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Great Expectations A Survival Guide to Thompson’s English Class.

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2 Great Expectations A Survival Guide to Thompson’s English Class

3 A Year of Transitions 8 th to 9 th grade Second year of Block Schedule (Different Homeroom Procedures) Junior High to High School –A rant about capitalization and titles.capitalizationtitles Transitions in Writing: We’ll talk about them, too!Transitions

4 Writing We’ll write every day in this class…starting now. Writing Notebooks: Leave the first three pages blank. You’ll use ‘em later. Introduction: Tell me about yourself. Include a sentence or two on the following topics: reading, writing, favorite class/teacher, interests and abilities, hobbies/jobs, and something that will help me remember your name!

5 “How long does it have to be?” Already?! Really?! You can’t even go one freakin’ day without asking for some arbitrary boundary?! You’re writing about YOURSELF! You’re already an expert on this topic! Fascinate me! Engage me! (And make sure it doesn’t suck!) Write about your expectations…

6 What do you expect… …of the first day of school? …of an English class? …of an English teacher? …of your ninth grade year in general? …of yourself? Why?

7 What do you want to know… …about this class? …about your classmates? …about me? …about the school? …about English? …about anything else?

8 Write Now…Right Now! Now that you’ve got some ideas, take a few minutes and write. Don’t worry! This is informal. Okay, now we can continue with MY expectations….

9 What I expect of you… …is that you come to class ready to learn: –Paper to write on –Pen or pencil to write with –Homework or class activities completed –Reading book…always! –A willingness to learn and let others do the same

10 What I expect of you… …is that you follow the Classroom Policy: Personal Responsibility

11 What I expect of you… Personal Responsibility Dilbert has not learned Personal Responsibility.

12 What I expect of you… Personal Responsibility “Nothing destroys the individuality of a man, a woman, or a child so much as the failure to be self-reliant.” --Heber J. Grant

13 What I expect of you… Personal Responsibility “If it happens to you, it’s your problem. Now what are YOU gonna do about it?” --W. M. Thompson

14 What I expect of you… …is that you live by Life’s Great Equations: Freedom = Responsibility Choice = Consequence

15 What about… …homework? –Twice a week on average for written work –Reading every night! –Long-term assignments and projects require more of your own time. –It’s collected and scored when it is due. I don’t give it just to keep you busy.

16 What about… …reading? I’m awfully glad you asked! You’ll get detailed instructions, but you will be responsible to follow them on your own!detailed instructions –Just do it!

17 What about… …citizenship? –No systematic policy –School policy: Tardies/Unexcused Absences –Respect, Cooperation, Honesty –Everyone starts with an S. –Off the record: I hate filing those stupid discipline and tardy forms with the office, so if you never make me put your name on one, your citizenship will probably be just fine!

18 What about… …grades?* You fail only when you fail to try. –If you are here every day and you turn in every assignment, you can’t fail. –Your grade is in your own hands. –I don’t give grades; you earn them. *The grading scale is on your disclosure. Don’t lose it!

19 A Valuable Resource

20 Don’t… Do… …ask me to borrow supplies. …tell me you gotta pee. …make me repeat. …make excuses. …have Mommy make excuses for you. …try to make me feel sorry for you. …try to get other people to solve your problems for you. …be prepared …present your hall pass ticket. …listen as well as hear. …accept responsibility for yourself.

21 Miscellany The temperature: Freeze or Fry The stuff: Don’t mess with it! The bell: Ignore it! The door: Moo! “It’s an emergency!” Fire drills: The New Cruelty Announcements/Phone: The Old Cruelty

22 More Miscellany Lecterns vs. Podiums –Dais anyone? Apostrophe Abominations: Its vs. It’sApostrophe Abominations Candy, Pop, Gum, and Underwear –If I can’t see it… Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll! *<%^)

23 The End

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