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HS Hofkirchen im Mühlkreis. Hofkirchen Hauptschule.

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1 HS Hofkirchen im Mühlkreis

2 Hofkirchen




6 Hauptschule



9 Our model We treat each other friendly and respectfully. Together with our pupils we create a foundation on which they shall be able to build their education and life upon. A primary concern to us is to promote our pupils according to their talents and interests. Freedom shall be given where possible. Limits must be put where they seem to be necessary.

10 Sense of duty, creativity, commitment and independence are essential education aims for us. To the benefit of everyone we care about the good cooperation between parents, pupils and the teachers. We strengthen the awareness for Europe of our pupils by participating in various Europe-wide projects. We provide a pleasant studying atmosphere by a corresponding design of the classrooms.

11 Organizational matters 30 teachers approx. 200 pupils in ten classes (never more than 25 pupils in each class) a five-day week no lessons on Friday afternoons pupils are being taught in three different sets/streams according to their capabilities pupils can have lunch in the school refectory

12 optional subjects pupils can choose from: Information Technology and Volleyball Communication (ICT) typing (on the computer) occupational/professional orientation Italian Studying studio for new learning methods Lectures of speakers from the economy, society, culture and sports.

13 Highlights 16 times district champion in "Schülerliga" volleyball for girls; regular participation in the country finals School exchange programme with a partner school in Rome. Participation in Comenius- projects with schools from all over Europe.

14 School trips lasting for more than one day: Year 5:Sportsweek Year 6:Skiing (5 days) on "Hochficht" Year 7:Skiing course in the mountains Year 8:week in Vienna Fasching/Carnival celebration in school Open morning End of school year celebration

15 Comenius-projects which HS Hofkirchen has participated in: Youth goes Europe a youth magazine 1999 – 2001 Participating countries: Austria Sweden Italy Estonia

16 Mens sana in corpore sano Herbs in Europe 2002 – 2005 participating countries: Austria Poland Italy Together we are strong 2009 – 20011 participating countries: Austria Czech Republic Sweden

17 Different projects with an local artist

18 Some pictures from Hofkirchen and Upper - Austria


20 Linz Donauschlinge Schlögen

21 Traunsee St. Florian

22 Hauptschule Hofkirchen i. Mkr. Schulstraße 10 4142 Hofkirchen Tel.: 07285/2980 Headmaster HD Markus Gusenleitner 07285/2981 teacher Fax.: 07285/2984 E-Mail: Homepage: http// /

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