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Surgical Site Infections

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1 Surgical Site Infections


3 SSIs are infections of the tissues, organs, or spaces exposed by surgeons during performance of an invasive procedure. an incisional SSI has occurred if a surgical wound drains purulent material or if the surgeon judges it to be infected and opens it


5 Primary intention of wound healing
Surgical wounds can heal in several ways. An incised wound that is clean and closed by sutures is said to heal by primary intention

6 Surgery for ruptured appendix. Image source:Flickr

7 Secondary Intention healing
Often, because of bacterial contamination or tissue loss, a wound will be left open to heal by granulation tissue formation and contraction; this constitutes healing by secondary intention

8 Wound healing by Tertiary intention
Delayed primary closure, or healing by tertiary intention, represents a combination of the first two, consisting of the placement of sutures, allowing the wound to stay open for a few days, and the subsequent closure of the sutures

9 TNP (topical negative pressure) or VAC therapy

10 The mechanism of VAC therapy: improvement of tissue perfusion,
reduction of bacterial load and edema.


12 The acronym CATS stands for:
C: Clippers (remove hair appropriately) A: Antibiotics (use prophylactic antibiotics appropriately) T: Temperature (maintain normothermia) S: Sugar (maintain glucose control).

13 References: healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and infection control , University of Texas Health Science Center, School of Public Health in Houston, Texas Schwartz's Principles of Surgery, Ninth Edition

14 Shiva Faramarzi Medicine 88

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