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International Task Force on Vehicle-Highway Automation 16th Annual Meeting WELCOME.

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1 International Task Force on Vehicle-Highway Automation 16th Annual Meeting WELCOME


3 What is ITFVHA? A forum to discuss government-industry roles in development and deployment of advanced driver assistance systems An informal group for exchange of information and strengthening global linkages

4 ITFVHA Approach Invitation-only gathering –“core community” of established programs –countries exploring strategy/benefits for Advanced Driver Assistance Ssytems (ADAS) Connected Vehicle-Highway Systems (CVHS) Vehicle-Highway Automation (VHA) Independent of other ITS activities and forums Proceedings generated

5 History of ITFVHA  Organizational meeting: 1996, Orlando  First meeting: 1997, San Diego, sponsored by NAHSC  Second meeting: 1998, Delft, Netherlands, sponsored by Rijkswaterstaat  Third meeting: 1999, Toronto, sponsored by ITS America  Fourth meeting: 2000, Tsukuba City, sponsored by MOC/AHSRA  Fifth meeting: 2001, Sydney, sponsored by ITS Australia / AAA  Sixth meeting: 2002, Chicago, sponsored by TRB and ITS America  Seventh meeting: 2003, Paris, sponsored by LIVIC  Eighth meeting: 2004, Nagoya, sponsored by MLIT / AHSRA  Ninth meeting: 2005, San Francisco, sponsored by ITS America / USDOT  Tenth meeting: 2006, London, sponsored by UK Highways Agency  Eleventh meeting: 2007, Versailles, sponsored by INRIA  Twelfth meeting: 2008, New York City, sponsored by Parsons-Brinkerhoff  Thirteenth meeting: 2009, Stockholm, sponsored by H3B Media  Fourteenth meeting: 2010, Busan, sponsored by Korean Transport Institute  Fifteenth meeting: 2011, Orlando, sponsored by Bishop Consulting

6 16th Annual Meeting Vienna Co-sponsors: Austrian Institute of Technology Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Review of Agenda Restaurant: Plachutta Grünspan Ottakringer Straße 266, 1160 Wien 7 pm Separate checks


8 Pre-1990 1939 World’s Fair: –General Motors Futurama 1950’s – 1980’s –GM experiments / prototypes –buried wire guidance –USA, Japan, Germany

9 1990’s (1990-94) European Prometheus program –1000 km autonomous driving on public highway near Paris (1993-99) USDOD Unmanned Ground Vehicles (1993-98) USDOT AHS Program / Demo ’97 –National Automated Highway System Consortium (NAHSC) –21 vehicles (cars, trucks, buses) –8000 miles of demonstration rides with no malfunctions –Largest media event in history of ITS

10 2000’s EC CHAUFFEUR truck platooning (1996 – 2002) –cooperative “electronic towbar” Japan Ministry of Construction (1996- 2008) –platooning / Demo 2000 UC Berkeley platooning of trucks/ buses (2001- 11) German INVENT program: traffic jam assistant (2001-05) DARPA Grand/Urban Challenges (2004-07)

11 2000’s Phileas dual-mode bus system (Netherlands) (2004) –Automatic mode: braking, steering, throttle fully automated –Guidance is based on magnetic markers every 4-5 m Toyota Intelligent Multi-Modal Transit System (IMTS): Expo 2005 in Nagoya (2005) –driverless transit system with automated platoon operation on dedicated roads –served 27,000 persons daily at Expo 2005 German KONVOI truck platooning in traffic (2005-09) U.S. Army Convoy Active Safety Technology (2008-2010) CyberCar demo Antibes 11

12 2010’s Google unveils autonomous vehicle work (2010) Autonomous Intercontinental Challenge (2010) CyberCar demo La Rochelle (2011) HAVE-IT Demo and Reports (2011) –highly automated driving –control transfer –minimum risk maneuver SARTRE Demo (2012): –platooning –business case evaluations Car-maker announcements for “mid-decade” –combined lat/lon control –traffic jam assist –full speed, full control prototypes unveiled

13 Evolution: Vehicle – Highway Allocation of Intelligence –steady increase in vehicle intelligence –from buried wires –… magnetic nails –……………to “nothing” in road –infrastructure intelligence still required to gain mobility / sustainability benefits (cooperative systems) –Dedicated lanes? A point of debate….

14 Bishop Consulting Looking Back: What’s Different This Time? 1990’s National Automated Highway System Consortium Public sector led & funded Visionary Only one car company deeply involved Technology foundation in early stages –Dedicated lanes important –Embedded magnetic markers Transport goals foremost This Decade Private sector investment dominates Automation competitively relevant –goal: offer driver comfort –many OEMs active OEM designs assume mixed traffic, roads-as-is Incremental, building on active safety sensors / V2X Opportunity is for transport sector to be smart followers

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