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Manifestos Who’s ready to rumble?. Henri Barbusse 1873-1935.

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1 Manifestos Who’s ready to rumble?

2 Henri Barbusse 1873-1935

3 Barbusse French novelist several novels, including L’enfer (1908), Le couteau entre mes dents (1921), and a biography of Stalin (1936) English mother, French father small-town upbringing, to Paris age 16, then to war increasingly disenchanted, then pacifist then Communist for remainder of his life fights for 17 months in the war 1914-15 invalided out of service for asthma, dysentery, wounds writes Le Feu at his desk job 1916

4 Le Feu (Under Fire) published in Dec. 1916 wins Prix Goncourt trans. into English and published June 1917 naturalism realism journal – documentary reportage what claims does this make? what promises?

5 Structure opens with a broad vision closes with a broad vision anecdotes, episodes what does this do to the events, our experience of them? first-hand narrative again, what contracts, promises, etc. does this make? p. 155 – swearwords issue of translation, language, truth, objectivity anything else?

6 Paradigm Shift Let’s begin with the title: Le feu – what does that mean? pp. 6-7 “après moi, le déluge” (Louis XV or Madame de Pompadour) fire, smoke, flood, fire, water, ooze, apocalypse

7 The Bible




11 Thursday Second half Le Feu so you will want to have read it

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