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Parent Survival Guide HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. Many End Points to Consider Academic Success  Challenging courses according to abilities  Willing to try new.

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1 Parent Survival Guide HIGH SCHOOL LIFE

2 Many End Points to Consider Academic Success  Challenging courses according to abilities  Willing to try new courses  Will academic choices in high school support future academic goals Career Goals  Is my student prepared for the work force after high school  Will my student find a job  Are career goals realistic  Willing to think out of box  Will my student need more training to be employable

3 Many end points to consider Social Emotional Wellness  Is my student’s life in balance ?  Balance between academic demands  Balance between family responsibilities and expectations  Balance with the social realities of life as a teenager

4 Academic Success What do I need to know?  Graduation Requirements  Diploma Options  GPA  What is it  How is GPA computed  Why is it important  What is class rank  How is rank computed  What is a 4 year plan  Why is the plan important  What happens at scheduling  Why is class selection important

5 Academic Success Graduation Requirements-Diploma Options  ADVANCED  4 English  4 Math  4 History  4 Science  World Language  3years of 1 or 2 + 2  Economics/Finance  2 PE  1 Senior Project  1 Fine Art or CTE  1 On-Line Course*  1-2 Electives  Minimum: 26 Credits (9 SOLs)  STANDARD  4 English  3 Math  3 History  3 Science  1 Economics/Finance  2 PE  1 Senior Project  1 On-line Course*  2 Fine Art/Language or CTE  Industry Certification  3 Electives (include sequential)  Minimum: 22 Credits (6 SOLs)

6 Academic Success GPA: What and How Grade%Quality PointAP A4.05.0 B+87-893.54.5 B3.04.0 C+77-792.53.5 C2.03.0 D+67-691.52.5 D1.02.0 E00

7 Academic Success GPA: Why GRADE 91.4 GRADE 102.5 GRADE 113.0 GRADE 124.3 Final GPA2.8 GPA is cumulative Each year is weighted the same Upwards trajectory is preferred Middle school credit

8 Academic Success Class Rank?????? GPAs: Highest to lowest GPA:4.0 + = #1 Can have multiple number #1s Class of 2015: 19 students ranked #1 Student with 3.99 is ranked #20 Colleges use for comparison within a school A possible check for grade inflation ParentVue: A useful resource

9 Academic Success 4 Year Plans: A Road Map Dynamic document: Subject to change based on  Student’s interests  Student’s goals congruent with strengths and weaknesses  Student’s changing maturity  Willingness to try something new  9th grade: January/February  10th grade: April  11th grade: December


11 Academic Success Scheduling Occurs during January and February Yes, it’s very early but it’s a staffing issue Ninth grade students  Workshop with counselor in their House  Course selection occurs, CRF brought home for signature  Student meets with counselor to finalize courses 10th grade students  Meet individually with counselor, CRFs brought home


13 CAREER GOALS Career and future occupational paths are developmental Very few individuals know what they «want » to be from a young age Jobs and career choice still appears to be stereotypical at young ages By middle school, some students have some ideas High school can be a time of exploring subjects that may be interesting Do not need to « pick a major » before college

14 CAREER GOALS Some students seem to focus on what they have experienced within their own families  Students from families with international experience may be interested in international careers  Students who have grown up on farms may only consider agricultural careers  Students who have family in law enforcement and the military may focus on the same  Students may decide to focus on something entirely different than their families

15 Career Goals What can we do to help our students explore different fields, occupations, careers?  Exposure to different careers through friends, family, people we meet  Encourage positive use of media  Encourage internships, part-time work, and volunteer experiences

16 CAREER GOALS: NAVIANCE Ninth Grade: Orientation to NAVIANCE Log In, Password, Overview of System Students take the Career Interest Profiler and personality inventories Tenth Grade: Three Part Career Development/Career Choice Workshop Part 1: Making sure all 10th graders have NAVIANCE info and Career Interest Profile Part 2: Career Workshop Part 3: Career Speakers (Day) based on students expressed interests and workshop results



19 Social Emotional Wellness SOME QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER Do I know my student’s friends ?  Have I met my student’s friends?  Do I have contact numbers for friends?  Have I met the parents of my student’s friends?  Have I joined the PTA or Boosters?

20 Social Emotional Wellness How does my student spend their time?  What are my student’s activities?  Are there too many or too few?  Is my student affiliated with any groups or activities within/without school  Interact Club  Best Buddies  Red Cross

21 Social Emotional Wellness WHAT IS MY PARENTING STYLE?  Am I parent or a friend?  Am I able to set reasonable expections and limits?  Am I too rigid or too flexible?  Am I a helicopter parent?  Do we have an emergency situation understanding?  Am I willing to listen and consider my student’s point of view?  Am I able to recognize « red flags »?

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