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IGNITE – Fun with Math J. Sriskandarajah AMATYC Conference Anaheim, October 31, 2013

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1 IGNITE – Fun with Math J. Sriskandarajah AMATYC Conference Anaheim, October 31, 2013

2 Super Computation Think of a 3 digit number, say 270 The final answer, adding four more three digit numbers to 270 is 2268? Ask the audience for another 3 digit number, say 581 and you include (the ninth complement) 418. Ask for one more 3 digit number, say 936 and you include 063 as your last number = 2268! Wow!!

3 Predicting birthday! Mind Reading/Mind Boggling!!


5 Volunteer is asked to point out the tables in which the day of the month he or she was born. The predicted birthday is obtained by adding the entries in the second row, fourth column of the selected tables

6 Become a psychic! Age by dining out? The number of times a week you would like to dine out (0-7) Times by 2 then add 5 Now multiply by 50 If you have already had your birthday this year add 1763, else add 1762 Subtract the year you were born Last two digits your age and the leading digit is the number of times you plan to dine/week!

7 Significance of 1776! Take any non zero single digit, say 5 Create a three digit number by repeating this number, 555 If President Obama is our 44 th president, what is the ranking of President Lincoln, 16 Multiply 555 by 16 = 8880 Divide this result by your original number, 8880/5 = 1776! Repeat this for any non zero single digit and stay with 16 as the divisor, end result is 1776, always!!

8 Predict birthday and age!! Birth month times 5, Suppose October, the 10X5 = 50 Add 6, 50+6 = 56 Times 4, 56X4 = 224 Add 9,224+9 = 233 Times 5,233X5 = 1165 Add the day of the month, say October 31, = 1196 Simply subtract 165, = 1031!!

9 Magic Squares for

10 All these magic squares have the property, sum of all the rows, columns and the diagonals is 2013!

11 Pick any 11 non overlapping numbers and the sum is 2013!

12 Card Trick CardA2-10JQK Code SuitClubDiamondHeartSpade Code6789 In five steps given below, you can easily predict the unknown card!Let’s roll!! Suppose your participant has an Ace of Spades, which you are not aware.

13 Step 1.Card NumberAce=1 Step 2.Times 21X2=2 Step 3.Add 12+1=3 Step 4.Times 53X5=15 Step 5.Add the suit15+9=24 Prediction:Simply subtract 5 from above! 24 – 5 = 19, last digit = Suit and the remaining digits indicate the card, Ace of Spades!!!

14 Three Dice Trick!!! In this number game, you can predict the three dice your opponent has rolled, which you are not aware. Perform the following six steps and surprise your opponent: Suppose the dice are 1, 3 and 6 in this order!

15 Step 1.First die times 21X2=2 Step 2.Add 52+5=7 Step 3.Times 57X5=35 Step 4.Add the second die35+3=38 Step 5.Times 1038X10=380 Step 6.Add the third die380+6=386 Prediction:Simply subtract 250 = = 136! This trick could be extended to any three digit number !!Try!!!

16 One for the road…smallest magic square with a magic sum of 2014!

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