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Chinese Music from the Tang Dynasty and the Works of Gustav Mahler.

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1 Chinese Music from the Tang Dynasty and the Works of Gustav Mahler

2 The Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 C.E.) A golden age of culture in Chinese history Unified over a vast territory At the end of it’s reign, ruled over around 80,000,000 people Received influences in the arts through trade from areas like India, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Persia Buddhism and Confucianism, major influences in Tang culture

3 Music of the Tang Known to typically use pentatonic scales - Developed over the course of the entirety of Chinese history, until the 600s of Tang rule Musical performances of song and dance were reserved for the upper class and wealthy Court music

4 Instruments Lutes (Pipa, Liuqin) Guzhengs Harps (Konghou) Wood winds (Flutes - Dizi)

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7 Li Bai A Chinese poet who lived in the 8 th century Regarded as one of the greatest poets of the Tang dynasty, and arguably in Chinese literary history Some of his works put a peculiar focus on wine His poetry was adapted to be sung in German for Gustav’s Mahler’s Song for the Earth.

8 Gustav Mahler (1860 – 1911) Bohemian born Was Jewish, and was often ridiculed by the Vienna media for it. External pressure pushed him to convert to Roman Catholicism Began studying music at the age of 15 at the Vienna Conservatory in Austria Became the director of the Vienna Opera at age 37 Composed 9 symphonies and 4 song cycles Composing style is considered to be of the late Romantic Era Known for his dualities in life, and music. (e.g. west v. east, triumph v. heartbreak, optimism v. hopelessness.) Was not very highly regarded as a composer during his time Died of a blood infection in 1911

9 Das Lied von der Erde Integrated four of Li Bai's works into his symphonic song cycle Das Lied von der Erde. (Li Bai regarded as one of the greatest Chinese poets, lived in the Tang Dynasty) An orchestral piece in 6 parts –1. The Drinking Song of Earth’s misery –2. The Lonely One in Autumn –3. Of Youth –4. Of Beauty –5. The Drunken Man in Spring –6. The Farewell Although it was his ninth symphony, was not numbered his ninth Incorporates western ideas with eastern, Chinese influences Contained flute passages that imitated Tang musical style ( 23:12 – 26:26)

10 The comparison Similarities Similar flute passages Both pay homage to traditional Chinese art style Melodic lines from the woodwinds sound similar at time Lady Meng Jiang Written to imitate the style of Classical Chinese Chamber music Soloist piece Short piece Das Lied von der Erde Large, orchestral Lengthy six part song cycle Incorporated the used of voices Almost like an opera, in nature

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