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Xiby PowerPoint Show 2005 Xiby PowerPoint Show 2005 Jesus said: “If I be lifted up on a cross, I will draw all men unto.

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2 Xiby PowerPoint Show 2005 Xiby PowerPoint Show 2005 Jesus said: “If I be lifted up on a cross, I will draw all men unto me” Jesus said: “If I be lifted up on a cross, I will draw all men unto me”


4 Pilate washed his hands of You, He could see You’d done no wrong. “Shall I release the king?” said he, “Kill Him,” said the throng. He had You whipped, and asked again, But still they answered so, And so he washed his hands of You, To death You had to go. The first station: Jesus is condemned to death.

5 The cross was placed upon Your back, You started on Your way. Towards the place where You would die, Where they would take Your life away, Bravely You bore that wooden cross, With every step You took. But why in this way, why like this, Carrying the cross of wood? The second station: Jesus carries his cross.

6 The weight of the cross was just too much, You fell down to the earth. “Get up” they shouted, “carry on, Don’t stop the fun just yet!” The people watching all around, Did not bother to help. Slowly You rose, and gathered Yourself, You bravely carried on. Everyone had deserted You Jesus, God’s own Son. The third station: Jesus falls for the first time.

7 While walking down the road to where, You would meet Your end, Your mother was there to meet You, She was Your only friend. She would not leave You all alone, Just as the apostles did, You were her Messiah, her King And stay to the end did she, She was resolved as well as You To leave God’s will to be. The fourth station: Jesus meets his mother.

8 Out of the crowd came Simon, The soldiers forced him to. He helped You carry the cross some way, Which he didn’t want to do. Bur after looking at Your face, He realised God’s plan, He decided to play his part, And help You if he can. So after thinking through it, He took upon his chest, A share of the wood, from the cross, The wood that we now bless. The fifth station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross.

9 Veronica saw Your torment, And she could no longer bear, To see Your face so ragged, The thorns tangled in Your hair. She ran out in front of You, And wiped the blood away, The Blood that was so sacred, It washes our sins away. The sixth station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

10 Again the cross became too much, You could not carry on, Down to the ground You went a second time, “Get up” became the mocking cry. The cross was lifted off Your back, Until You got back Your strength, Then the journey carried on, On towards Golgotha hill, Where the crucifixion would begin. The seventh station: Jesus falls for the second time.

11 The woman started weeping, As You were passing by, But to their eternal astonishment, You told them not to cry. “Do not weep for me,” said You, “Rather, weep for your own; The young, the lost, the old. But as for Me, shed no tears, This is how God planned it, Let Me be, I’ll carry on, upon this winding road” The tears had stopped, but You had not: The Cross was still Your load. The eighth station: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

12 And once again, You fell back down, Down to the earth below, “Get up, move on” was used again, To get You up and go. The job had to be finished, They dragged You from the dirt “Just walk along the road” they said “The slower You are, more will it will hurt” The ninth station: Jesus falls for the third time.

13 They divided Your garments among them, They cast lots for Your clothing, You were at Your destination, Where You were to be hung. You had walked so far, Walked so long To where You were going to die Your body weak, Your spirit crushed Near naked under the darkening sky. The tenth station: Jesus is stripped.

14 They took Your hands and feet Lord And nailed Them to the cross, More Blood ensued from these four holes Your spirit, now more crushed. “Forgive them Father,” is what you said “They know not what they do” Lord, you forgave your enemy’s, Just as we should do. The eleventh station: Jesus is nailed to the cross.

15 For nine hours You hung there, Your life ebbing away, “My God why have You abandoned Me?” You were all alone that day. They mocked while You were up there, “He saved others, he can save Himself” But death was not too far away, Getting nearer with every breath. “Into your hands I commend my Soul” The hour had came at last, So saying this, You gave Yourself to death You sighed and breathed Your last. The twelfth station: Jesus dies on the cross.

16 Pain and suffering, over now In the grip of death, A spear had pierced Your side No bone of Yours was broken, When on that day You died. Water flowed as well as Blood, From that Holy Flesh, You were taken down from that Cross And laid upon the earth. The thirteenth station: Jesus is taken down from the cross.

17 After Your death upon that Cross, And You were taken down, A shroud was placed around You, A tomb for You was found. They laid You down, upon that ground, Then they could do no more, They had to return on the third day To keep the Sabbath law. The fourteenth station: Jesus is laid in the tomb.

18 We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world. Have mercy on us Lord.

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