundraising Policies and Procedures: LBP Gift Catalogue information, forms, and reports: p?siteid=10129&pageid=9334&menuid=10593

49 See for yourself… If you would like to understand the school’s needs better – please contact Mme. Brugniau, speak with your child’s teacher… And ask your child what they think would help enrich their LBP experience Arrange to come in and visit the school

50 What Happens Next? We welcome your questions, feedback… and your contributions We will finalize the Catalogue content and post it to the LBP website for easy access We will develop Gift Cards that you can use We will hold SMARTBOARD demonstrations and offer school tours during the LBP Family BBQ June 22 We will regularly report success!


52 In Summary… We all care about our children’s success We all contribute to our school and our charities of choice in different ways The Gift Catalogue is a great way to give meaningful “Gifts of Learning” This method of Fundraising is more efficient, effective and respectful LET’S DO OUR BEST… AND LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING THE RESULTS


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