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Patient Experience at Whitman Hospital & Medical Center 2002 through 2012.

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1 Patient Experience at Whitman Hospital & Medical Center 2002 through 2012

2 “Service is simple. It’s just not easy.” – a quote from anyone who’s tried to deliver it

3 Journey Begins………. In 2002 team came together –Based off Disney & Studer –WE CARE –Care Team –Caught Caring –Develop standards –Quarterly Celebration “Fish Theme”

4 Initial Satisfaction

5 Journey continues….. Renew retreat – all employees (2006) Part of new employee orientation (2008) –“Give ‘em the Pickle” video New manager orientation Awards for achieving 90+ percentile scores Service recovery – HAT (hear, apologize, thank/take action)

6 Journey continues……. Move into new hospital October 2008 Change in CCO and CEO – 2009 New strategic plan early 2010 with goal to 95 th percentile Update to mission, vision and values –Education to all

7 Journey continues …… Whiteboards in patient rooms MSU and ED Hourly rounding on patients Bedside reporting Handover communication using standardized SBAR format Follow-Up phone calls to SDS and MSU patients within 72 hrs.

8 Journey continues……. Quarterly challenges added base on values –Look for respect –Compassion – look for kindness challenge –Teamwork – making miracles happen –Trustworthiness – your definition, seeing it in action –Stewardship – Biggest loser contest and waste watchers

9 Journey continues……. WOW wall Rounding – focus on key areas within patient care areas –Pain –Noise –Privacy –Hand hygiene Senior leader rounding

10 Patient Satisfaction Ranking Renew Retreat Strategic Goal Construction & move

11 2013 and beyond On-line incident reporting –Includes complaints Managers meeting – 10 min on Patient Experience twice a month Provide real time education Tell patient stories Thematic Goal – patient comes first

12 2013 and beyond Q Tips (quarterly tips) Pillar talk (communication team newsletter) Quarterly focus question based off HCAHPS PI dashboards – all areas

13 Patient Satisfaction 2010 - 2012

14 Recognition Internal –Board –Senior Leaders External- –RHQN –National Rural Health Association Recognized last two yeas in a row for patient experience – top 20 CAH’s in country

15 Everything matters. Everything we say matters. Everything we do matters. Everyone is watching. Everyone is listening.

16 Ninety-ninth percentile organizations have ninety-ninth percentile leaders.

17 You know you are a 99 th % healthcare leader when you… Pick up trash daily Constantly chat up other departments and people Say hello to EVERYONE Are the employee you want your employees to be Know employee names Park far away Hire for talent Obsess about recognition Are addicted to a positive attitude Don’t run in a posse

18 Continued…………… Gently call out those not living up to the organizational values Are seen in patient care areas other than during a sentinel event Get invited to department meetings Give everyone your home phone # Are visible Walk people where they have to go Cast the vision daily Encourage friendships among employees Love your employees Save Blackberry – checking for later Bring your fun to work!!!!

19 Questions………

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