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11 September 2013 Michelle M. Thompson, PhD University of New Orleans Department of Planning & Urban Studies 1.

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1 11 September 2013 Michelle M. Thompson, PhD University of New Orleans Department of Planning & Urban Studies 1

2 PRESENTATION OVERVIEW Public Participation Geographic Information Systems Meet the Team Scope of Work Community Projects Questions 2

3 APPLIED PUBLIC PARTICIPATION GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS WhoData is a community-university-municipal partnership that since 2009 developed the integrated and shared data sets with virtual systems using internet mapping system (IMS) technology. empowers organizations by providing a platform to map and analyze quality of life issues. This online mapping tool allows residents to assess their own neighborhoods, highlight properties that show indicators of blight, create their own maps and property lists, and share this information with the public. The site was launched in 2010 and has received over 1.9 million hits. It is a free, non-marketed, 24-7 website. 3

4 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Dr. Michelle Thompson (v) Program Director Alena Anderson (v) GIS Program Associate Brandon Haynes, PhD(v) GIS Program Associate Chandra Teddleton(v) GIS Program Associate Brittany Arceneau x (s) Assistant Program Manager/ Training Assistant Brian Baldwin Mapping Manager Lynn Dupont (v) Regional Planning Commission / Program Partner Rafael Ferraro (former – v) Smitha Peethambaram (former- v) GIS Corps/ Program Partner Legend (v) = volunteer (s) = student receiving credit or work-study in 2012-2014 from Greater New Orleans Foundation grant funding. WhoData Team Program Partners 4

5 SCOPE OF WORK Preparation Survey Plan Walking Maps Data sharing Agreement Data Collection Parcel Identification Survey Completion Photographs Data Processing Data entry Statistics Mapping Report 5

6 DATA COLLECTED No structural damage No repairs needed May need minor cosmetic work Good No structural damage Minor repairs needed May need minor cosmetic work Fair Visible structural damage Major repairs needed Poor 6

7 2012 -2013 PROJECTS 7

8 Lower Ninth Ward & Holy Cross Neighborhoods New Orleans, LA 8

9 LOWER NINTH WARD: RAISE UP LOWER NINTH WARD Community Partners: Office of US Senator Mary Landrieu, Regional Planning Commission,, Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association, and Project Homecoming. Inspired by Senator Landrieu's initiative Raise Up the Lower Ninth Ward WhoData, UNO-Department of Planning & Urban Studies, Project Homecoming,, and the Regional Planning Commission partnered to survey the entire Lower 9 th Ward neighborhood. “ The Raise Up the Lower 9 th Ward initiative is grounded in how the existing rebuilding and reinvestment plans for the Lower 9 th Ward, including the Unified New Orleans Plan, can be advanced ” – Senator Mary Landrieu 9

10 LOWER NINTH WARD: WHODATA PARTNERS SURVEY ANALYSIS The WhoData team has trained trainers and volunteers on how to survey land uses, read a parcel map, determine characteristics of blight, identify housing and commercial occupancy and recognize other built environment information that a community requires when making decisions for future needs and growth. Over the course of three months in 2012, WhoData team members and volunteers surveyed over seven thousand properties in the Lower Ninth Ward. A comprehensive report concerning the data results can be found on 10

11 LOWER NINTH WARD: WHODATA AND BACKYARD GARDENER’S NETWORK “Backyard Gardeners Network...launched Lower 9 Growing Strong on Saturday August 24 th, 2013. Lower 9 Growing Strong creates daily afternoon programming for Lower 9th Ward children and families at the Guerrilla Garden! Sessions include hands-on gardening workshops, food preparation demos, African-centered history events, children's activities, community food celebrations, and more!” During the summer of 2013, volunteers conducted household level interviews and collected 50 which describes the spending habits, demographics and quality of life needs beyond food. Maps will summarize neighborhood demographics with US Census. A UNO- PLUS intern & volunteers intend to collect 200 surveys this fall. 11

12 LAKEVIEW Street Study? Model for Street Surveying….. Lakeview Neighborhood New Orleans, LA 12

13 LAKEVIEW: STREET CONDITION ANALYSIS Community Partners: Lakeview Civic Improvement Association (LCIA), Regional Planning Commission In September 2012 volunteers from the Lakeview Civic Improvement Association (LCIA) began taking inventory of street conditions in the Lakeview area of New Orleans, LA. After establishing a protocol that was developed in cooperation with the Regional Planning Commission, and LCIA, volunteers evaluated streets conditions block-by-block and collected primary data to be analyzed and incorporated within a geographic information system (GIS). The LCIA presented their findings to the City departments of Water & Sewer and Highway. They are now working together on a strategy to prioritize street repairs. 13

14 LAKEVIEW: STREET CONDITION ANALYSIS With over one quarter, 25.8%, of Lakeview streets containing potholes this is the most common identified street condition in Lakeview. Raised Manhole covers are an identified concern on 22.2% of Lakeview streets. At only 4.4% Storm Drain covers present the least amount of problems in Lakeview. 14

15 Hoffman Triangle Neighborhood New Orleans, LA Source: Google Earth Photo Not to Scale 15

16 HOFFMAN TRIANGLE NEIGHBORHOOD ANALYSIS, COMMUNITY LAND TRUST, VA PROPERTY ASSESSMENT Community Partners: Associated Neighborhood Development, Crescent City Community Land Trust, Dudley Learning Center (DSNI), Neighborhood Development Foundation, University of New Orleans Department of Planning & Urban Studies, Regional Planning Commission In order to support the work that the Neighborhood Development Foundation, Associated Neighborhood and its’ residents are doing to improve the quality of life in Hoffman Triangle, and the University of New Orleans – Department of Planning & Urban Studies has committed to providing geographic information systems (GIS) services and support to aid in this revitalization effort. This public participation GIS (PPGIS) project is an example of how the Community, the Municipality and the University can work together to evaluate neighborhood potential and change “from the ground up”. 16

17 WHODATA, UNO PLUS: HOFFMAN TRIANGLE NEIGHBORHOOD ANALYSIS Areas of Focus: Street Light Functionality Analysis 2012 Crime Mapping Open Blight Cases Trash/ Dumping Site Analysis High Priority Development Properties Option 1-3 Research Demographic Research Housing Market Analysis Community Land Trust Opportunities Zoning Community Assets 2011 and 2012 Neighborhood reports 17

18 ASSOCIATED NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT, NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT & WHODATA: VETERAN AFFAIR PROPERTY ANALYSIS Areas of Focus: New project as of September 2013: Between 2011-2012, the City of New Orleans agreed to move historic houses from the future medical complex area in downtown. The houses were raised to meet the new elevation standards and left on vacant lots managed by the City. The buildings have not been renovated and many are not secure. WhoData has just completed a property condition survey. We are providing AND-NDF with site photos and property records of the subject and “360” adjacent properties. 18

19 ASSOCIATED NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT, CRESCENT CITY COMMUNITY LAND TRUST, UNO PLUS & WHODATA: HOFFMAN TRIANGLE COMMUNITY LAND TRUST Areas of Focus: Develop strategy for implementing a CLT (2011); Presentation with Dudley Learning Center at the Hoffman Triangle Neighborhood Association (2012); Complete mapping of potential HTCLT; Evaluate use of former Road Home properties distributed by the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (City of NOLA Land Bank) with the City and State Offices of Community Development in 2013; Leadership transition of Kim Washington in May, 2013; Raymond Breaux, new AND Director, has brought the HTCLT concept plan to new Associated Neighborhood Development Board with support of NDF. 19

20 Project Partners 20

21 THANK YOU is the online community data information system that hosts data collected through on-the-ground surveys and publicly available data sets. The webpage,, holds the results of maps, analysis and Questions? 21

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