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HIGH SCHOOL LIFE Parent Survival Guide.

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1 HIGH SCHOOL LIFE Parent Survival Guide

2 Many End Points to Consider
Academic Success Challenging courses according to abilities Willing to try new courses Will academic choices in high school support future academic goals Career Goals Is my student prepared for the work force after high school Will my student find a job Are career goals realistic Willing to think out of box Will my student need more training to be employable

3 Many end points to consider
Social Emotional Wellness Is my student’s life in balance? Balance between academic demands Balance between family responsibilities and expectations Balance with the social realities of life as a teenager

4 Academic Success What do I need to know? How is GPA computed
Graduation Requirements Diploma Options GPA What is it How is GPA computed Why is it important What is class rank How is rank computed What is a 4 year plan Why is the plan important What happens at scheduling Why is class selection important

5 Academic Success Graduation Requirements-Diploma Options
ADVANCED 4 English 4 Math 4 History 4 Science World Language 3years of 1 or 2 + 2 Economics/Finance 2 PE 1 Senior Project 1 Fine Art or CTE 1 On-Line Course* 1-2 Electives Minimum: 26 Credits (9 SOLs) STANDARD 4 English 3 Math 3 History 3 Science 1 Economics/Finance 2 PE 1 Senior Project 1 On-line Course* 2 Fine Art/Language or CTE Industry Certification 3 Electives (include sequential) Minimum: 22 Credits (6 SOLs)

6 Academic Success GPA: What and How
Grade % Quality Point AP A B B C C D D E

7 Academic Success GPA: Why
GRADE GRADE GRADE GRADE Final GPA 2.8 GPA is cumulative Each year is weighted the same Upwards trajectory is preferred Middle school credit

8 Academic Success Class Rank??????
GPAs: Highest to lowest GPA: = #1 Can have multiple number #1s Class of 2015: 19 students ranked #1 Student with 3.99 is ranked #20 Colleges use for comparison within a school A possible check for grade inflation ParentVue: A useful resource

9 Academic Success 4 Year Plans: A Road Map
Dynamic document: Subject to change based on Student’s interests Student’s goals congruent with strengths and weaknesses Student’s changing maturity Willingness to try something new 9th grade: January/February 10th grade: April 11th grade: December


11 Academic Success Scheduling
Occurs during January and February Yes, it’s very early but it’s a staffing issue Ninth grade students Workshop with counselor in their House Course selection occurs, CRF brought home for signature Student meets with counselor to finalize courses 10th grade students Meet individually with counselor, CRFs brought home


13 CAREER GOALS Career and future occupational paths are developmental
Very few individuals know what they «want » to be from a young age Jobs and career choice still appears to be stereotypical at young ages By middle school, some students have some ideas High school can be a time of exploring subjects that may be interesting Do not need to « pick a major » before college

14 CAREER GOALS Some students seem to focus on what they have experienced within their own families Students from families with international experience may be interested in international careers Students who have grown up on farms may only consider agricultural careers Students who have family in law enforcement and the military may focus on the same Students may decide to focus on something entirely different than their families

15 Career Goals What can we do to help our students explore different fields, occupations, careers? Exposure to different careers through friends, family, people we meet Encourage positive use of media Encourage internships, part-time work, and volunteer experiences

Ninth Grade: Orientation to NAVIANCE Log In, Password, Overview of System Students take the Career Interest Profiler and personality inventories Tenth Grade: Three Part Career Development/Career Choice Workshop Part 1: Making sure all 10th graders have NAVIANCE info and Career Interest Profile Part 2: Career Workshop Part 3: Career Speakers (Day) based on students expressed interests and workshop results


18 Social Emotional Wellness

19 Social Emotional Wellness
SOME QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER Do I know my student’s friends ? Have I met my student’s friends? Do I have contact numbers for friends? Have I met the parents of my student’s friends? Have I joined the PTA or Boosters?

20 Social Emotional Wellness
How does my student spend their time? What are my student’s activities? Are there too many or too few? Is my student affiliated with any groups or activities within/without school Interact Club Best Buddies Red Cross

21 Social Emotional Wellness
WHAT IS MY PARENTING STYLE? Am I parent or a friend? Am I able to set reasonable expections and limits? Am I too rigid or too flexible? Am I a helicopter parent? Do we have an emergency situation understanding? Am I willing to listen and consider my student’s point of view? Am I able to recognize « red flags »?

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