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The Testudo and the battle of Caer Caradoc

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1 The Testudo and the battle of Caer Caradoc
The Romans Chapter 9: Case study

2 Sources for the Battle of Caer Caradoc, AD 50
Literary: Roman account provided by Tacitus’ Annals His father-in-law served extensively in Britain, not long after the battle. Archaeological remains: the site of the battle has not been conclusively identified. There is an Iron Age fort with a name that means ‘Caratacus’ fort’, but it does not fit the description of the site in Tacitus’ account. However, there are remains that could fit his description.

3 The Battle of Caer Caradoc
Location: Hertfordshire, possibly near Caer Caradoc Hill Roman general: P. Ostorius Scapula Troops: c. 21,000 Ninth Legion Hispana and Twentieth Legion Valeria Victix Casualties: c. 1,200 British general: Caratacus Troops: unknown Casualties: unknown

4 Battle of Caer Caradoc Account in Tacitus, Annales 12.33-38
Briton Caratacus Vs Roman P. Ostorius Scapula Step 3: Scale fort; break Britons’ line between legions and auxiliaries Step 2: Testudo; remove stone ramparts Step 1: Forge river Source:

5 Roman army in testudo (‘tortoise’) formation
‘Testudo formation’ by Neil Carey - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons:

6 The testudo on Trajan’s Column, early 2nd C. AD

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