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E Komo Mai Team Lōkahi Unity, to be expressed with harmony.

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1 E Komo Mai Team Lōkahi Unity, to be expressed with harmony.

2 Edline KMS will continue using Edline in all classes A letter will be sent home soon Be sure you are signed up for Edline Team Lokahi will update Assignments/Homework weekly Edline grades about every two weeks Refer to Edline to keep track of your child’s assignments and grades

3 Language Arts

4 Juliet Matsumura - Language Arts B.A. in English; Creative Writing Masters in Secondary English Education Both degrees from Colorado College Taught abroad for four years: Language Arts and Social studies Colombia for three years Turkey for one year Fourth Year at KMS and ninth year teaching

5 Goals for Language Arts Become avid readers Enjoy learning and using new vocabulary Critically think while reading, researching, and observing Confidently present learned information Creatively and accurately express information, opinions, and observations in writing

6 Quarter Focuses 7 th Grade Quarter 1 – Historical Fiction and Narrative Writing Quarter 2 – Gardens with poetry and non-fiction Quarter 3 – Argumentative Writing and non-fiction Quarter 4 – Propaganda analysis with the Cold War and argumentative writing 8th Grade Quarter 1 – 1960’s and the Bill of Rights Quarter 2 – Narrative and Argumentative writing— Native Americans Quarter 3 – Research with Women’s rights and child labor Quarter 4 – Amendments and reconstruction with argumentative writing

7 Tutoring! After school – Tuesdays & Fridays 2:15 – 3:00pm Study Hall – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Any and all students are welcome!

8 Demerits and Merits Why would my child get a demerit? Tardy No supplies Food/Gum/Drinks Inappropriate Behaviors Not Following Directions One demerit = 15 minutes of time with the teacher who gave the demerit

9 How can my child work off a demerit? Student checks with the teacher first Recess After school NOT study hall or during school One week to make up the demerit After one week, no merit recognition participation

10 Merit Recognition Activities Motivational Speakers! Otter Pops! All School Dance! Talent Show!

11 Mrs. O’Neill Math

12 Introduction Virginia Tech, B.S. in Mathematics Have taught Math 7, Math 7 Honors, Math 8 and Algebra Taught for Roanoke County, Virginia Beach, and Fairfax County prior to Hawaii This is my third year at KMS and ninth year as a middle school teacher overall

13 HCCPS Standards  Fractions, Decimals & Percents  Integers (negatives) and Absolute Value  Order of Operations  Equations & Inequalities  Functions  Geometry: Transformations, Area & Perimeter  Proportional Reasoning  Statistics & Probability

14 HCCPS Standards  Square & Cube Roots  Exponent Rules  Trigonometry Intro (sin, cos, tan)  Functions  Geometry: Transformations, Surface Area & Volume  Pythagorean Theorem  Proportional Reasoning  Statistics & Probability

15 Plagiarism Copying any work that is not yours Copying homework from other students Copying and pasting from the internet Copying from books (without citations) Note: Both the copier and the person who allows someone to copy will face consequences

16 Social Studies Steve Majzun

17 Social Studies - Mr. Majzun Background... O BA – Political Science Univ. of Missouri O MEd. – Hawaii Pacific Univ. O Student taught at Maryknoll in 8 th grade O 1 st year teaching @ KMS Personal... O Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri O 15 years in sales O Lived in Hawaii for 5 years

18 7 th Grade Content O 1 st Semester: History of the Hawaiian Kingdom Western Arrival & Unification through the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy O 2 nd Semester: Pacific Island Studies European Contact through Contemporary Island Issues

19 8 th Grade Content O US History The Constitution through the Civil War & Reconstruction Era

20 What we do... O Textbook Reading 8 th grade – online version O Primary Source Analysis O Film Study O Variety of Assessments Posters, pamphlets, PowerPoint, oral presentations, essays, etc. O Internet Activities O Current Events (every Wednesday) O Quizzes and Tests

21 O Grading Scale O Assessment Retakes ONE retake per Qtr. per subject The re-take grade will replace the original grade Team Policies 90 – 100% = 80 – 89% = 70 – 79% = 60 – 69% = 0 – 59% = ABCDFABCDF = Meets with Excellence (4) = Meets Proficient (3) = Meets Partially Proficient (2) = Developing Proficiency (1) = Well Below (0)

22 Team Policies O Late Work Accepted under the following conditions: o Within ONE CLASS of original due date with a 10% reduction of grade o After one class day the assignment will be counted as a zero

23 Ms. Nina Fujimoto Team Lokahi 7 th Grade Life Science 8 th Grade Earth/Space Science B.A. in Zoology, MBA in Curriculum Studies Second year teaching at KMS Sixth year teaching!


25 Interdisciplinary Units (IDU) Two (2) per year (one on sustainability) Connect all disciplines by providing multiple perspectives and greater depth coverage Integrate scientific processes, communication skills, problem solving, and critical thinking Transform and empower students to be agents of change Preparation - field trip - reflection

26 Team/Teacher Wish List Team classroom supplies of paper towels, kleenex, and reams of colored paper KMS Website for teacher specific supplies Monetary donations for team activities Fundraising coming soon

27 - Classroom Tour!

28 Please fill out your evaluation & take a cookie for the road!

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