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LEWISVILLE ISD 1:X Initiative 2014-2015.

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1 LEWISVILLE ISD 1:X Initiative 2014-2015


3 Creating our Future 1:X TM allows students, parents and teachers to collaborate anytime, anywhere by providing the right technology at the right time. TM

4 1:X Devices Apple iPads are for school and home use. iPads can function without an internet connection using preloaded applications. Apple devices are proven media-rich creation tools with a track record of large, successful implementations across the United States.

5 Implementation 2012-2013: Rollout to 1:X model implementation campuses* (where all students receive iPads) o Downing and Killian Middle Schools and Lewisville High School 2013-2014: Modified district-wide rollout o Bluebonnet, Donald, Lewisville and Peters Colony Elementary schools (first- through fifth-grade) and Forestwood Middle School added ad model implementation campuses* o Fourth-, seventh-, ninth- and 10th-grade students at all other LISD campuses have the opportunity to have an iPad 2014-2015 Year 2 of modified rollout All 4 th, 5 th, 7 th, 8 th - 10 th grade students at LISD campuses have the opportunity to have an iPad First-Third grades at Bluebonnet, Donald, Lewisville and Peters Colonyy 2016: 1:X will be available to all first- through 12th grade students district-wide. *Model implementation campuses were selected based on instructional technology readiness, infrastructure and need

6 Basic Level Information and research Mid-Level Productivity with critical thinking (e.g. video, music, presentation, voice-over, tutorial and Google Apps) High-Level Content creation (e.g. projects, Google Sites, Green Screen/iMovie, iBook Author and Complex, Video; Complex Audio) Levels of Use

7 1:X Training Parents, guardians, students, faculty and staff have the option for face-to- face or online training Summer technology academies are offered for both teachers and parents Students receive training and support year-round. TM

8 Safety and Security Students will remain safe using district-issued devices. LISD filters block inappropriate websites whenever the device is connected to the Internet, a federal requirement of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)Children’s Internet Protection Act Parents/guardians are able to easily check their child’s device to ensure the filtering system is active while using out-of-district Internet connections

9 Filtering is always enabled on district issued devices. Parents/guardians can check whether filtering is active by visiting on their child’s iPad. Safety and Security

10 User Fee Option 1 o $40 annual fee that that covers repairs and replacement o $30 annual fee for students eligible under the National School Lunch and Child Nutrition Program income guidelines is available Option 2 o $50 one-time security deposit that does not cover replacements, repairs, accidental loss or damage o If an iPad is lost, stolen or broken, the student/family is responsible for the expense of repair or fair-market value of the iPad o The deposit is refundable when the device is returned, less the cost of any expenses incurred due to the failure of the student to return the device and accessories in acceptable condition In some circumstances, the user fee may be waived

11 Optional Case Fee The Device must always be in the protective case provided by the District or in a protective case that meets the District specifications: Must be rubber, plastic, leather or other sturdy material that covers the perimeter and all corners of the device at all times The case must have a cover, flap or built-in screen protector for the device screen.  Using a non-District case will incur an additional $40 fee if the device is damaged.  A Parent or student is allowed to change out the provided case to a one that meets a personal preference as long the case meets the District

12 Lost or Stolen Device If a device is lost or stolen, a student should notify a teacher or administrator as soon as possible Apps such as “Find my iPhone” are available to be used on all devices See the 1:X Student/Parent Handbook for more information1:X Student/Parent Handbook

13 More information about the 1:X initiative may be found at TM

14 LISD 1:X Contact Information Initiative Questions: Jerram Froese Phone: 972.350.1899 Email: Device Support: LISD Help Desk Phone: 972.350.1800 Email:


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