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1 Hajj Presentation

2 The Middle East

3 Saudi Arabia

4 Rituals of Hajj 1. Walking around the Ka'aba Pilgrims walk seven times around the Ka'aba at the Great Mosque in Mecca. Many also attempt to touch the Black Stone - a rock believed to have been sent from Heaven. 2. Running between the hills of Safa and Marwa Pilgrims run seven times along a passageway in the Great Mosque, re-enacting a search for water by Hajar, wife of the Prophet Ibrahim. 3. Standing at Arafah On the ninth day of the month, pilgrims go to Arafah, a plain about nine miles southeast of Mecca. There they listen to a sermon delivered from Mount Arafah, where the Prophet Muhammad (s) gave his final sermon.

5 4. Night at Muzdalifah Pilgrims spend a night in the open at Muzdalifah, near Mecca. They collect pebbles to throw at the pillars in Mina. 5. Throwing stones at the Pillars in Mina Pilgrims throw pebbles at three spots where Satan is believed to have tempted the Prophet Ibrahim (a) and his family. 6. Sacrifice at Mina Pilgrims sacrifice an animal (usually a sheep or goat). This commemorates the time when the Prophet Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son and God accepted a sheep instead. 7. Drinking Zamzam water Pilgrims drink water from the Zamzam well, which is inside the Great Mosque. Muslims believe this is where God provided water from Hajar and her son, Ismail, when they were wandering in the desert.

6 Pligrims saying their Prayers

7 Pilgrims around the Ka’bah

8 Footsteps of Prophet Abraham

9 Walking between the hills of Safa and Marwa

10 Tents on the Plain of Arafah

11 Throwing stones at the Pillars

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