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Elena Pendleton Spanish /17/13

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1 Elena Pendleton Spanish 1-1 10/17/13
Holiday Foods of China Elena Pendleton Spanish 1-1 10/17/13

2 China The People’s Republic of China
The world’s most populated country over 1.35 billion people Capital: Beijing Communist Government

3 China (continued) The world’s second largest country by land area
9.6 million square kilometers One of the world’s earliest civilizations As early as 2000 B.C. World’s fastest growing economy and second largest economy World’s largest exporter and importer of goods

4 Chinese Cuisine Chinese food is influenced by China’s vast history
It is common to have many dishes at one time, and to pick from each dish like one would do in a buffet The staple food of China is rice Meat dishes are also common Many spices are used

5 Traditional Chinese Holidays
Chinese Lunar New Year (and Spring Festival) Celebrates last day of lunar year and first day of the new lunar year Fireworks, parade, family feast, money-giving in red envelopes (Holidays in bold are public holidays)

6 Traditional Chinese Holidays (continued)
Lantern Festival Chinese Valentine’s Day Celebrates first full moon of the new year The last day of new year celebrations Lantern parade

7 Traditional Chinese Holidays (continued)
Blue Dragon Festival Shangsi Festival Women’s Day Qingming Festival Visiting and cleaning of ancestral tombs, giving offerings to ancestors

8 Traditional Chinese Holidays (continued)
Dragon Boat Festival Commemorates the poet “Qu Yuan” Dragon boat racing Qixi Festival (Double 7th, the Magpie Festival) Celebrates traditional Chinese love story Ghost Festival Burn fake paper money Make offerings to ancestors

9 Traditional Chinese Holidays (continued)
National Day (October 1st) Moon/Mid-Autumn Festival Family feast Praying During the full moon Chongyang (Double 9th) Based on yin and yang Mountain climbing with family

10 Traditional Chinese Holidays (continued)
Spirit/Water Lantern Festival Winter Solstice Chinese Thanksgiving Family feast Laba Festival Celebrates the day Buddha gained enlightenment

11 Chinese Holiday Foods The Lunar New Year The Lantern Festival
Dumplings Fish The Lantern Festival Yuanxian or Tangyuan: Sweet dumpling balls made of sticky rice and filled with different fillings Blue Dragon Festival Chinese Pancakes Noodles

12 Chinese Holiday Foods (continued)
Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings wrapped in lotus leaves Zongzi: sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves Yellow Rice Wine

13 Chinese Holiday Foods (continued)
Moon/Mid-autumn festival Mooncakes: The round cakes symbolize the reunion of family and resemble the full moon Chongyang (the Double Ninth Festival) Chongyang cakes: cakes made of rice flour and decorated with chestnuts and almonds

14 Chinese Holiday Foods (continued)
Winter Solstice Yuanxian or Tangyuan Jiuniang: sweet rice porridge Dumplings Baozi: steamed bun with filling (in the south:) Tsampa: roasted flour usually mixed with butter tea Sticky rice Rice cakes

15 Chinese Holiday Foods (continued)
Laba Festival Laba congee Congee: rice porridge Congee can have various toppings, Laba congee usually comes with grains and fruits

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