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Jupiter in Leo July 16th 2014 - August 11th 2015 (Retrograde Dec. 9th 2014 - April 9th 2015) (22 degrees back to 12 degrees)

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1 Jupiter in Leo July 16th 2014 - August 11th 2015 (Retrograde Dec. 9th 2014 - April 9th 2015) (22 degrees back to 12 degrees)

2 The Breakdown Jupiter Rules: Growth, expansion, exploration, higher education, international travel, culture, philosophy, blessings, gifts, good fortune, luck, good times and excess! Leo + 5 th House Rules: Self-expression, creativity, pride, entertainment, romance, love affairs, play, fun and children. Leo Ruled by the Sun: We are all being called toward our Sun and feeling the desire to push beyond even our own boundaries, rules, limitations, imaginations or visions for our lives to create more for ourselves. And this energy can make us feel more hopeful that that can actually happen. All Fire: Dealing with power, passionate, expansion, extravagance, generosity, gregariousness, fun, good-natured energies. Also, hot- tempered, proud, self-promoting and pompous energies.

3 Jupiter in Leo Positive Manifestations Expansion of Faith + Belief in Self + Talents. Expansion of Imagination + Original Thinking + Expression. Expansion of Spiritual Practice. More Confidence, Drive + Ability to Pursue Goals. More Drive + Desire for Love + Children. More Drive + Desire for Travel + Exploration. More Drive + Desire for Fun + Sex + Romance. More Drive + Desire for Growth + Learning. Opportunity for Personal, Creative, Educational, financial + Career Growth. Negative Manifestations Runaway Egos, Big Heads, Over-the-top-in-a-bad-way- Confidence. Extra-Dramatics Emotional Outbursts. Forceful Communication. Gluttony Burnout Impatience + Pushiness. Showy or Pompous Behavior.

4 Jupiter in Leo Desire + Drive An added boost to our energy and drive to pursue our desires. An added boost to our confidence in believing we can achieve our goals. Expansion of our faith, beliefs and awareness of what we are really capable of creating and doing in our lives. Opportunities for more fulfillment, joy, success and personal growth in all areas of life.

5 Jupiter thru the Houses Jupiter in Leo in the Houses – the house Jupiter will transit for you will indicate the area of your life where you will have more fun, confidence, good-fortune and opportunity in the coming year.

6 Jupiter in the Fire Houses Aries/1st, Leo/5th, Sagittarius/9th You will get a extra boost to your natural drive to achieve, create, express, inspire, explore and do what you want to do. More desire and drive to show off your gifts and talents to the world. Can add an extra boost to your natural levels of impatience and impulsiveness. Plenty of opportunity for more fun, excitement, love, romance, exploration and travel.

7 Jupiter in the 1 st House First House: {Home to Aries} - Personal Identity, Personal Authority, First Impression, Self-Expression, Drive Express yourself with cheerful optimism and even more self-confidence. Fresh can-do attitude, with an eye on the future or bigger picture now. More courage, opportunity and drive to improve yourself and your situation. Opportunities to overcome any previous challenges or problems with authority.

8 Jupiter in the 5 th House Fifth House: {Home of Leo} – Creative expression, Pleasure, Romance, Fun, Games, Children Plenty of fun, romance and good times to be had. High levels of creative drive, original expression and ripe imaginations. Even more confidence in talents and abilities to take risks to succeed. Desire for more freedom to go and do as you please.

9 Jupiter in the 9th House Ninth House: {Home of Sagittarius} – Higher Mind, Higher Learning, Philosophy, Religion, Travel, Inspiration Extremely optimistic approach to all things and with big dreams for great success. Opportunities for and success with business, travel, education and foreign affairs. Great time for advertising and promotion or showing off your talents to the world. Stronger faith in your purpose and gaining higher meaning for your life.

10 Jupiter in the Earth Houses Taurus/2nd, Virgo/6th, Capricorn/10 th Encouraged to try to loosen up, have more fun, not work so hard or worry so much about the bottom line and how things get done. Consider new ways of making things happen and utilizing your skills and talents. Increase in opportunities to grow finances, work, earning power. Could be over-indulging, over-spending or gain weight.

11 Jupiter in the 2 nd House Second House: {Home of Taurus} – Values, Self-worth, Finances, Earning Power, Possessions Benefits/Opportunities to increases your finances, work, and expand your abilities to make money. Events may occur to clear up past money problems; gifts or bonuses. Splurging, or spending, over indulging, giving more, making major purchases. Stronger self-esteem and stronger desire for love and partnership.

12 Jupiter in the 6 th House Sixth House: {Home of Virgo} – Work, Service, Health, Habits Benefit from or finding more joy in your work, co- workers, day-to-day routine. Opportunities to advance your knowledge of a chosen skill or trade. Better health conditions, medical procedures go well, recovery from illness. Could gain weight if over indulging, or become stressed from over-work.

13 Jupiter in the 10 th House Tenth House: {Home of Capricorn} – Career, Reputation, Ambition, Status, Structure, Life Purpose A great time to gain status both on professional and personal fronts. Increased public recognition, profitability, productivity, career advancement. Promotion, Job change, New job. Possible work-related travel, reaching a wider audience with your work or business. Desire for more freedom in your work or career.

14 Jupiter in the Air Houses Gemini/3 rd, Libra/7 th, Aquarius/11 th Brings opportunity to learn more about yourself, life and the world around you. Join up with more like-minded and unique people to take your work, ideas and visions to the next level. Big opportunities to teach, sell or promote what you know. Benefits in business and personal relationships.

15 Jupiter in the 3 rd House Third House: {Home of Gemini} – Communications, Speaking, Writing, Education, Short trips More desire and opportunity to write, speak or teach about what you know. Opportunities for travel, education or advanced study. You may decide to buy new transportation or computer items. Good news may be presented, sales up, social events abundant.

16 Jupiter in the 7 th House Seventh House: {Home of Libra} – Balance, Partnerships, Marriage, Contracts, Agreements, Relating. More good times and special occasions to celebrate. Broader understanding or learning about self thru partner or others. Benefits in business agreements and collaborative projects. Desire to amp up the love and romance in your marriage and relationships.

17 Jupiter in the 11 th House Eleventh House: {Home of Aquarius} – Ideals, Groups, Organizations, Friendships, Hopes, Wishes, Dreams Opportunities to expansion your networks, groups and friendships. Expansion of progressive ideas and more success in humanitarian efforts. More tolerance with others and more confidence in expressing your individuality. Ability to achieve goals more easily. Hopes, wishes and dreams can come true.

18 Jupiter in the Water Houses Cancer/4 th, Scorpio/8 th, Pisces/12 th Boost to your intuition, sensitivity and sensuality. Opportunities to expand your emotional life and well being. Empowerment to step out of your safety/comfort zone to take a risk to share your feelings, true gifts and talents with more confidence. Expanding of your imagination and artistic or creative desires.

19 Jupiter in the 4 th House Fourth House: {Home of Cancer} – Home, Family, Ancestry, Foundation, Property, Real Estate Enjoyment, benefit and expansion of home and family. Increase sense of security and safety within domestic situations. Home improvements, purchases/sales and renovations. A bubbling up of your desire and drive to get your deeper needs met.

20 Jupiter in the 8 th House Eighth House: {Home of Scorpio} – Joint Resources, Sexuality, Secrets, Transformation, Death, Occult Less likely to be so intense or struggle with joint resource issues. Benefits to the areas of money; loans, taxes, inheritance. Increased psychological understandings, capable of helping others in crisis. Lots of opportunity for sex, intimacy, healing and transformation.

21 Jupiter in the 12 th House Twelfth House: {Home of Pisces} – Hidden Inner world, Self- Undoing, Unknown, Subconscious, Imagination Benefits can take place behind-the-scenes, privately or secretly. Or feel pulled to come out of the shadows. Boost to intuition, imagination, creative flow. Opportunities to tap into you unconscious and uncover deeper self-awareness and understanding. More enjoyment and drive to be of service to others, charity work, volunteering. Benefit greatly from meditation, retreats and/or taking up metaphysical or spiritual studies/interests.

22 Jupiter in Leo Messages Celebrate the gifts, blessings and abundance already in your life. Expand your levels of self awareness, knowledge, skill and talent. Push the boundaries beyond all rules, thought, feelings and imagination to more authentically and fully express who you are! Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy life from new perspectives, with broader visions, and with bigger more generous hearts! Take bold and confident action to discover and create more abundance and love in your life! Go for it! Be You!

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