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Neptune By:Zainb and Zeina.

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1 Neptune By:Zainb and Zeina

2 Orbit Length Neptune’s orbit length is 4,504,000,000 km.

3 Diameter Neptune’s diameter is 49,538 km.

4 Distance From The Sun The distance from the sun is 4,504,300,000 km.

5 Temperature The temperature on Neptune is below c.

6 Visitors There is NO human that landed on Neptune.

7 Satellites There are 2 satellites.The satellites are,Hubble space telescope and Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory and 8 moons.

8 Features Neptune has four rings and a blue storm.

9 Days and Years It takes Neptune 19.1 hours to make a day.It takes Neptune Earth years to make 1 year on Neptune.

10 Surface Neptune’s surface is a solid.

11 Color,Texture and Landmarks
Neptune’s color is blue.The texture is solid.The landmarks are,clouds,a storm and it is a gas giant.

12 Interesting Facts!!!!! The blue dot on Neptune is a storm.That storm has been on a different spot on the planet then vanished.Then it came back on the spot that is on now.

13 Neptune was named after the Roman god of the sea.

14 Sometimes Neptune is the eighth planet and sometimes it is the ninth planet.It’s orbit probably crosses Pluto’s orbit.

15 Neptune is the smallest gas giant in our solar system.

16 Urbain Le Verrier discovered Neptune on September 23,1846.

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