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Mrs. King’s Math Class 2013-2014 School Year.

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1 Mrs. King’s Math Class School Year

2 Seating Chart Look at the seating chart, and find your assigned desk number. Take your seat at the correct desk. Take out a piece of lined paper and a writing utensil. Wait patiently for the next set of directions.

3 Warm Up Procedure Each week, you will complete all warm ups on a single sheet of paper. It will be collected every Friday and count as a classwork grade. Any missing days will result in no points for that day. f

4 Warm Up Procedure Fold your paper in THIRDS.
At the top, write your NAME, PERIOD, and WEEK ___ (the week number will always be written on the board). Label ‘Monday’, ‘Tuesday’, ‘Wednesday’ on the FRONT. Label ‘Thursday’, ‘Friday’, and ‘Questions/Comments’ on the BACK.

5 Warm Up Procedure Normally, your Warm Up will be projected on the board as you walk into the classroom. As soon as you gather your materials (binder, calculator, iPad, etc.) and sit down you should immediately start your warm up on your lined paper for the week. You will be given about 5 minutes each day to complete your warm up.

6 Entering Classroom Procedure
Be sure to have all required materials (binder, paper, pen/pencil, textbook, homework, etc) before coming to class. Enter the classroom quietly. Grab your calculator, iPad, and any other materials on the table (ruler, handouts, etc). If necessary, use this time to sharpen your pencil. Take your seat and start your warm up. When you have completed your warm up, be sure to write the homework in your agenda book.

7 Entering Classroom Procedure
LET’S PRACTICE! (For now, we don’t have iPads but we will in about 2 weeks.) How quickly can we enter the classroom and begin our warm up?

8 Warm Up List three words that best describe you.
In Monday’s box of your warm up paper, complete the following warm up. List three words that best describe you. List two things you did this summer. List one thing you are looking forward to in high school this year.

9 Mini Activity NAME PLATES!
Fold your construction paper in THIRDS (so it will stand up) Write your name in MARKER on one side Stand it up on your desk!

10 HOMEWORK PROCEDURE Each day the homework will be written on the side board. All homework is due the next day at the beginning of class. Always be sure to write your homework down in your agenda book. If the homework is a handout, be sure to place it in your folder at the end of class when you receive it.

11 Please write this in your agenda book now.
HOMEWORK Normally, homework is due the next day. For this week, your homework will be due on Thursday. DUE WEDNESDAY: 3-ring Binder, dividers, 2 double pocket folders DUE THURSDAY: Syllabus Contract, Syllabus Scavenger Hunt, and Parent Survey Please write this in your agenda book now.


13 REQUIRED MATERIALS You must have your 3 ring binder, dividers, and 2 folders by WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21! If you foresee an issue with getting this materials by Wednesday, please talk to me after class so that we can work out a solution!

14 ELECTRONICS POLICY 1st offense: You will be asked to put it away
2nd offense: I will take it and return it at the end of the class period 3rd offense: I will take it and return it at the end of the school day 4th offense: I will take it and submit it to the main office; At that point a parent or guardian will need to come to the school in order to pick it up.

15 FOOD/DRINK POLICY It will be thrown out as soon as I see it.
You may have water (however, no other types of drinks are allowed) You may chew gum as long as I can’t see it or hear it (ie: don’t blow bubbles or have it hanging out of your mouth and do not ‘pop’ the gum) If it becomes an issue where I find it under desks constantly, this rule we change to NO GUM AT ALL!

16 UNIFORM POLICY You must have on a White Polo Shirt and Khaki Bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts). You must have close-toed shoes on. You must wear your School ID around your neck at all times. If you choose to wear a sweater, it must be BLUE. In addition, you will not be allowed to have an outside jacket on at any time (even if it is blue)

17 WHO IS MRS. KING? Born and raised in New Jersey!
I grew up on the Jersey Shore! I have been married for 2 years!

18 WHO IS MRS. KING? I have a 3½ year old puppy named Bentley!

19 WHO IS MRS. KING? Received my Undergraduate Degree from Penn State University! Received my Master’s Degree from American University!

20 WHO IS MRS. KEO? Born and raised in Cambodia!
I am married and have a 7 month old daughter Came to the United States in 2004 Started High School in America in ESOL1 Currently a student at University of Maryland; Math and Secondary Education Major I will be here on Monday and Wednesday each week this semester

21 More importantly, WHO ARE YOU?

22 Get to know you: Up / Down
I am going to read off a series of questions. When your answer to the question is YES, you have to stand up at your seat. The people standing must go around and say their names and answer an additional prompt from Mrs. King. THE CHALLENGE: At the end of the game, name as many classmates as you can!

23 Up / Down Question Do you have a dog?

24 Do you watch more than 2 hours of TV per night?
Up / Down Question Do you watch more than 2 hours of TV per night?

25 Up / Down Question Do you like to sing?

26 Do you play a musical instrument?
Up / Down Question Do you play a musical instrument?

27 Do you have more than 3 siblings?
Up / Down Question Do you have more than 3 siblings?

28 Up / Down Question Do you prefer ice cream over cake?

29 Up / Down Question Have you ever stuck your tongue to a metal pole when it was cold out?

30 Have you read a book in the last month?
Up / Down Question Have you read a book in the last month?

31 Do you send/receive more than 50 text messages in a day?
Up / Down Question Do you send/receive more than 50 text messages in a day?

32 Have you ever been on an airplane?
Up / Down Question Have you ever been on an airplane?

33 Do you drink more than 2 sodas per day?
Up / Down Question Do you drink more than 2 sodas per day?

34 Challenge Name your classmates!

35 RULES (Page 3 of Syllabus)
Always have a Positive Attitude and Be Respectful! Be on Time! No Food/Drinks! No Profanity! No Electronics! Full Uniform!

36 EXPECTATIONS Make Smart Choices!
Raise your hand for permission to speak! (Only silent hands will be called on and be eligible for a raffle ticket) Sit up straight and track the speaker! (whether it’s a teacher or classmate) Be efficient with your time! Never Give Up! No Excuses!

37 CONSEQUENCES  Warning Seat Change Hallway Discussion
Removed from Class to another Teacher Removed from Class to an Administrator Phone Call Home PS-74 and/or Guidance/PPW Referral

38 REWARDS  Positive Praise! (I will acknowledge you when you are being awesome!) Raffle Ticket (Raffles will be held every Friday!) Math All Star – Certificate(s) and Treats Student Work Wall Phone Call Home

39 What is Algebra? Algebra is a type of mathematics that uses letters to represent numbers. Arithmetic 4 + 7 = Juan had 4 dollars. His friend had 7 dollars. How much did they have altogether? Algebra 4 + x = 11 Juan has 4 dollars. He wants to buy a CD for 11 dollars. How much more money does he need? x = the amount of money he needs

40 Why is Algebra interesting?
It allows us to understand the magic of numbers. Think of any positive number between 1 and 10 Multiple it by itself Add the result to your original number Divide by your original Number Add 17 Subtract your original number Divide by 6 What number did you end up with?

41 It allows us to understand
Why is Algebra useful? It allows us to understand the world we live in.

42 Why is Algebra Universal?
Math is referred to as a universal language. How many people in here already speak more than one language?

43 Ok, fine. But there are lots of people out there to solve problems
Ok, fine. But there are lots of people out there to solve problems. What’s in it for me?

44 Why does Algebra matter?
What’s in it for you? You have to pass Algebra I to graduate high school. You have to pass the Algebra HSA test in order to graduate high school You have to be GOOD in Algebra to succeed in future math and science classes You have to be GOOD at Algebra I to succeed in college.

45 Algebra is often called the gatekeeper subject.
What’s the Challenge? Algebra is often called the gatekeeper subject. Because it is SO important and can be quite challenging, Algebra often acts as the gate, keeping people from their goals.

46 What’s the Challenge at High Point?
The Bad News The Good News Where we start. . . Where we end. . . Below or At Grade Level HSA Scores #2 in Growth in Scores Last Year #5 in highest scores in the County 46

47 What do we have to say about that?

48 We will have class EVERY DAY!
How will we do it? We will have class EVERY DAY! We will ALWAYS work our HARDEST! We will NEVER GIVE UP! 2012 Gap: 2013 Gap:

49 Last Year’s Huge Growth Percentage of Students Passing the Algebra HSA
2012 Gap: 2013 Gap: 52% 55% 27% 7% 42% 25%


51 181 … days remain for us to prove we can succeed in math and ninth grade. EVERY MINUTE COUNTS.

52 FACT… If you do not pass the ninth grade, you will only have a 10% chance of graduating high school. If 100 students do not pass 9th grade this year, how many will eventually graduate high school?

53 What does a HS Diploma mean to you?
Without a high school diploma, how successful can you be? Will it be harder to be successful with or without a high school diploma? BE DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE AND MAKING YOUR LIFE BETTER!

54 Education and Annual Earnings

55 What does a HS Diploma mean to you?
THE PATH TO YOUR FUTURE STARTS TODAY! Your success in High School leads to College. Your success in College leads to your Career. Your success in your Career leads to having the lifestyle that you want!

56 For this reason, we need to have GOALS!
What are some of your goals? Let’s share out!

57 Our CLASS GOALS! Receive an 80% on all assessments (quizzes, chapter tests, unit tests, exit tickets) Score PROFICIENT or ADVANCED on HSA and all county-wide UNIT tests.

Please follow Mrs. King around the classroom so you can better understand where everything can be found. Number Line Date, Objective, Warm Up Week #, Closing Materials Homework and Announcements Word Wall, Student Work, Trackers Inspirational Quotes Data Wall

59 IMPORTANT POLICIES! Hall Pass: No passes during first or last 20 minutes of any period! Only limited number of passes throughout the quarter so use them wisely! YOU MUST HAVE YOUR AGENDA BOOK! Trash: Keep all trash on your desk until the end of the period! Please place it all in the trash bin on your way out of class! Do NOT leave it on the floor or your desk! Tissues/Hand Sanitizer: Raise your hand and ask to leave your seat to grab either of these materials. BandAids/Erasers: Raise your hand and ask a teacher to get you a Band Aid, Eraser, or new Pencil/Pen

The grading for the course will be based on the following: Assessments 50% Class Work 30% Homework 20%

61 SYLLABUS – Grades Letter grades will be assigned as follows:
C = 70 – 79 D = 60 – 69 E = 0 -59

62 CLASSMATES We are a FAMILY in this class! Think about your family. Do you always get along? No, of course not. I don’t expect everyone to always get along in this class, however, I do expect for everyone to be kind to one another. No bullying or disrespect will be tolerated!

63 CLASSMATES Let’s start to get to know our new found family a little better! Let’s play PEOPLE BINGO!

64 PEOPLE BINGO! Now that you know each of us a little better, lets get to know your classmates a little better as well! We are going to play People Bingo! You will have a limited amount of time to complete this activity. When finished, you will share out your findings and introduce your classmate to the class so remember who shared specific information! You have the opportunity to win a prizes at the end!

65 PEOPLE BINGO! First, read each square on your game board.
When directed to do so, you will get up and ask your classmates if they satisfy any of the squares. If they do, you will write their name in the box. You may not put yourself on the board! You may only put each person on your board ONCE! You may ask the teachers!

66 MacBook Air’s At this time, I will give each student a MacBook Air so that we can complete some things online. I expect you to ONLY be on the website I am directing you to. I expect you to treat the MacBook Air very CAREFULLY. Any carelessness or lack of following directions will result in losing the privilege to use the MacBook Air this week.

67 STUDENT SURVEY When you receive your MacBook Air, please log in with the following information: Log In: student account (be sure to include the space) Password: apple

68 STUDENT SURVEY Click on the link Complete the ENTIRE SURVEY (7 pages)
Open SAFARI Go to my website: Click on the link Complete the ENTIRE SURVEY (7 pages) All questions are required! This is the first basis for me to get to know you so please answer all questions as best as possible!

69 Create Class Accounts - EDMODO
This will be my first year using Edmodo (based on student suggestions from last year) so it will be a learning experience for me! If you have any suggestions or feedback for me, please share them with me before or after class!

70 Create Class Accounts - EDMODO
Go to If you do not have an account  SIGN UP If you have an account  LOG IN Click on JOIN GROUP. Enter the correct code. Period 1: 42h2p5 Period 2: 6lg8t0 Period 4: vyl62s

71 Create Class Accounts – Remind 101
Take out your cell phone. Send a text message to (240) In the MESSAGE, enter the correct code. Period Period Period

72 EMAIL ME! Log in to your personal email address.
Send me and at In the SUBJECT – put your full name

73 THREE BAGS PROBLEM There are three bags with red and blue tiles in them. One is labeled ALL RED, one is labeled ALL BLUE, and one is labeled RED AND BLUE. There is one thing you know for sure – each of the bags is mislabeled. You can’t look inside any of the sacks, but you may remove ONE TILE from ONE BAG. Which bag would you reach into so that you could correctly label all three bags?

74 I truly believe in inspiring yourself and others to be successful!
WRITING ASSIGNMENT I truly believe in inspiring yourself and others to be successful! -- For this reason, I have a lot of quotes throughout the classroom. -- Take a few minutes to walk around the class and read the different quotes that our posted. -- Return to your seat.

75 WRITING ASSIGNMENT - Write your name, date, and period at the top. - Pick ONE quote that resonates most with you. Start, by rewriting the quote on your paper. - Then, in 4-5 sentences answer the following questions: What does the quote mean to you? Why will this quote help you to stay focused and successful in this class this year? Besides quotes, what else helps you to stay motivated and on task?

76 EXIT TICKET – Day 1 On a half sheet of paper, write your NAME, DATE, and PERIOD at the top of the paper. Answer the following three questions: List three qualities you think a good teacher possesses. List two of your goals for your future. List one thing about yourself that you really think I should know about you!

77 EXIT TICKET – Day 2 On a half sheet of paper, write your NAME, DATE, and PERIOD at the top of the paper. Answer the following questions: After learning all about our Algebra class these past 2 days, what are you initial expectations? Do you think this class will be easy, hard, fair, unfair, etc. Be honest!

78 TEXTBOOK On the inside cover, write YOUR NAME on the line. Then, write the year ( ), and MY NAME. On your WHITE SLIP, write all of your information. BE SURE TO USE PEN ONLY! Book # can be found on the side of the book. Cost: $72.48 If you do not know your School ID #, please raise your hand and I will come around to give it to you.


80 Name Activity NAME GAME! STAND IN A CIRLE. Say your name and repeat all other classmates names thus far.

81 What Doesn’t Belong? In each group, determine which one doesn’t belong. Be sure to be able to explain WHY it doesn’t belong. Hint: There is more than one answer!

82 Group 1 2, 5, 6, 10

83 Group 2 Cat, Bat, Hat, Far

84 Group 3 9, 16, 25, 43

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