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Welcome to Mrs. Mayer’s First Grade Class

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Mayer’s First Grade Class
School Year

2 A Bit About Me Graduate of Miami University
Student Taught on an American Air Force Base in Bitburg, Germany This is my thirteenth year in Beachwood, and my ninth year teaching first grade I received my M.A. Ed from Baldwin Wallace College I enjoy spending time with family, reading, and running

3 I would also like to introduce:
Mrs. Schachtel

4 Let’s Keep in Touch! Best Way: email
Next Best Way: phone (216) ext. 236 please leave a detailed message, including when and where I can reach you

5 Class Website Has weekly updates, district calendar, homework, helpful links, and student pictures

6 A Typical Day in First Grade
8:50-9:05 Journals 9:05-9:15 Morning Meeting 9:15-10:15 Whole Group Literacy 10:15-10:35 Snack/Morning Recess 10:35-11:35 Focused Reading Practice 11:35-12:10 Recess 12:10-12:40 Lunch 12:45-1:45 Math 1:45-2:15 Social Studies 2:15-3:15 Technology Lab 3:15-3:30 Prepare for Dismissal/Closing Meeting

7 Weekly Special Class Schedule
*Children should wear tennis shoes on Physical Education Days!* Monday:   Art Tuesday:   Library Wednesday:  P.E. Technology Thursday:   P.E.                     Music Friday:   Music

8 Rules Rules were created together by the class during
the first week of school. We brainstormed a list of important things to remember, and then narrowed them down to three rules: Rules

9 Consequences Consequences for Good Choices
Positive praise Extra pennies Extra room privileges Note home to parent Call home to parent Consequences for Not So Good Choices Warning Lose pennies Lose room or recess privileges Call home to parent

10 Three Great Ways to Get Involved:
Three Great Ways to Get Involved: 1.  Recess/Lunch Duty 2.  Class Store 3.  Parent Read Aloud

11 The Class Store! Money Exchange
Children earn three pretend pennies each day Children can earn extra pennies when they are doing the right thing Each child has three banks..."Spend", "Save", and "Give" Often during math class, they exchange their pennies for nickels, dimes, and quarters This is great practice in counting coins Class Store Once a month, children have an opportunity to spend their pennies at the store Items range from erasers and pencils to fun toys Donations are always appreciated! Volunteers are always appreciated!

12 Home Folders Home folders will be sent home each night,
and should return each morning. The folders should be checked and emptied EVERY night, so important fliers and notes do not get lost. Notes to me should be put in the folder to hand in first thing in the morning.

13 Snack Every day our class has a few minutes set aside for snack.
Please pack a snack each day for your child. Snack can be put in a small sandwich bag and packed separately from lunch. Snacks will be kept in the cubby until snack time, no refrigeration is available. Suggestions: pretzels, grapes, goldfish, small crackers…anything healthy and ready to eat. No candy please. No nuts please.

14 Birthday Treat Information
Due to the Wellness program that our district has adopted, birthdays will be celebrated once a month, on the Friday of the first full week of the month. Parents of the children whose birthdays fall on the same month may want to contact each other about treats. On your child’s actual birthday, I would still like to acknowledge his/her special day. You are free to come and visit, read to the class, etc. No treats are allowed at this time.

15 Book Orders Occasionally, I will send home order forms
to purchase books through Scholastic. I will explain to the children that ordering is OPTIONAL! If you choose to order, please send in a check made out to the company for the EXACT amount due. Please send check in an envelope with your child’s name and “Book Order” on the front. Thank you!

16 Dismissal Bus Notes/Transportation Changes
If your child is going to another child’s house to play, or the regular transportation changes for dismissal, your child must have a note the morning that the change is going to occur. If you call the office with a change in transportation, please do so before 1:00 which is typically the last chance I have to check my mailbox.

17 And now it is time for… Academics!

18 Mathematics Operations and Algebraic Thinking
“My Math” Program Program was crafted to cover the Common Core State Standards Divided into 4 math content strands that cover a number of of skills and concepts: Operations and Algebraic Thinking Number and Operations in Base Ten Measurement and Data Geometry

19 Reading Groups Reading Street Literacy Program
Consists of whole group comprehension/elements of narration lessons, flexible grouping within the classroom, and focused literacy instruction geared to your child's specific skills and needs. There is flexibility within the groups throughout the year.

20 Social Studies/Health
All About Families Where We Live Good Citizens All Kinds of Jobs Americans Long Ago Beginning Map Skills Nutrition, Hygiene, Five Senses Science Science Lab! Big Books with corresponding lessons Three major themes with many corresponding books and lessons: -Our Earth -Life Science -States of Matter

21 Writing Workshop Throughout the year, your child will participate in a variety of writing experiences. Each day your child will have a chance to choose “Writing Workshop”. At times the children will pick their own topic, and other times a topic is assigned. During this time, your child will be introduced to the stages of the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing). Your child will also be introduced to the five main goals when writing (purpose, direction, ideas, style, and presentation). We will begin to discuss the importance of each goal and look at examples of good writing.

22 Homework 20 minutes per night maximum It will focus on reading,
practicing spelling words, and math review Each day a homework list goes home, and an adult must initial it each night

23 Technology Integration
in the Classroom Smartboard! Elmo!

24 Thank you for your attention!
I will do my best to provide your child a secure, comfortable, loving place to learn. Never hesitate to or call!

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