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Ninth Grade Parent and Student Orientation Program 2013-2014 WELCOME CLASS OF 2017.

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1 Ninth Grade Parent and Student Orientation Program 2013-2014 WELCOME CLASS OF 2017

2  Presentation for students and parents  Students leave to explore building, find classes and locker; open and practice opening locker  Parents remain in auditorium for Q and A.  By announcement; students and parents re-unite in cafeteria for popsicles.  Thank you to our NHS student volunteers who are here tonight to help our incoming ninth graders.

3  Mr. Heath Hanley; High School Principal  Mr. Matt Zebrowski; MS/HS Assistant Principal  Mr. Terence Nash; Athletic Director  Mr. Theodore Nugent; Transportation Director  Ms. Carly Meade; Educational Technologist/CIO  Ms. Jess Pray; School Counselor, Grade 9  Ms. Dawn Essex; School Counselor, Grades 10-12 (A-K)  Ms. Angela Zumbolo; School Counselor, Grades 10-12 (L-Z)  Ms. Abbie Breen; High School Nurse

4  Our Vision: Coxsackie-Athens inspires learners to achieve extraordinary success.  Our Mission: The Coxsackie-Athens community works collaboratively to create personalized learning opportunities. We develop self-directed college and career ready students who are prepared to succeed in our global society.

5 “Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Possibilities.” This Mission is for every one of our students; not just some of them! What might your possibilities look like?

6 Graduation Rate: ◦ At least 93% of students will graduate* ◦ 100% of students will have a plan for college and career Mastery and Passing: ◦ The overall proficiency rate on the NYS grades 3-8 tests and Regents exams will be either 90% or increase by 15% from 2013 performance levels. ◦ The overall mastery rate on NYS grades 3-8 and Regents exams will increase by 12% from 2013 performance levels. Participation: ◦ 100% of students will participate each year in at least one community service activity. College and Career Ready: ◦ At least 90% of K-4 students will at or above grade level in reading, as measured by Fountas and Pinnell.* ◦ 100% of 8 th graders will enter high school with a plan for success. ◦ 100% of graduates will have earned three college credits or a career technical endorsement. * Though our current goals are not 100% we are and will be constantly striving to have ALL of our students reading at grade level and graduating.

7  The total amount of students passing and achieving mastery on Regents exams will increase 6%, from 78% passing in 2013 to 84% passing in 2014; and achieving mastery 29% in 2013 to 35% in 2014.  The total number of students passing and achieving mastery for their final course averages will increase 6%; from 84% passing in 2013 to 90% passing in 2014; and 55% achieving mastery in three or more of their courses in 2013 to 61% in 2014.

8  Highly effective faculty and staff that is focused on teaching and learning and high expectations for all students.  Every student counts; everyday!  Working together with students and their parents and guardians.  Innovative programs that meet the needs of all of our students: ◦ Rti labs for struggling learners ◦ “Blocked” classes for Sciences, Algebra, and Trig ◦ Distance Learning…Mandarin Chinese, ASL ◦ Online Learning…credit recovery and accrual ◦ Integration of Technology…ipads, mobile laptops carts ◦ Power Lunches/Career Exploration ◦ CTE opportunities ◦ Expanding College-credit bearing courses via AP, CGCC, and SUNY ◦ Increasing communication with students and parents about scheduling and college planning ◦ Integration and implementation of formative benchmark assessments aligned with State assessments ◦ Tighter Attendance and Tardy practices

9  In high school, in order to graduate, you must:  Earn Course Credits…22 minimum in specific areas. (Courses have pre-requisites)  Pass State Exams (NYS Regents Exams)…5 to 9 depending on diploma type. ****All of this culminates in the development of an official transcript…beginning on the first day of ninth grade!

10  Exams and Credits are two different things  Until senior year, there are no exemptions from final exams at the end of the year  There is no such thing as “social promotion” at the high school level  There is a significant difference between “passing” and “career and/or college” ready.

11 TOTAL CREDITS: 22 Regents Diploma Math (3 credits) English (4 credits) Social Studies (4 credits) Science (3 credits) Art/Music (1 credit) Health (0.5 credits) Physical Education (2 credits) LOTE (1 credit) Electives (3.5 credits) Advanced Regents Diploma Math (Alg., Geom., Alg2/Trig) (3 credits) English (4 credits) Social Studies (4 credits) Lab-based Science (3 credits) Art/Music (1 credit) Health (0.5 credits) Physical Education (2 credits) LOTE (3 credits)* Electives (1.5 credits)

12 5 exams9 exams Regents Diploma Total of 5 exams, with a grade of 65% or higher: Algebra English Global Studies US History One Science Advanced Regents Diploma** Total of 9 exams, with a grade of 65% or higher: Math (Algebra, Geometry, & Algebra 2/Trig) English Global Studies US History Two Sciences LOTE (Checkpoint B equivalent)

13 Guide to Program Planning Code of Conduct Student/Parent Handbook All located on the HS website under QUICKLINKS

14  Daily Routine: ◦ 7:30-7:45 Arrival: All students in the cafeteria. ◦ 7:45-7:55 Transition to first period. ◦ Bell Schedule the same as the middle school. ◦ Daily Announcements during Period 1 (on website) ◦ All classes are 42 minutes long (except blocked courses) ◦ Lunches are 30 minutes ◦ 2:26: General Dismissal…first buses ◦ 2:30-3:10: Period 9; Extra help with teachers ◦ 3:25: Second round of buses

15  Actively contribute to a culture of mutual respect  Ask for permission and a pass before leaving a classroom.  Do not text during class time (both parents and students)  Come to class on time with materials  Communicate with your teachers. We are here because we want to help!  All 9th grade teachers expect headings on assignments:  First and Last Name ◦ Date ◦ Class Period ◦ Assignment  All 9th grade teachers require binders. Keep your notes organized, you'll need them in June.  All 9th grade teachers allow you to earn points back on exams if you complete test corrections.

16 Mr. Theodore Nugent

17 Ms. Carly Meade Educational Technologist and CIO

18  Monitor your child’s academic progress.  Check attendance.  Disciplinary records.  Add eschool to your SMART phone for progress monitoring on the go!  Come visit me tonight at HS Computer Lab #183 and I will assist you with logging onto the parent portal.

19 Mr. Matthew Zebrowski MS/HS Assistant Principal

20  We are committed to… ◦ Come to school motivated to learn. ◦ Give our best effort each and every day. ◦ Collaborate with our peers in learning. ◦ Provide service to our community and make connections to our global society. ◦ Demonstrate respect and pride in self, others, school and community.

21  Electronic Devices- changed to reflect true spirit of the practice  Late/Tardy Policy- 3 strikes; You’re out- ◦ LUNCH DETENTION  No Pass List  Additional hall presence

22  Be where you are supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there.  Stay out of the hallways during instructional times.  Do not accept everything anyone says as FACT! (this leads to conflict).  Support and Collaborate with One Another!

23 Ms. Abbie Breen

24 Mr. Terence Nash

25  Academics First  Stay organized  Ask for help and use resources  NO DRAMA!  Get involved

26  Grades 9-11 Picture Day ◦ Tuesday, Sept 11 th  Parents’ Night/Open House ◦ Tuesday, Sept 24 th 6:30 pm  Spirit Week ◦ Monday, Sept 16 th – Friday, Sept 20 th  Homecoming Game ◦ Friday evening, Sept 20 th  Homecoming Dance ◦ Saturday, Sept 21 st 7-10pm in HS cafeteria

27 Drama Club GSA (Gay –Straight Alliance Club) High School Yearbook Interact Club Language Club Library Club Mock Trial National Honor Society Newspaper Club Prom Committee Quiz Bowl SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) Select Choir Student Council World of Difference And More……if you are interested in creating a club, you can!!!


29  Take your schedule; go out and explore the building: find your locker, make sure you can open it, and find each of your classes.  At the next announcement, we will all meet in the cafeteria for popsicles and to re-unite with you parents/guardians.  HAVE FUN!

30 What else do you need to know for the first few days of school, and beyond?

31 What’s on YOUR mind?

32 Let’s rejoin our students in the cafeteria for a popsicle before we go home! Listen for an announcement for this to occur.

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